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An e-commerce company has opened direct pipeline from China to Huntsville

We know that there are things that are obvious and we know that they are but we don’t know how to do those obvious things or they are just not possible. Well, there is one thing in the e-commerce or courier services as well which is that if you are using same route for delivering products day-in and day-out then you should create a direct pipeline to that place so the process becomes much easier. For example, if we talk about Apple then they should create a direct pipeline between their Foxconn factory in China and their headquarters in Apple to get the products supplied directly.

However, it does not work like that as it would create a lot of tax issues as well it is not ideal for smuggling concerns. But as we say, someone out there is doing things that are most obvious. This report is regarding one such e-commerce company in the US that has done the unthinkable and opened a direct pipeline between China and Huntsville. While it is known that the direct pipeline between them is for protective gears such as gloves, masks, face shields, etc, it is a great idea to do the same for other products as well.

While this direct pipeline is not literally that, it is a cargo plane that brought the first direct shipment of personal protective equipment. Fulfyld CEO says that “Most of the world’s products come out of China, and having that infrastructure, and a direct line into China is actually a game-changer,” as he adds that this step is done to “Make sure our community, our first responders, our county, city, local officials, employees and the general citizen population of Madison County and statewide is taken care of”. The company also expects this connection to save Alabama time in shipping and will prevent potential skimming of the product in other ports.

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