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24 Best Products to Sell on Amazon in 2024

Online E-commerce and Affiliate Marketing have indeed simplified the process of starting a business to the extent that almost anyone can do it with negligible investment. 

And, of course, Amazon is the first marketplace that comes to mind when we think about selling unique items at unprecedented prices! The special tools and tutorials this streamlined platform provides are enough to get any beginner started.

From classic stables in clothing and luxury brands to festival stores dedicated to the best moments of life that always return, you can set up a store to sell anything.  Here is a list of the ultimate best products to sell on Amazon for beginners to get you started!

24 Best Products To Sell On Amazon For Beginners

Depending on the top items sold in the previous couple of years, these might be the most profitable fields!

best products to sell on amazon
best products to sell on Amazon
  • Baby Products

Everyone needs essential baby products, so parents cannot go one day without refilling the stock. This niche includes baby formula, diapers, clothing, nursery decor, etc.

Many small inventions have come up that aim to make a parent’s life easier. You can also sell perambulators, infant toys, pregnancy books, etc., as a content creator; this will open you up to infinite stories, all connecting to the joyful theme of parenthood.

  • Kitchen And Household Products

Again, this is a niche that every user, from young to old, must invest in on a rolling basis. At the same time, kitchen products are limited to furnishings, small machines, and organizers, including helpful tools that can come in handy in any area of a domestic household.

Creating content on these topics is easy, and gaining an audience as an affiliate marketer is quite effortless. You can combine this niche with furniture, DIY, and electronics to open up an even wider world of opportunities.

  • Personal Care Products

These days, personal care is a term that has become synonymous with the Beauty Industry. Skin care products, hair care products, nail art products, rollers, pumice stones, scalp massagers, towels etc come under this category.

If you love visual social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, you have a great chance of succeeding in generating conversions here. It is a myth that this niche is meant for women alone; men and even kids are familiar customers here.

  • Makeup

Makeup is becoming more demanding than ever, with everyone from adolescents to older people engaging in feel-good art. From drug stores to luxury brands, you can include hundreds of items in your catalog.

Makeup does not expire quickly, and new trends are always coming up. It is also one of the first things we buy on birthdays or festivals. You can combine this industry with self-care products and home decor to cater to a splurging audience.

  • Toys

These are among the inescapable and cheap products to sell on Amazon, and parents tend to buy more than they should. Toys can be simple, like handmade dolls and local plastic designs that you can make go viral with the proper marketing techniques.

On the other hand, branded toys like Barbie and Lego sell for hundreds of dollars each piece. While engaging in these products, you will sell to a relatively affluent consumer base. Some sellers go a step further ahead and market to the children immediately!

  • Clothing

People buy clothes throughout the year. When promoting clothing brands, you have many options. You can quickly become the marketer Who only encourages small businesses and individual designers. 

Alternatively, you can promote any luxury of your choice! You can even seek to sell to any age group or gender that you find easiest to upgrade. Cosplay items, clothing for disabled individuals, unisex dressing, etc., are other areas to excel in.

  • Bags And Accessories

This is an industry where luxury and dupes are equally welcome. College backpacks, kids’ school bags, work totes, etc., there are more options in this niche than you think.

If you include mid-range to high-range products in your marketing campaigns, bags and accessories like jewelry can be one of the most expensive items among the top 24 best products to sell on Amazon. Luxury scarves, sunglasses, watches, etc, will continue to attract annual buyers. 

  • Underwear

These can sell for more than the price of actual clothing pieces for both men and women as they contribute integrity to the concept of the perfect look. Now, of course, underwear includes boxers, panties, and bras, but they contain a lot more!

You can sell innerwear like thermal wear, corsets, stockings, beachwear, etc., all luxury products with significant margins. Once again, this is a niche that can be combined with both clothing and self-care and hygiene arenas. 

  • Affirmations And Tarot Cards

Astrology and spirituality happened to be some of the biggest sellers on Amazon today. Daily affirmations, meditation chants, tarot cards, ouija boards, bracelets and charms,  etc, are some of the best sellers in 2023.

Affirmations and manifestations are often combined with personal growth calendars or astrology charges that prepare individuals for their New Year, birthday, or dating life. These are unique gifts and truly unique desk or home decor supplies!

  • Books

Gone are the days when elders complained – ‘no one reads anymore!’. The craze for books is back big time, and everyone is reading on their Kindle, using second-hand paperbacks, or downloading audiobooks.

Thankfully, marketers can sell all these, including latest releases on the world’s most famous book store – Amazon. Kids content, academic textbooks, exclusive copies and collectibles, are noted sales if marketed correctly.

  • Notebooks And Journals

Stationery hits differently when customers splurge on creative, premium picks. If you choose to sell journals and notebooks, you must find pieces that customers cannot get anywhere else – this way, you can bring a twist to the back-to-school season!

Journals and diaries are mostly bought during the festival season and make for unique gifts for the new year. They are also popular office supplies purchased in bulk by small and mid-range businesses for their employees and clients.

  • Art Supplies

Contrary to popular belief, art students must regularly purchase luxury art products that cost a pretty penny. You can revolutionize the scene by offering high-quality art supplies at affordable prices that do not compromise quality.

You can further expand your niche by including products in performance and literary arts areas – these legitimately include musical instruments, theater costumes, and stage sets. On the other hand, craft items like super glue and origami papers are also a part of this list.

  • Furniture

Admittedly, furniture isn’t something we buy every day. However, when working in this area, you can make profits not only from selling products but also from offering transportation and setting up services and repairs on old items!

Furniture is often clubbed with home decor items, household products and gardening supplies. You can even sell repair parts like plywood and glass using your affiliate links so interested buyers can make changes and upgrades at home!

  • Shoes

Some of the best items to sell on Amazon include not only premium shoes but also upgrade kits, exchange on luxury footwear, and even premium socks and hosiery!

Adidas, Puma, Nike, etc, start the conversation, and it goes up to brands like Versace and Gucci. By targeting a suitable customer base on platforms like Pinterest and YouTube, you can sell products worth thousands of dollars with an investment of nothing.

  • Pet Supplies

Products for little pets are pretty similar to the necessities of an infant – non-negotiable! Win the hearts of millions of pet owners worldwide by introducing innovative toys, collars, food items, and training kits for these babies.

If you think pet supplies are limited to dogs and cats, you would be wrong; in fact, some of the most significant investments are made by reptile owners who keep snakes, turtles, geckos, etc and bird owners who have exotic species as pets!

  • Handmade Jewelry

Handcrafted products are making big rounds on Amazon today. This is excellent news for small creators who are better at creation than at advertising. Handmade jewelry these days includes not only necklaces, earrings, and bracelets but also products like phone charms, hair accessories, anklets, etc., all of which have a high demand.

Amazon makes special provisions for small creators, meaning reaching new customers is a lot easier now – plus, you can show advertisements of your products without investing your life savings into it!

  • Home Decor

Just like hand-crafted jewelry, handmade wall decor and showpieces also go viral on Amazon. If this is not your arena, you can always collaborate with independent creators or large groups of people manufacturing home decor professionally.

Home decor includes vintage stands, candle holders, photo frames, wall hangings, paperweights, fake plants, and more. Sacred pictures of idols and mythological creatures also make for excellent home decor.

  • Customized Gifts

Many partners, friends, and family members like to give each other everyday items with something special embedded in them. This might include their name, their picture together, their initials together, their favorite character or quote, an important date, etc.

The most common items you can start with are t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, pens, shoes, socks, pendants, bracelets, and keyrings. This is a business that you can start as an independent creator with negligible investment by making unique designs and still earning most of the profit.

  • Electronics

One of the most prominent ecommerce niches with the best-valued returns is the world of electronics. This term applies to everything from headphones and phone accessories to household appliances like refrigerators and coffee makers.

As a seller on Amazon, you will not only be getting orders from individual customers but also restaurants, offices, retail stores, etc. Using a successful content creation plan, you can generate multiple sources of revenue on YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even your blog.

  • Groceries 

Everyday groceries are a significant requirement on Amazon, and the platform connects with several suppliers worldwide to provide these services within a few hours of order placement. 

If you think storing and regulating perishable goods will be a big deal, you can start with packed groceries like frozen food, shampoo, toiletries, sealed spices and sauces, drugstore medication, etc. There is a massive potential for the inventory you can build with this exciting opportunity.

  • Festive Store Collections

The myth is that you cannot profit from festival store collections. These are some of the best business areas on Amazon because they allow you to get high-value returns on each item.

Apart from Christmas decor and New Year celebrations, festivals also sell unique and premium products for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, weddings, etc. Valentine’s Day and wedding season is the best time of the year to sell celebratory decor and gift items on Amazon.

  • Candles

If you are a creative person who loves luxurious living, you will probably love creating unique candles. Even though these are some of the cheapest things to sell on Amazon, creators who post them directly can earn up to 60% profit on these homemade goods.

Candles are not just aesthetic bath products; in many places worldwide, they are used for worship, meditation, and spiritual healing.  If this business goes well, you can expand it to include herbs, lamps, essential oils, etc.

  • Fan Merchandise

Any list of the Best Products To Sell On Amazon must include a talk about the fan merchandise boom. Channel your inner creator and give life to affordable merchandise that can save hundreds of dollars for fans. 

Fan merch is a big sale for timeless characters like Spider-Man and Batman, cult classics like Hyuoka, trending TV shows, k-pop idol groups, latest movie releases, and so much more. You can even sell posters, customized T-shirts, etc, that do not resemble authentic merchandise but still help fans get closer to the best experiences of their life.

  • Sports And Outdoors

Going outdoors has become a luxury these days. But that does not mean that the golden picket fence life is now a no show dream! Fishing equipment, fencing equipment, swimming supplies, overnight camping kits, flashlights, self-defense tools, etc., are all beneficial and among the best things to sell on Amazon for all customer dynamics.

Of course, apart from these, standard sports kids like golf sets, tennis sets, and cricket sets are popular national and international purchases.


The best products to sell on Amazon for beginners strike a perfect balance between staple purchases and temporary trends. Choosing the exact items to stock, updating the store, and cutting your losses are all areas in which we need experience. But the best step to success is being able to start, so don’t worry about the challenges of the future and get your Amazon product list going!

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