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Djust wants to become the next Amazon with its platform for B2B transactions

You must have seen that there are two types of businesses in the world right now. These are brands or businesses that are focused solely on e-commerce whereas there are companies that don’t want to take the e-commerce route even now and they focus only on traditional commerce such as retail shops and even wholesale. While there is a hybrid model as well, we will count them in either one of these are they have a percentage share between the two which is usually higher on one side.

However, there is a different kind of split between these two types of businesses as well. One that is focused on business-to-customer which is a business that sells directly to the consumer buying the product. But there are companies that are focused on selling only to other businesses which are known as B2B transactions. Now, we have a new report about a company named Djust that wants to make it big by only developing a platform that is focused on B2B transactions. This means that Djust won’t sell to consumers directly and we have seen that a lot of companies have found peace in that as well.

If you have heard of Mirakl which is a platform focused on B2C transactions, you will be interested to learn that Djust also wants to build a similar platform but the difference will be that the later will be focused only on B2B transactions. Djust’s founder, who has previously worked at Mirakl, said “Every time we would do a B2B project with Mirakl, I was shocked by the complexity of the project. When I looked into the matter, I realized that it’s not [Mirakl’s] fault. But the marketplace industry was designed for B2C.”

He added that “B2B commerce platforms represent an interesting opportunity as it has been an underserved market for too long. Many companies already have an ERP system, but they still deal with orders over the phone, via email, and using Excel spreadsheets”. At the moment, TechCrunch reports that Djust is already working with clients in the construction industry, such as Bouygues and Eiffage, and with retailers looking for a platform to handle orders with their franchise stores, such as Monoprix, Franprix, and Naturalia.

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