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Zalando plans to add ChatGPT-based Fashion Assistant to its E-Commerce Platform

While browsing the web nowadays, you must have seen that all the hype is about ChatGPT which is a online chatbot developed by OpenAI but it is not just a chatbot but the fact that it runs on GPT-4 which is a technology that offers you AI capabilities is the best part. Also, OpenAI was open-source earlier which meant that a lot of companies took advantage of the same and built their own chatbots based on it. Now, Microsoft seems to have almost taken over the OpenAI brand thanks to its billions of dollars in investment to help grow the company to what it is today.

Earlier, we reported about the fact that Alibaba and even JD are looking to build their own ChatGPT-styled chatbots for their e-commerce platforms. Now, Zalando has announced that they will integrate a ChatGPT-powered fashion assistant into their online platform. Zalando’s Vice President said that “As a leader in fashion eCommerce in Europe for 15 years, we have consistently embraced new technologies to enhance our customers’ shopping experience,” and he added that “We are excited to be experimenting with ChatGPT to help our valued customers discover even more fashion they will love.”

He also said that “This is just the beginning; we are committed to understanding our customers’ needs and preferences even better, and we are eager to explore the potential that ChatGPT can bring to their shopping journey,”. Zalando said in a statement that this fashion assistant will help them to unlock “capabilities that will enable it to help customers find and select items based on questions they ask using their own words or fashion terms”.

According to the official press release, Zalando’s ChatGPT-powered fashion assistant is currently available in the beta version to users in Austria, Germany, Ireland and UK by Spring this year. It will be available in two languages, German and English, right now with the plans to add more languages as and when it expands to other countries. Apart from Zalando, other shopping platforms such as Mercari as well as Klarna have also announced their plans to integrate ChatGPT-powered assistants to their platforms already.

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