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DraftKings is driving growth in sports betting with instant payments

Sports betting has been flourishing for the past few years. First, the supreme court decision made way to legalize gambling for college games. You can see the results throughout the country, with 31 states now adopting sports betting. The industry is thriving even with problems with instant payments.

For the record, Americans alone have spent $125 billion in the gaming industry in the last 5 years. The casinos are at the pinnacle of their growth, with 34% of Americans visiting casinos in 2022. The numbers are 6 units higher than the preceding year’s data.

But with the growing industry, the problems regarding payment systems have also grown. The gambling industry is frequently facing payment-related issues. In every mode of sports betting, there are issues related to misuse, speed, and susceptibility to errors. This highlights the immediate need for reliable instant payments in the industry.

The modes of playing evolved with time, and online gaming began. With the changing times, casinos resisted keeping the cash payment systems in use. But Las Vegas, the capital of gambling, is witnessing some changes.

The latest mega-resort in the city, Resorts World, opted to be cashless for a few of its games. It allows users to play table games and cashless slot machines. Followed by Station Casinos, giving options to customers for cashless payments. Many others are following the trend to provide a smooth experience to customers.

With the sudden growth of the online gaming industry, instant payments strike as both a problem as well an opportunity. Speed matters when it comes to fast online gaming platforms. It enhances customer experience, but there needs to be a balance with other aspects as well. The components like safety and security are also equally important.

A survey suggests that most casino players will prefer cashless payment methods if given a choice. The problem is they aren’t given any actual choice. Only 58% of customers had the option of a disbursement method in 2022. The matrix is lower than in 2021, with 78% of consumers given the same choice.


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