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Amazon adds Wondery to its family to include podcasts into its music realms

Amazon, an American multinational technology company made an announcement on Wednesday that it is acquiring podcasting company Wondery, expanding its catalog of original audio content

Wondery is also an American podcast network launched by Hernan Lopez with backing from 20th Century Fox. Wondery’s mission is to bring a world of entertainment and knowledge to our audiences, wherever they listen.  It has even produced some popular shows like “Dirty John,” “Dr. Death” and “Over My Dead Body.” The podcast producer and the network say it counts more than 10 million unique listeners each month.

This deal between the two digital platforms involves that Wondery will join Amazon Music which is one of the largest e-commerce music streaming platforms. Amazon music added a new feature of podcasts to its platform in the month of September. This acquisition raises the level of competition among other platforms like Spotify, Apple which lay the ground for dominance in the podcasting market.

Amazon is yet to disclose the acquisition price and other terms of the deal, yet reports from Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal suggested that Wondery’s value was at $300 million.

The merge of the two companies marks a significant event, if only since it sets Amazon up in a better position to compete against Spotify, which has been acquiring networks and exclusive talent for over a year. Amazon states that the entry of Wondery doesn’t pose any kind of change to the existing structure of Amazon music and its shows- they’ll still be available through “a variety of providers.” However, Amazon is in the hope that buying Wondery will help them thrive and accelerate the evolution of podcasts by bringing creators, hosts, and immersive experiences to even more listeners across the globe.”

Moreover, amazon would not only promote Wondery shows over other programs but also put more marketing efforts, especially globally.

“With Amazon Music, Wondery will be able to provide even more high-quality, innovative content and continue their mission of bringing a world of entertainment and knowledge to their audiences, wherever they listen,” Amazon wrote.

Sanna Sharma
Sanna Sharma
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