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DHL to take help from ReverseLogix on eCommerce returns

The contract logistics company DHL chose ReverseLogix to deal with eCommerce returns. ReverseLogix will now be responsible for all the supply chain constraints. The company works on end-to-end returns management.

ReverseLogix provides services to B2C and B2B. They deal in solutions to connect eCommerce return systems. They allow the companies to streamline requests, logistics, and other processing. DHL is going to make use of that to please the customer’s requirements. It aims to fulfill the various needs by taking help from the ReverseLogix.

The National Retail Federation informed the high returns in 2021. The rate rose by 78%. It accounted for over $761 billion. DHL undertook this opportunity to correlate with growth for the company.

Chris Blickhan, the vice president of development, stated, “Returns have evolved into a critical factor in satisfying today’s e-commerce customers prompting retailers to seek out partners like DHL Supply Chain to help put in place and execute efficient, fast, and cost-effective returns.”

DHL Supply chain took the best decision by incorporating with ReverseLogix. The current times must pay serious attention to Supply chain constraints. The operating eCommerce returns can help scale the portfolio. The retailers can earn the greatest impact at the lowest cost.

Retailers recorded the benefit a fortune from the pandemic. The restriction scored a good price for the retail players. The consumers ended up spending most of the money on these retailers.

For example, the spending for Valentine’s day went up to $23.9 billion. The surge amounted to $21.8 billion in 2021.

Customers already planned to celebrate the holiday. Three-quarters of the customers wanted to make up for the missed time. They call it an “important” expenditure due to the pandemic’s current state. This is going to benefit the retailers. The increased revenue acquisition will enhance eCommerce returns.

There will be a spike in per person expenditure. It is going to rise up to $175 per person. It is higher than the last year, which was $164.76.


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