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Amazon is testing use of Generative AI to summarize customer reviews

We have seen that Amazon has come up with really great features to help their consumers over a long time now and you can add one more feature to this list. This is because Amazon is now testing a feature where it will help people find the right product by using Generative AI to provide a summary of the product. Amazon has recently started testing a feature that uses AI to summarize the reviews left by customers on their products so that those who don’t have the time to read the comments can know how the feedback on that product is.

According to a summary from a description generated by AI, which also mentions that it is “AI-generated from the text of customer reviews.”, it read “the toy has received positive feedback from customers regarding its fun factor, appearance, value, performance, quality, charging, and leakage. However, the majority of customers have expressed negative opinions on these aspects. For example, some customers have paid over $100 for a toy that wasn’t worth it, while others have experienced issues with the product’s quality and charging.”

When someone spotted this feature being tested on Amazon’s site in the US, the company said that “We are significantly investing in generative AI across all of our businesses,” and we have already know that the company is using ChatGPT to provide AI-generated descriptions for its product listings as well so that the sellers can benefit from that feature. However, we are also worried about a full AI inception due to this feature as well. If Amazon is using AI to summarize product reviews, we have also seen that customers are using AI to write their product reviews after they have bought the product. While this is easy for the customers, it is not great for Amazon because if AI starts generating product reviews then its model will get trained and also the human touch in the review will be missing which is what people look for when reading customer reviews so that they can also relate to the same. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said they are using Generative AI to “transform and improve virtually every customer experience” but we will have to see how that goes.

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