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BigCommerce launches a new drag-and-drop page builder for ‘code-free page design’

You must have heard about some of the best platforms when it comes to kick start your online business, and e-commerce in particular. among the loads of options that are out there. Without a doubt, there are platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce as well as BigCommerce that are leading the charts in this department.

Now, we know that there was a drag-and-drop page builder already available on Shopify whereas you could install a page builder on WooCommerce to get the same functionality. But now, BigCommerce has also received a similar option with the addition of its own drag and drop page builder and the company says that it is meant to provide a “code-free page design” for simplification.

BigCommerce’s announcement states that “This year, businesses have learned firsthand the value of agility in order to quickly respond to rapidly changing market conditions or adapt to the resulting shifts in consumer shopping behavior,”.

“Page Builder gives brands all the tools they need to build a world-class eCommerce storefront, faster. It also makes it much easier for merchants to take their business online for the first time.”

There is also positive feedback from people who have tested page builders in the past and have also tried BigCommerce page builder saying that “Page Builder gave us the creative liberty to make decisions without having to bring on a web developer,”.

“We chose a theme we generally liked, and with Page Builder, we weren’t restricted to the theme layout. Our designers had the freedom to place elements where they best fit and build a personalized strategy.”

The main reason why a page builder is there is to eliminate the need of a designer so it is possible even for people with less knowledge to get their store running without spending any money on things other than selling their products.

Alf Alferez
Alf Alferez
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