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Authors cry as AI-generated rip-offs of their books found on Amazon

We know that the word “AI” is easily the most controversial that is there right now because of the simple reason that while some people love it to the fullest, there are others who hate is as much as well. We know that while there are benefits of AI in daily life, there are various disadvantages to it also and we have seen examples of both types in the e-commerce industry, too. For example, one of the biggest concerns with AI is that it becomes too easy to copy someone’s work and spin it off as if the work belongs to them. Google also recently said that it finds it very difficult to differentiate AI content.

Now, a new controversy has erupted on Amazon where its booksellers have reported that they have found books being sold on the platform which are clearly ripped off using AI and this is clearly a breach of copyright but they can’t do anything as there is a slight difference and so they can’t claim it as their own. A report says that “The biography and other titles by the pseudonymous author were removed by Amazon but “plenty more get through the filters intended to weed out low-quality books,””

Another analyst mentioned that “Amazon is clearly facing significant challenges with the influx of AI-generated products in its stores, and it appears to be playing catchup,” It is worth noting that a new report reveals about Authors such as Margaret Atwood, Viet Thanh Nguyen and Philip Pullman are also concerned their work is being used in large language models to train AI without their consent, compensation or credit. Amazon’s spokesperson commented that they are going to invest significant time to “ensure our guidelines are followed and remove books that do not adhere to them” and added that “While we allow AI-generated content, we don’t allow AI-generated content that violates our content guidelines, including content that creates a disappointing customer experience”. Some authors even alleged that OpenAI benefits and profits from the “unauthorised and illegal use” of their copyrighted content and we are yet to here from OpenAI regarding the same.

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