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Amazon brings up new digital try-on for shoes

The big giant retailer Amazon calls out a new upgrade in its feature. The customers can now try shoes digitally to see how they look. The new tool will enhance the shopping experience and will be more interactive for shoppers. The feature is “Virtual Try-On” The feature is now available on the iOS platform. It is also restricted to buyers in US and Canada.

The feature is available for almost all brands; Nike, Reebok, Puma, and New Balance. The buyers just need to tap to virtual try-on button to enable the use. The product page will quickly convert into a live try show. The best part about this is that shoppers can even scroll down to look for color and other features in the shoes.

The new feature will build not only a greater experience for the customer but also brand selling. As a result, Amazon will be able to promote brands better, leading to huge revenue acquisitions. With technology taking the stakes, there is a high need for experiential marketing. Also, Amazon seizes that opportunity with its new AR-based virtual try-on.

The feature will highlight how the shoe looks, not the fit. The addition of this feature in the app is a step ahead for Amazon. The use of Augmented reality in retail is common, but it is new for Amazon and its shoppers. There is a continuous attempt from Amazon to offer the AR facility. It launched the AR View and Room Decorator to imagine products in one’s household.

The experiment of virtual try-on is not new in the market. Big retailers like Ikea, L’Oreal, Nike, and Zara have done something similar. As a result, the customers are getting a high notion of development in buying experience. The only obstacle is the technological barrier among nations using the feature. With its availability of use only in Canada and the US, it is unfair to other buyers.


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