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Amazon sellers, who have their account suspended, are looking for legal help

We know that there are a lot of people out there who were selling on Amazon but have their account suspended right now due to one reason or the other but the fact remains that if their accounts are suspended, it also means that their main source of earning vanishes out of thin air because they can’t sell anything and can’t even withdraw their earnings. Now, we know that this can be extremely traumatic for anyone and it is especially heartbreaking for those who run smaller accounts and this is their primary source of income. Due to this reason, Amazon sellers who have their account suspended are looking to fight back and are getting legal help on what they can do to go up against Amazon and appeal their account suspension.

ArsTechnica’s report mentions that “Four e-commerce-focused US law firms told the Financial Times that the majority of the cases they took on were complaints brought by aggrieved Amazon sellers, with each handling hundreds or thousands of cases every year. About a dozen sellers also said they had grown worried about Amazon’s power to suspend their accounts or product listings, as it was not always clear what had triggered the suspension and Amazon’s seller support services did not always help to sort out the issue”.

Chief Executive of E-Merchants Trade Council said that “If you’re a seller and you need help to navigate the system, that’s a real vulnerability for the marketplace. If you’re operating a business where the people you’re deriving revenue from feel that they’re being treated in an arbitrary way without due process, that is a problem.” One seller added that this is indeed a serious problem and mentioned that “The fact that there are entire law firms dedicated to dealing with Amazon says a lot,”

The problem with Amazon and its sellers is not regarding the suspension but the reason behind it. One seller said that “We had a listing shut down during Prime Big Deals Days with no warning, no cause, no explanation,” and also added that this is “pretty common” and also they have no idea what caused the suspension in the first place.

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