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7-Eleven Australia launches online delivery service due to COVID-19

It is time for everyone to go online right now because of the Coronavirus outbreak as we know that people are ordering things at their doorsteps. We also know that non-essential items are not being delivered right now because of the situation is such that essential items’ orders are too much for the companies to cope up with them. It is seen that US companies are doing decent when it comes to online orders and their deliveries. However, it is time to concentrate on other countries as well.

And we have a report from Australia where it is seen that the country’s 7-eleven departmental stores have also gone online. The famous departmental store chains is seeing a huge demand but they can’t et people into their stores so the best option for them is home delivery.

As per the report from ITNews, “7-Eleven Australia has launched an online delivery service for snacks and other household items, initially in Melbourne, using the platform of on-demand alcohol delivery start-up Tipple which it bought a majority stake in back in 2018”.

In a statement, 7-eleven Australia also revealed that customers can “log on to www.7ElevenDelivery.com.au, enter their address and place their order.” It is also revealed that in partnership with Tipple, the 7-Eleven online service was made in a fortnight. “The 7-Eleven Group acquired a majority stake in Tipple in 2018, as part of our investment in on-demand ‘last-mile’ delivery and technological capability,”

CEO Angus McKay said that “By working with their network of delivery drivers, we’re able to provide consumers with more options to get the things they need while minimising how often they need to leave their house. “We are rolling this out in Melbourne for most suburbs and will look at other states in the coming months”. He says that they are currently offering “within the hour” delivery for some suburbs.

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