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Amazon acquired Sizmek for their advertisement engine capabilities

Amazon has closed a deal to purchase part of ad tech company Sizmek and its Dynamic Creative Optimization unit.

Amazon reported this acquisition deal last Friday. Amazon has yet to disclose how much it spent on Sizmeks assets.  Sizmek Ad Server and Sizmek DCO will operate separately from Amazon Advertising for the time being.


The deal brings an ad server to Amazon. The ad server serves as a tool that will place advertisements from Amazon around the web. Amazon also gets dynamic creative, a term for ads tailored to a consumer’s data. For instance,  ads could be customized depending on stock prices, geographical region, or the local weather.

Amazon is a growing contender that can take on the digital ad duopoly of Google and Facebook. The acquisition of Sizmek’s assets will help Amazon further encroach on Google’s ad business.

Amazon will also be able to work with advertisers that don’t sell products on Amazon, like restaurants and airlines.

For more information on the: part of an ad tech company, Sizmek bought by Amazon.

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