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Alaan rolls out the first ever business cashback card

Alaan, an Emirates-based firm, rolled out the 1st business cashback card in UAE. The customers who will make use of these cards with get up to 2% rewards on their spending.

Alaan came into existence in 2021. It enhances business expensing by offering cards for auto streamlining and reconciling spending. The firm has raised $2.5M as seed funding. It allows businesses to use modern corporate cards and also automate invoice payments.

For eCommerce transactions, it possesses virtual cards, SaaS, and in-store purchases. In addition, Alaan boasts about its ability to work with manual bookkeeping and expense reports.

The company is proud to launch the business cashback card. The UAE customers have waited for a long time to access such cards. But, it was not for the small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). Businesses over the world are looking for ways to conserve cash. Also, they want to cut recession spending. And UAE is supporting businesses in saving and controlling their spending.

A lot of financial innovations have come up in the UAE in the past few months. For example, the business cashback card is one that helps to control money better. All of these allow small businesses access and get discounts when opting for a service.

UAE-based Mashreq provides human resources, cloud storage, and office space. The company’s goal was to make a single-click platform inside Business Banking. This will allow them to integrate transactions and service providers.

The new service of Mashreq is going to include new features with EmiratesHR. It is a cloud-based payroll and HR software solution. Also, Letswork is contributing a lot. Letswork has over 100 co-working spaces, cafes, and hotels.

Alaan is all set to come up with new initiatives. In the foreseeable future, it will introduce innovations to control money better. It will give the businesses an upper hand in controlling the cash flow of their business. With the advancement, without cutting down costs, it is difficult to thrive.


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