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Alibaba Chairman says they are focusing on performance amidst competition

Alibaba Group Holding Limited, the Chinese multinational conglomerate specializing in e-commerce, retail, and technology, is reportedly honing in on performance to maintain its market position in the face of stiffening competition. Joe Tsai, the company’s co-founder and executive vice chairman, has articulated Alibaba’s strategy in light of the emerging challenges from both domestic and international contenders vying for a slice of China’s lucrative e-commerce sector.

According to Tsai, the focus is squarely on enhancing efficiency and customer experience, architecting a robust response to the competitive pressures that have intensified in recent times. Alibaba’s commitment to innovation and adaptation mirrors the dynamic nature of the e-commerce industry, where consumer preferences and technological advancements drive continuous change.

Elevating performance involves optimizing Alibaba’s extensive ecosystem, which encompasses online shopping platforms, cloud computing services, and digital media assets. This strategic pivot aims to fortify the company’s core business while exploring new growth avenues. In an increasingly saturated market, such fine-tuning is vital for maintaining Alibaba’s prominence and ensuring the trust of its vast user base.

Tsai also mentioned that “A plan to spin off its cloud unit was later cancelled. An initial public offering of its logistics unit Cainiao is being held back for better timing”. It is worth noting that in March last year, Alibaba announced that they will be splitting its company into six different units so that they can “maximize investor potential” but the main idea is to look for units that are not performing well so that they can stop investments in those units. Alibaba’s Chairman added that “The pricing competition is definitely there, and we have to take a few lessons from our competitors. But the good thing is that it can be done. It’s within our control.”

While Alibaba says it is focusing on performance, its growth is also a concern because the company reported lower-than-expected financial results in the December quarter earlier this month, with net income attributable to ordinary shareholders down 69 percent year on year, and net income down 4 percent under non-generally accepted accounting principles. Alibaba mentioned that these numbers were mainly due to “losses from its equity investments and the impairment of intangible assets at hypermarket Sun Art and impairment of goodwill at its video platform Youku”.

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