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5 Tips To Increase Traffic Of Your Ecommerce Store

In 2020 and 2021, online shopping has grown worldwide. People began to buy more and more things from the comfort of their own homes. It is fast, convenient, and even economical. Therefore, a lot of new online stores with different categories of goods have appeared recently.

In this article, we will describe the main tips to increase eCommerce traffic. It will help you drive traffic to your eCommerce store with minimal investment.


The growth of organic traffic to an online store is impossible without some elements:

  • A complete web design with a clear structure and product categories
  • Availability of products in all categories with prices and descriptions
  • Metadata
  • Active indexation of the pages (SEO parameters)
  • Unique content with keywords

Remember that organic traffic is possible only 1-2 months after the creation of your online store. You have to wait for some time for all pages to be indexed in search engines if your site is newly created. Only after that, you can move on to the main actions to increase eCommerce traffic.

Tips №1

Create unique content. Each text on the pages of your online store should be unique and contain keywords. The semantic core should be created by an SEO specialist. You can do it yourself using special services like Wordstat. Add descriptions for each product with keywords and specify the characteristics. Over time, this will increase traffic to the site. If you correctly fill out the product pages and specify the characteristics with the price, they will be displayed in the search engines on request for those or other products.

Tips №2

Start your blog and do content marketing. To be successful in attracting customers, you need to not only sell but also be helpful. To achieve the latter, help your audience solve their problems and find answers to their questions. In other words, engage in content marketing.

Content marketing offers users valuable and interesting information from your company that will draw them to your online store’s website.

Start your blog. This is a successful way to retain customers and increase traffic. A blog is an additional reason for users to come back to the site, in addition to making purchases. Provide information that promotes products and satisfies audience interest. Familiarize yourself with effective types of blog articles and start writing about what’s relevant to the product and your business. Submit publications to outside sources to reach more potential customers and make yourself known.

Tips №3

Run marketing campaigns. A marketing campaign is a strategy for converting potential customers into buyers. Typically, these are enticing offers to users that encourage them to interact with the online store.

You have several ways to increase traffic:

  • Organize a contest or giveaway to drive online sales. People love encouragement. Offer free shipping or a coupon for their first purchase if they sign up for the newsletter.
  • Create a sense of urgency. Free shipping until the end of the month, an announcement of an upcoming limited sale. Events like these will attract visitors. Add a countdown timer to your site for sales to get customers to visit the site again and again in anticipation.
  • Offer a second item as a gift for purchase. People are more likely to buy knowing they’ll get something for free.

Tips №4

Use backlinks. Link building is an essential and effective search engine optimization tool. It works very simply. Create unique and interesting content with hyperlinks to your site (to pages, products, or articles). Place articles with backlinks on other sites. This will greatly speed up indexing and attract additional organic traffic.

You can automate this process and use link-building tools. Various backlink service for eCommerce allow you to send backlinks to different resources. You will save time if you use such a service.

Tips №5

Run an email newsletter. The distribution of emails in many sources refers to outdated methods. However, with its help, you can still successfully attract traffic to the site and convert it into sales.

  • Define the purpose of the mailing. Sending must have a clear goal. For example, to inform potential customers about a promotion or to tell them about a new product collection.
  • Set a theme. The headline and the text of the mailing influence the conversion. Write letters to recipients about online store promotions and a wide assortment.
  • Think about content. It is important to put useful data in the letter. It should catch the attention and motivate the user to go to the site;
  • Use calls to action. Text and images connect with the advertised web resource, you should also place a prominent button with a call to action;


We have described some useful tips for attracting organic traffic to your online store. You can use one or several tips. However, you can be sure that they are effective if you follow them correctly.

Visit the link for more useful tips on how to promote your site.


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