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Doba Dropshipping Review in 2024

The dropshipping services play a crucial role in deciding the service capability of your business. Doba has gained a lot of popularity on the web, being a sourcing directory with its specialized approach in drop-shipping. However, is it capable of providing what it promises? Well, it is good to go through the Doba dropshipping reviews so that the picture becomes clear to you. It is better than having a complete idea about Doba before risking your money and valuable time. So have a look at this review to have an idea on is Doba legit as a dropshipping helping hand or not:

What is Doba?

Doba is a dropshipping service provider who acts as a middle man that connects the retailer companies along with the drop shipping. It also comes with the technology that lets you list and sells items from the warehouse of the drop shippers.

In case you want to sell goods online, but you don’t want to reside your packages in your household or warehouse, that you need for shipping out, requires drop shipping. However, it is daunting enough to pick a drop shipper who comes with profitable and trustworthy goods for selling. Thus Doba serves as your savior. Doba offers an impressive 2+ million products from which you can pick which you want to dropship.

How Doba works?

Is Doba legit or not? That can be easily decided when you know how it works. If you think Doba is just a supplier directory, then you might be wrong, as Doba serves a lot more tools for finding products and exporting them to your online stores. Also, Doba ensures good service for the shipping of the supplier to your customers as soon as the order takes place. Here is how it works:

1. Product and Supplier Finding

There are various ways to browse through the products and suppliers on the site of Doba.com. It comes with a product feed along with featuring products at the top of the area. Here you can also filter the products by category to find the products that match your needs. Doba provides you a list of suppliers organized in ascending orders. You can click on it for more information. Doba also comes with the browsing catalog from where you can customize your search.

2. Inventory Keeping

Doba lets you build an inventory of your own. You can create it with the products that seem to you more appealing. The site offers you a tutorial video on how to do it. You can build your own custom catalog and then upload it to your own online store.

3. Data Exporting

Along with Doba, you can export your product information in a variety of formats. There is another tutorial video on it. In case you export the data to your spreadsheet, you can easily compare them in the columns. It also comes with third-party formats that easily let you upload your product information to other sites like eBay, Amazon, etc.

4. Order Tracking and Management

There is a lot of space for keeping track of your order details. It also includes your order status, buyer, supplier, date, location, amount, etc.

5. Guidance for the Finding and Selling of Products

Doba comes with an Education tab, which includes a small series of lessons to teach you the main aspects of dropshipping. It lets you choose the niche of your market to have a look at the competing price. It gives you a better idea of what to run for a while selling.

6. Payment Procedure

Doba does not ask you to pay for the products until you make a sale. As you make sales, you need to pay a percentage to Doba.

7. Profit Collection

As you sell through Doba, your profit is easily going to be deposited into your account. This easy profit collection is another USP of Doba, which makes it have a strong place in the market.

8. Convenient Delivery Process

Doba is reckoned for its easy delivery process. As any of your order comes, Doba receives your order and dispatches your item towards your customers.

Reviewing the Features

Doba made its entry into the dropshipping market in 2002. The company worked thoroughly to gather its reliability in the market along with its many features. Doba comes with more than 2 million products. Its partnership ranges up to suppliers from all around the world. Most of them are U.S based. Thus the efficiency of Doba lets you ensure a good and faster shipping service to your customers than any other dropshipping provider. This is the main selling point of Doba.

The marketplace of Doba features an array of products that you can try from various stores. The product variety ranges from sports, books, and countless product categories at a different price rate. Some of the categories are capable enough to let you compete with huge marketplaces like Amazon. Thus it comes with a good return and profit to give your customers a better pricing rate. Also, it works as an all-in-one platform. Being a powerhouse, it is built to support various suppliers and an array of good quality products.

Doba Product Review

Products available on Doba come with an array of benefits. However, looking for a best seller for your store may feel challenging enough for you since the variety is quite large. Apart from spending all your time to find a product that suits your brand, Doba can give you convenient service.

With the curated list of high marginal products, Doba lessens your heavy work. Contact with the in-house sourcing team and the experts to create a list for the suppliers and products, which lets you have significant profit in your niche. You need to opt for the advanced subscription plan to avail the feature.

Doba Products

Doba is quite a great way to help you with the quick-shifting of the millions of products. You can use the filtering system and the advanced search features of Doba. This feature makes Doba hold a very significant position from the others.

Doba makes it easier to find out the products to allow your sellers for applying and layering with the various filters. As per the requirement of your brand image and business type, you can find your products as per price, shipping fees and time, available quantity, etc.

Elite Seller List

The list of elite sellers arrives in your inbox each month. It houses the top 30 products from each of the categories. Therefore, it serves all the information that you need to know about your deals, offers, and trends on Doba. You can easily find a list of products that lets you have better profit. Also, direct access to the scorecards of suppliers is easily served through Doba.

Suppliers Scorecard

While other drop shipping service platforms make you have a lengthy search for reliable suppliers, Doba comes in aid.  Doba scores each of its suppliers from the past performances. The scorecard is visible to all the sellers. You can easily check the fulfillment rate, return policy, processing time, and shipping origin. This lets you avoid the disappointing experience of your customers due to unreliable suppliers.

Inventory Management

The benefit of Doba assures you with no need for store management and physical products. You can easily do it through catalog browsing, picking the item, and publishing on your sites to make sales. Suppliers take care of all the packaging, shipping, and storing. For importing the products easily to your, store Doba lets you create an inventory list with custom facilities. You can also set up Proactive Inventory Alerts, which refrains the sellers from selling products that are out of stock. Also, it lets the merchants create low inventory. Doba lets you know when you can remove the items from your store.

Deals and Discounts

Doba lets you know about the suppliers and the and discounts through email. The newsletters come up with the highlighting of the new suppliers in the category which goes suitable with your business needs. It shows you trending products, seasonal discounts, etc.

Shopping Cart Integration

Doba comes with easy integration along with the majority of renowned e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce, Magneto, Shopify, etc. The process is also very easy. You can easily import single products to your store while browsing through the Doba catalog. Hence Doba goes into integration with 100+ shopping carts, which lets you easily expand your business.

Does Doba go Suitable with Amazon?

From the 100+ integrations, sellers can easily find the working capability with Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc. Doba comes with a Custom Data Export list for the Amazon Inventory Loader, which lets you easily import your products to have the listing on Amazon from Doba.


All the sales and data and the report are easily stored on the dashboard of Doba. However, the reporting on Doba does not sync automatically along with the e-commerce platforms. You can export the data to get the reports and manually update it to your online store.

Does Doba Offer International Shipping?

At this moment, Doba is not offering the facility of international shipping. They ship to nearly 48 states, which do not include Alaska. The shipping is only on the valid streets and addresses, which a delivery person can easily find.


Doba comes with a very generous supply facility. Doba approaches with its liaison officer functionalities between the suppliers and the sellers, which makes the wholesale a worthy one. You can easily decide who you want to sell for keeping your business restricted to the registered marketplaces. It lets you feature your product with monthly newsletters to get more customers. You can easily sell single or bulk processes and can choose how you want to sell. It offers you in-house order management, customer support, and fraud prevention.

Shipping Rate and Time

Suppliers are capable of predetermining the shipping rates. The costs usually come in the form of estimated flat rates, no matter where in the USA you are selling the products. Suppliers come with free shipping, which shows you $ 0.00. You can easily check by adding the ZIP/ Postcode while clicking on the Update Shipping button, which comes with a $0.00 shipping fee.

As an order is placed on Doba, the order is fulfilled within five working days. It can also take 5-7 days for the item to get delivered.

Pricing on Doba

Doba users are given the best opportunity to make the best of profits. The product cost is quite low on Doba. The platform keeps the product price close to the wholesaling price. The cheapest plan ranges to $29/month, which is one of the best parts of Doba. For more features, of course, you need to opt for a more advanced plan. Here is what you get as per the pricing:

Basic $29

  • Unlimited products
  • Email support
  • Hundreds of suppliers
  • Community Q&A
  • Monthly email deals
  • $0.99 per transaction fee

Advanced $69 Plan

  • Basic features
  • eBay data export
  • Live chat
  • Elite sellers report

Pro $249 Plan

  • Basic and advanced features
  • Amazon data export
  • Data custom export reports
  • Phone support
  • Doba prepay
  • Batch order upload
  • Enterprise $custom price
  • Merchandise service
  • Unlimited exports
  • Lower fee for pre-order

What’s Made-In-China.com?

Doba recently started partnering with made in China. Com, which is a marketplace for the suppliers in dropshipping. It gives customers better access to budget-friendly products. Each of the suppliers come vetted along with Doba to pass the fulfillment for all kinds of delivery standards.

Doba vs. Oberlo

While focusing on the Doba vs. Oberlo discussion, you get better suggestions about which one to use. Oberlo works as a dropshipping provider to support the Shopify standard. It lets you import your product and complete the order with ease. Also, it is much easier to use. Oberlo comes with the proper CRM integration, customer support, and order tracking.

Oberlo comes with a 30-day trial. However, the starter plan is not unlimited with products like Doba. It’s free for 500 products. The pricing thus comes with $29.90 and $79.90 plans per month.

Compared to Doba, features are also limited in Oberlo. is Doba worth it? Yes, because the features are tailored to meet your growing business needs.

How Reliable is Doba as a Dropshipping Service?

Doba comes with all the essential features, which makes it one of the best dropshipping service providers in the market, as the doba.com reviews say. Along with its large community that serves high-quality suppliers, seamless integration, a large number of products, and convenient shipping with packaging. The major drawback is it does not ship internationally.

Final Verdict

Along with its array of services, Doba serves as one of the most convenient service providers in the market. However, if you are a beginner, then Doba dropship may not appeal to you as the reliable one. In case you are already having your experience in dropshipping, then Doba serves as the best platform to increase your business.

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