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Blynk by Vajro Gets Powerful Shopify Updates

Selling has never been as engaging and easy as it is today. E-commerce sales have skyrocketed by as much as 200% for specific categories. It’s no surprise that business owners are taking e-commerce seriously and reaping big rewards adopting M-commerce and Live Video commerce

How do you reap the same rewards?

One way is by syncing up your marketing and sales efforts and staying on top of the rapidly evolving trends in online selling.

These days shoppers have evolved and outgrown traditional E-commerce methods. They opt for more engaging experiences, now that’s where your store could be leveraging live selling. Live Video Commerce has disrupted retail as we know it in the last six years since Chinese e-commerce businesses disrupted the industry with the power of it.

The whole experience of shopping is amplified with the live video format that allows sellers to simulate face-to-face communication with their viewers. This allows sellers to offer interactive sessions to their shoppers with a realistic preview of the products via live stream.

E-commerce business owners can get in on the action through Vajro, a no-code app that enables sellers to design their own mobile apps, boost sales, strengthen brand identity, and increase customer engagement through targeted push notifications.

Most importantly, in their recent update, Vajro has updated Blynk, its live selling platform, now allowing merchants to run much more powerful and engagingly well-organized live selling broadcasts.

Blynk’s Cart Hold feature now allows buyers to reserve their favorite items from a live sale stream. At the same time, customers can be on the waitlist for any unavailable products as well. Now, that can take out a lot of inventory woes for store owners.

Product Drop feature helps store owners to promote a catalog of new products on Facebook pages. Enable product promotions to audiences who might still be first-time shoppers.

Live selling can be easy and highly rewarding with the right tools. Blynk offers several other ways to boost your engagement, sales strategy and can help you grow sales and revenue in the most effective way that most high performing stores are leveraging in 2022.

Live Selling is E-commerce’s Rising Trend

E-commerce is rapidly growing. As more and more options appear in the market, you need to distinguish yourself in the market and one way to do that is upgrading the way you sell from your online store.

Live selling combines both marketing and sales via live video content. You can highlight your products’ best features while customers view them through your platforms. Customers can also  get questions about the product answered in real-time.

For these reasons and more, customers no longer need to read impersonal product descriptions and boring product pages. They also don’t need to read through dozens of reviews to get an idea of your product. Instead, let them get a look and feel of the product directly through video while you are doing your live selling session.

Like a home shopping channel, you can offer your customers a more comprehensive view of any of your products. Because you are streaming live and your videos aren’t post-edited, this builds trust for your products and your overall business.

When you do the live selling yourself, it also adds a personal touch for your customers. They feel as though they’re speaking to you directly and associate more closely with your brand emotionally.

Viewers can develop a community sentiment, with many considering broadcasts as social events. Online sellers may have a specific theme or format for each event, making sale streams more enjoyable and relatable for the shoppers.

Live streams tend to attract more viewers, allowing sellers to sell directly to as many customers as possible leveraging the impulsive shopping behavior. Rather than selling to one person at a time, live sellers establish rapport and trust with multiple potential customers in just one stream.

Over the last couple of years, Live selling has become one of the most effective ways to boost sales, with 57% of U.S. viewers saying they have bought items during live sessions.

Live selling also condenses the buyer’s journey. The time limit compels viewers to buy now and fast, resulting in online stores having up to 30% more conversions.

This value is nothing to scoff at, as it’s ten times higher than standard eCommerce companies’ rates.

Supercharge Live Selling with Blynk

So, how do you reap the rewards of live selling? By using platforms like Blynk.

Using Blynk, you can increase customer engagement and drive loyalty. The platform has introduced several features that can improve your sales and offer a seamless customer journey.

An all-in-one tool that helps you host live selling sessions through your social media accounts, whilst allowing past streams to be accessible even after it ends.

The charm of live selling is that it’s all in real-time. But also keeps int account that shoppers might still want to view products that you’ve showcased in the past.

That is where Blynk’s Rewynd feature allows customers to watch your previous streams and browse your catalog. They can then make purchases from your past streams as well.

Blynk also includes past statistics on reservations and waitlists for your videos. To top it off, the platform records customer reviews and questions, which can be essential for product improvement.

Experience Blynk’s New Boosts

Live selling is already made easy for e-commerce businesses through Blynk, but its newest upgrades help merchants make the most of the current trend.

Cart Hold

Sales can happen quickly in a fast-paced live stream, which is why some customers may lose out.

Often, customers who want to make several purchases lose out on limited items. This can happen because some systems prioritize buyers who buy only one product.

Blynk has updated its platform to include Cart Hold to address this concern. This feature enables buyers to reserve all the products they would like to buy. When products go out of stock, it places customers on the waitlist until it is next available.

Then, it sets a limited time for the buyer to decide if they will make a purchase. Once the buyer is ready, they complete the transaction through the platform’s checkout process.

Product Drop

Posting product ads are effective as users are bound to notice you while scrolling through their phones. Posting social media ads is a proven strategy, with at least 47% of app users admitting that they buy products from ads at least once a month.

Using Blynk’s new feature, posting product ads has never been easier.

Product Drop allows you to create posts that will show up on relevant Facebook pages. You can have a broader customer base through Product Drop, promoting your store to different target markets.

Using Product Drop is simple. Just choose products from your products list, and select which Facebook pages you’d like to feature them in. You can also add product descriptions and specify the comments buyers should make if they want any items.

Once customers choose their item and leave a comment, an auto-reply appears in their DMs, prompting them to buy the product. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Live Selling: Future of E-commerce

Live selling can be an effective strategy to boost your online stores’ marketing and sales. It is an increasingly relevant trend, showing steady growth with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Enhancing the experience will boost your sales and revenue when done right. Blynk empowers online businesses through live selling, offering a seamless and enjoyable experience for you and your customers. There’s no better time than now to try live selling, and here at Vajro, we can help you through your first live session. What’s better? We’ll even help you come to terms with live selling even if you haven’t tried it before.

Book a demo now to learn more about Vajro and its unique live selling features.


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