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Visa announces EMV® 3DS provides 35% less fraud, better online shopping

When customers opted for online shopping at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, fraudsters were right there. Specifically, the accelerated development of eCommerce and associated online transactions includes grocery delivery and curbside pickup.

It has provoked a related outbreak of CNP or card-not-present fraud. The issue is, as issuers shifted to remove that crime, they were also creating a lot of untrue declines. It means they blocked good consumers because of heightened worries that crime might be occurring.

Dealers have discovered that the new edition of the ‘Three Domain Server” is a very useful tool. As an outcome, Visa has witnessed over 2 billion EMV 3DS authentication marketings internationally since the beginning of 2021. 3DS collects the online character elements a customer has when they are doing online shopping.

This data then increases the risk counts of marketing. When merchants identify marketing as low risk, the customer is not provoked to give any extra data. For higher-risk payments, they take easy steps for extra verification to avoid third-party crime.

3DS facilitates real-time data affiliation between issuers and merchants, Wang noted. With that data, they can retain a shared knowledge of the customer. For instance, when a buyer is doing online shopping on a site, that dealer doesn’t need any additional data about the buyer.

As an outcome, in the U.S., EMV 3DS marketings have 35% lower crime rates compared to other types of eCommerce marketings. In 2022, Visa will proceed to operate closely with dealers, partners, and issuers to improve the data sharing procedure.

Visa will proceed to provide insights. With dealers, the corporation will proceed to explore additional optimal ways for dealers to share and capture data. With issuers, it will concentrate on the best methods to make utilization of all the information issuers receive. Visa leverages it to reduce false declines and seamless online shopping experiences.


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