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Bed Bath & Beyond to file for bankruptcy as soon as this week: Reuters

Bed Bath & Beyond
Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond is an American chain of domestic merchandise retail stores that also started to sell its products online due to the e-commerce boom worldwide.

However, we have seen reports about declining sales and the company looking at options to sell assets, but the new report from Reuters is worrying.

It is reported that Bed Bath & Beyond is looking to file for bankruptcy and will be as soon as this week.

This latest development comes after it was said that Bed Bath & Beyond defaulted on a loan they could not repay.

It is quite possible, Reuters reports, that a last-minute buyer could emerge, but if that is not the case, then the Bed Bath & Beyond brand could be filing for bankruptcy protection.

The chain has already said they are closing 87 of their Bed Bath & Beyond stores and five buybuy BABY stores, apart from the 150 store closures announced last year. In addition, they are also closing the health and beauty discount chain, Harmon.

Bed Bath & Beyond stated to Reuters that they are indeed considering “multiple paths” but did not comment on bankruptcy filings.

Recently, Bed Bath & Beyond reported a loss of about $393 million after declining sales of 33% for the quarter ending November 26, 2022.

It is clear that the brand is not in a healthy state to move forward with its operations; this is why they are filing for bankruptcy and considering options like selling its assets and looking for a buyer.

It is worth noting that Bed Bath & Beyond was thriving a few years back and was considered the go-to destination for couples planning for a baby.

However, their decision to expand into retail outlets backfired, and their sales have not recovered. Their buybuy BABY brand is also struggling; it looks like a buyout or filing for bankruptcy is the only option they have left.

China’s will exit Thailand and Indonesian markets with a logistics pivot

In a massive setback for, China’s biggest e-commerce player, it is reported that they will be exiting two of their overseas markets, Indonesia and Thailand.

Talking about the report from South China Morning Post, it is reported that the firm wants to focus on its growth in the local Chinese Internet market, which is said to have stalled.

Also, there are challenges from local players in Indonesia and Thailand, such as Lazada and Shopee, that have also played a significant role in this exit.

Apart from that, it is known that will now pivot to logistics and says that they want to build “a cross-border supply chain network with logistics and warehousing”.

JD said in a statement that “We will continue to channel our resources toward building cross-border supply chain infrastructure and work with both local and global partners to deliver supply chain solutions around the world,”

The announcement on their official websites on Monday states that JD.ID will stop on March 31, and JD Central will cease operations as soon as March 3. As for the orders, you won’t be able to place them after February 15 on these websites.

It is known that JD did not find its operations profitable in the SouthEast Asia markets because of the entry of players such as Alibaba’s Lazada and Shopee, backed by Tencent Holdings-backed Sea, among others.

The data from 2022 shows that JD.ID was lagging behind its competitors in the country because it only ranked 10th in Indonesia, with local players Tokopedia and Shopee taking the top spots.

JD’s pivot from e-commerce to warehouse and logistics does not come out of the blue, as we have already seen the company investing in logistics through its JD Logistics brand in Poland and Vietnam. JD Logistics also plans to provide its logistics services in Malaysia.

Amazon to launch its own NFT initiative very soon: Report

Amazon NFT
Amazon NFT

We know that Amazon is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, e-commerce platforms worldwide and controls many customers worldwide.

We also reported how Amazon is the preferred e-commerce platform not just in the US but in other parts of the world, such as India.

Now, there is an exclusive report by blockworks who has revealed that Amazon is going to boost the cryptocurrency market with the launch of its own NFT initiative.

This comes as a surprise to a lot of people around the world because Amazon is not known to be a company that invests in cryptocurrency so this does seem to be a shift in their thought process.

Talking about NFT, it is known as a non-fungible token, and it is basically a unique art form that can be acquired and has a value of its own.

The best part about NFT is that it can’t be replicated. However, we all know digital products can be easily copied, so NFT does not make sense to many people.

Talking Amazon and its NFT initiative, it is part of Web3 which will replace Web2 which we know and use right now.

Giving further information on this report, Blockworks reports that one of the developments in this space by Amazon is to let “Amazon customers play crypto games and claim free NFTs in the process”.

Sources close to this matter from Blockworks also reveal that Amazon’s entry into the NFT market will be a huge boost for this space and sort of revive it after its highs in 2021 and extreme lows in 2022.

Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon, has already said that he is open to selling NFTs on the platform and it looks like they are definitely heading in that direction.

It is reported that the launch of Amazon’s NFT initiative could be as early as Spring 2023.

Walmart looking at another $2.5 billion investment in India’s e-commerce and payments

Walmart x Flipkart
Walmart x Flipkart

It is well-known that Amazon is one of the dominating companies in the US e-commerce market.

This is because Amazon has been in this space for decades now. However, this is being challenged by the likes of Walmart and others in the US.

Walmart and other retailers that missed the e-commerce trend on which Amazon capitalized are now looking at other options.

The next best option for Walmart is to look at other markets where they could invest and take a majority stake, and so they did.

After the US, the biggest e-commerce market outside of China is India, and Walmart already has a majority company in India’s largest e-commerce brand Flipkart.

Apart from that, Flipkart has a UPI-based payments app known as PhonePe. Recently, Flipkart decided to make PhonePe a separate entity, whereas both were merged before this.

Now, it is reported by TechCrunch that Walmart is looking to invest $2.5 billion in India’s e-commerce and payments market thanks to its stake in Flipkart and PhonePe.

As per reports, Walmart, which has the majority stake in PhonePe, will invest $200 million to $300 million.

Apart from that, Walmart will invest $1.5 billion in Flipkart to buy back shares from investors such as Tiger Global.

This way, Walmart is fighting with Amazon in India’s e-commerce space rather than in the US.

On the payments front, Walmart-backed PhonePe controls 40% of the UPI transactions in the country, with over 4 billion transactions every month.

Amazon also launched Amazon Air earlier this month in India to make its deliveries even faster and possibly reduce costs, while Flipkart is yet to do anything in that direction.

Also, both Walmart-backed Flipkart and Amazon are facing stiff challenges from Reliance Industries’ JioMart, which is looking to expand rapidly in the Indian e-commerce market after disrupting the telecom sector in the country.

Lululemon partners with Lazada to grow further in APAC region


Lululemon, a Canadian athletic wear brand with its headquarters in the US, has already figured out the North American market, and we know that it has its sights set on the South American market as well.

However, the company seems to have even bigger plans, as seen from their latest move.

That’s because Lululemon has partnered with Lazada, an e-commerce platform famous in the APAC region.

With this partnership, Lululemon has launched an e-commerce platform through Lazada, with its sights set on the APAC region.

In partnership with Lazada, Lululemon has launched its flagship store on Lazmall, which is Lazada’s e-commerce platform dedicated to brands.

Lululemon says that it plans to grow its global business to $12.5 billion by 2026, and it plans to do so by growing further in the Asia Pacific region.

Nathan Chang, the VP of Lululemon APAC’s brand marketing and community department, said that Lululemon sees Asia Pacific as its “strategic growth driver”.

Therefore, they “will continue to expand our store presence, invest in our communities and the guest experience in the coming year.”

Lululemon APAC’s VP of Growth also added that they want to “reach new audiences” with the help of this partnership with Lazada.

We already know that Lululemon has a presence in 9 countries of the Asia Pacific region, such as Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Taiwan.

With this partnership, Lululemon might increase its presence in the Asia Pacific region to cover most of the countries in Southeast Asia as well.

Lululemon’s partnership with Lazada is to enter the market via an already established player and understand the market better through local players.

Lululemon wants to occupy an authentic space in the Southeast Asian markets, and they see the partnership with Lazada as the best way to do that, along with the launch of their Asia Fit product line.

How to sell on Wayfair in 2023?

How to sell on Wayfair in 2022

As part of a $600 billion total addressable market, Wayfair is undoubtedly a reliable platform for giving your sales program an easy and effective motion. Unlike other selling platforms in the market, Wayfair can be easier for marketers to get a steady grip on sales and scale the profit.

Wayfair offers a less competitive market, which does not take much time to rank your products. However, low competition is not limited to opportunities; instead, it increases the earning probability and makes your selling rates high.

In this article, we will discuss how you can sell your products on Wayfair in 2023 with an adequate profit. But before jumping into the process, let’s have a quick idea of what Wayfair is and how effectively it works:

What is Wayfair?


Wayfair is a well-known company in the USA that sells furniture and other home goods. The e-commerce company was founded in 2002; its former name was the CSN stores. It works with more than 11000 global suppliers to offer more than 14 million items.

With its most popular marketplaces, Wayfair offers its services in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, where they attract many potential customers, giving sellers a global platform to sell more to scale their profit.

Why Choose Wayfair for Selling?

The e-commerce industry is expected to hit a whopping profit in the coming year. Therefore, it opens up many possibilities to hit the profit mark effectively. Some of the best reasons to choose Wayfair are stated below:

Cuts your advertising cost

Wayfair has been recognized as the largest marketplace for home furnishing in the USA. It leads your way to expand opportunities, which is essential for making your product rank quickly.

Wayfair uses half its profit in the advertisement, which is more effective for reaching out to potential customers. It eventually cuts your cost for advertising on your own so that you can stay focused on the selling strategies of your product.

Real-time preview of customer reviews

Its real-time view of the customer’s reviews and demands works as a potential logistic that keeps you constantly updated about the market. Wayfair uses all the possible means to make your product stand out as the best. Their expertise platform guides you and benefits you in every way so that you can always stay updated about the deals and demands of the market to fulfill them quickly and effectively.

Massive community

Wayfair’s massive customer interaction and the enormous marketplace always stay updated with its 60.82 million visitors, part of whom are its active consumers. Reaching out to this vast customer is exclusively offered by Wayfair so that you can quickly boost your sales in your online business.

It currently has 22.6 million active consumers on its platform which is increasing day by day. Wayfair also filed a net revenue of $12.6 billion for the last 12 months ending September 30, 2022.

Smooth navigation

Moreover, Wayfair helps its sellers uniquely and innovatively with their easy navigation system. Through the intelligent dashboard of the entire product catalog publishing, sellers can easily present their collection and availability using this effective platform.

Cost and time-efficient

Sellers can use the direct shipping method from the suppliers to the customers for cost-effective and time-saving selling. These robust logistics help Wayfair grow more effectively in the market so that it can benefit your selling in every way. It also reduces the logistics cost through its unique organization of the entire process through the WDN so that retailers can always stay profitable.

Access to analytics and data

Wayfair also helps its sellers to have complete access to the data and analytics related to selling, market rate, demand, etc. it keeps a constants eye on the orders and choices of the customers to give the sellers an overview of the entire market and demand this real-time view offering about the product. The market demand helps the sellers to stay updated about what product they need to manufacture more and whatnot.

How Does Wayfair Work?

Wayfair uses a self-logistic system with its Wayfair Delivery Network to offer an overall increase in shipment while reducing losses to serve quick shipping.

Wayfair’s strategic work includes the dropshipping model, which sends the product from the supplier to the end merchant post receiving and confirming.

There is no structure for carrying the inventory or the warehouse. Thereby third-party shipment couriers or retailers can use Wayfair’s account to save their time and cost by reducing the bulk rate.

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Wayfair does not indulge in any inventory cost, saving you money. You can easily opt for white-labeling your products for an increased profit rate using, as Wayfair works through automating the retail industry using the integration extension of the third party.

It runs the entire process through an integration extension automated service for your web store to make the product enlisting and selling even more accessible.

Therefore robust customer support and effortlessly guiding help you get more profit. Wayfair provides easy and strategic ideas about how to satisfy your consumers and turn them into regular customers.

It’s totally seller efficient and takes care of the best needs of the partners so that a healthy financial relationship can get nurtured. Therefore the straightforward methodology helps in understanding the sales and benefits in the most precise way, making the sellers learn the entire process quickly and effectively.

What are the requirements to sell on Wayfair?

Two primary requirements are there for selling on Wayfair. The first one is that you need to have drop shipping potentials. Secondly, you must have product liability insurance that covers a minimum of $1 million for every occurrence and $2 million in general aggregate.

The dropshipping works like this: As soon as a purchaser makes an order, it is sent to you by Wayfair so you can fulfill it. Then you need to pack the item and send it to the purchaser. Wayfair pays the shipping costs.

As a seller on Wayfair, you must have qualified personnel to manage customer service, inventory, returns, and other logistics.

How to Sell on Wayfair?

How to sell on Wayfair
How to sell on Wayfair

Wayfair is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for making your creations reach out to your potential customers effectively and quickly. The method is simple, time-saving, and cost-saving so that you can easily opt for powerful marketing.

Thus, choosing Wayfair to target the next financial profit market so you can quickly grab a significant market share.

But before that, knowing how to sell on Wayfair is very important for starting your new journey in online marketing. Here are the steps that must be followed to integrate your online e-commerce store with Wayfair:

Sign up

Before selling on Wayfair, you need to opt for signing up by providing the required details about you and your business. Wayfair’s official website offers you to hss to the signing up page with just one click, where you can provide them with the necessary recreation about you.

Therefore the team will follow up within 3-5 business days to let you opt for further steps. You need to provide all the authentic information about yourself to stay clear from the beginning to enjoy a better selling experience.

Product Uploading

You need to start by uploading your products on Wayfair in a bulky form. Wayfair requires you to upload your product post-registration to help you with having a complete presentation of your goods to your customers to let them choose.

For uploading your product on Wayfair, you need to have the best pictures and detailed descriptions so that the entire thing can stay real from the very beginning to entice more buyers. Wayfair systematically optimizes all your provided details to quickly draws more customers to opt for your goods.

Enlisting Your Inventories

Post the product uploa; it will start an automatic process of listing and synchronizing all your inventories so that it can operate the entire process in a systematic andcrystal-clearr way.

Manage Your Order

You need to manage your orders to serve an easy motion of the order collecting, shipping, and delivering. It helps fulfill every single charge so your customers can get a satisfying shopping experience from you all the time.

Sell or Customize Your Goods

Through an easy click, Wayfair’s user-interactive software lets you sell and customize your order the way you want so that your profile looks organized one attracts more targeted customers to buy your product.

What Can You Sell on Wayfair?

What can you sell on Wayfair?

Before opting for an entiresign-upp and registration procedure, it’s better to know what you can sell on Wayfair. If your business or manufacturing company deals with the following products, only then can you go for enlisting your online store along with Wayfair for increased sales:

  • Various furniture essential for room decors
  • Kinds of Stuff related to bed and bath
  • Other decor supplies and pillows
  • Rugs for the floors
  • Lighting types of equipment
  • Renovation stuff
  • Kitchen utilities
  • Outdoor supplies
  • Goods necessary for babies and kids
  • Storage goods

How Does Wayfair Support Your Business?

Here’s how Wayfair makes your online selling business easy and effective with its robust customer support and strategic way of product selling. Here’s how Wayfair offers you the best support through their user-beneficial service:

Increased Reach

Millions of customers deal with Wayfair. The last 12 months have seen an engagement of customers who have paid more than $8 billion in total while shopping from Wayfair. It will undoubtedly pave the road for reaching out to millions of customers.

Effective Promotion

Wayfair spent $775 million on advertisements in the financial year of 2018. Their unique way of driving massive customers increases sales and draws the consumer’s attention to stay hooked with the fantastic collection of products. Showcasing your products has never been easier before enlisting them with Wayfair.


Wayfair is good at maintaining a long-term partnerships with its sellers. Wayfair treats its seller as a family to protect them under one roof. The team serves all the practical and best e-commerce strategies necessary for shaping and scaling the business to grow, which, as a seller, you will appreciate much.

Innovative Technology

Wayfairusesf its innovative and intuitive partner portal so sellers can always stay updated with real-time data tracking and market movement. Therefore 3D technology helps enhance online sales to add smoothness to the motion of making a profit and elevating the revenue.

24×7 Free Customer Support

With their expertise and fully arranged team, Wayfair is always ready to support their seller 24*7 so that you never feel left out in the market. Wayfair strives to solve all your selling-related problems and queries through email, call, skype, or any other means preferred by the seller.

This vast and robust customer support includes any queries about product enlisting and dealing with orders, customer demand-related questions, earning-related questions, shipping, and delivery-related doubts, practical strategies you can apply, and so on.

Assured Conversion and an efficient method of selling through Wayfair brings an assured conversion necessary to grow your business more strategically. Their robust assisting approach with the seller helps in indulging more sales so that you can always stay ahead in the market.

Therefore Wayfair’s practical way of handling the competition helps more organically so that you never feel pressure to rank your product on the platform while giving more concentration to shaping the increased quality of your product.

Wayfair vs. AmazonCountless products on Amazon comes under numerous categories. Right from books, to watches, to groceries, everything is there. But on the other hand, Wayfair focuses on home décor and furnishings.

There are no will-pay, setup, or selling fees on Wayfair. So if you encounter the company’s partner requirements and think you are fit for it, you are good to go. Besides, Wayfair is more affordable than Amazon.

The costs associated with Amazon are more direct. Firstly, you will need to choose a selling plan. It will cost you $39.99 if you select the professional program. And if you choose the individual plan, you will have to pay $39.99 for every sale you make. Besides, it does not matter whatever schedule you choose; Amazon collects a referral fee for every product sold, which further varies from category to category.

Additionally, if you are an FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) seller, you will have to bear shipping fees, storage fees, and several other costs based on your business requirements and seller status.

Does Wayfair allow 3rd Party Sellers?

Yes, 3rd party sellers can sell outdoor and indoor furniture, kitchen goods, rugs, bath and bed products, pet items, storage options, and a lot more on Wayfair. There are more than 25 million products on Wayfair.

Does Wayfair make sense for your business?

Wayfair attracts about 64 million visitors to the products. It is one of the most renowned marketplaces in the UK, US, and Canada and attracts massive shoppers in all these regions. So, it is an apparent reason for you to sell on Wayfair.

Besides, the eCommerce industry is drastically rising in every region. Therefore, there is no better time to sell on Wayfair than now.

Being home to the most significant online home furnishing market, the Wayfair marketplace is a booming eCommerce market.

Apart from the increase in revenues, the way Wayfair comforts its shoppers and sellers with its delivery method, price, and style has made it the first pick for all retailers.

If your products are comprised of the garden and home niches, Wayfair is just for you.

Wayfair’s WDN (Wayfair Delivery Network) improves the all-over effectiveness of shipment by lessening losses, facilitating fast shipping, and safely delivering big parcels.

With enhanced efficiency, there is no inventory cost associated with Wayfair. The platform operates on a cost-driven structure and believes in automating the retail industry with the 3rd party integration extensions, facilitating systematic selling. This, in turn, helps to white-label the products in the store.

What tools does Wayfair provide to sellers?

The primary tools offered by Wayfair to the sellers to facilitate easy selling are as follows:

  • Integrated camera: Wayfair has included its camera-based tools upfront. With a single click on the camera option on the search bar, the customers can toggle between camera-based features and visually search for an item. This allows the sellers.
  • Interactive photo for view in Room 3D: With the idea in Room 3D, the purchasers can see how their products will look in their space through the power of AR. Also, the shoppers can take a photo of their area and see how different products will look in that space even when the shopper is not in the room.
  • Room planner 3D: The room design tool of Wayfair, the Room planner 3D, allows the shoppers to make an interactive 3D room; they can see the room from every angle and then they can play with various styles, room dimensions, layouts, and then mix and match the products of Wayfair to see how it will fit in that 3D room.

How does the Fee Structure in Wayfair Work?

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Wayfair doesn’t claim a percentage from its partners. It works using the wholesale cost model by setting the retail price. Wayfair pays the partners the wholesale cost of their items so that sellers can profit from their sales.

Also, Wayfair does not require any payment for shipping the products from its partners. Instead, Wayfair works on an entire dropship mode, sending the order to the seller’s warehouse. Sellers can pack and fulfill the order by directly sending it to the customer.

Wayfair bears the entire cost for the shipping. It eventually cuts your extra paying needs for offering the best service to your customer, which is relatively cost-effective and fits your budget while benefiting you entirely.


Unlike opting for a highly competitive platform where ranking your product is complex. Choosing an accessible marketplace that supports you with practical techniques and strategies is the best way to stand out.

And Wayfair does that in a very user-effective manner so that sellers can feel at home whenever they target the market to invite more profit to their pocket without spending more money and time. This is an effective and intelligent way to meet the demand and prove your identity as a best seller.

Wallapop has raised $88 million for growing the P2P marketplace

P2P marketplace

According to reports, Wallapops has raised $88 million for its P2P marketplace expansion. This is a Spanish form that facilitates purchasing and selling 2nd-hand products. It will make use of this new capital to grow in Europe. Also, it is going to invest in R&D (research and development).

The P2P marketplace has already expanded into Italy and Portugal. It started in Spain about 10 years ago, according to reports.

The expansion of Wallapop was beneficial to many for its purposes. It facilitated a more human or conscious way of consumption. It creates economic opportunities for people across the globe.

The South Korean eCommerce group is leading the latest investment of Wallapop. It purchased Poshmark in 2022. Poshmark is the 2nd-hand apparel social marketplace of America.

Poshmark acquisition has energized the resale sector. Earlier, the investors were fleeing. The valuations were declining as well. The firm has encountered growth and value opportunities in the resale sector. It is because the economic elements are operating in the platform’s favor. It allows the consumers to make money. They can do so by saving money and selling stuff by purchasing used products.

The platform has an opportunity of turning 2nd-hand luxury purchasers into investors and sellers. There was a prediction that some powerful trends would emerge. One of them is the desire for sustainable commerce. And the other one is the consumers are moving to a mindset of investors. They are investing in great products that will last. As per reports, Wallapop has 15 million users every month.

The team is focusing on driving the reusing revolution inside Southern Europe. It prioritizes a strong growth model. It allows us to improve the impact while scaling the ecosystem. Also, it will lead to a unique inventory environment. And the good news is that it will continue to expand.

The evolving technology and tools are also contributing a lot. Consumer demands are changing, and new things are essential for further expansion.

How to Sell on Overstock Marketplace (2023)

How to Sell on Overstock Marketplace 2021

The eCommerce platforms like Overstock, eBay, Amazon, etc., have seen much profit during 2020- 2021. As people are more inclined towards ordering their necessities from online platforms, switching to a giant marketplace like Overstock for selling is pretty prospective.

Hence if you are thinking of selling here, then knowing How to sell on Overstock Marketplace will be your primary concern.

Along with its more than 15 years of presence in the market and 30 million monthly visitors, Overstock comes with a significant opportunity for sellers with the possibility of higher sales volumes.

Hence opting for selling with this platform will be very useful for you to target higher sales revenue. Hence here are the crucial factors that you need to know regarding how to sell on Overstock:

Why choose Overstock?

Overstock allows you to expand your business the way you want. It has every kind of help you need, and you can choose them independently.

For example, you can access the advertising advisors helping to optimize your marketing potential. In addition, you will have access to buying and partner care teams for helping to grow your business.

You can team up with companies performing businesses differently by using your business with overstock.

The sellers in the overstock marketplace find success with various products. When you sell on Overstock, you can connect with millions of unique and potential visitors monthly.

Some advantages of Overstock include more personalized support and service, which can boost your sales. Besides, Overstock assumes every responsibility when it comes to customer service.

Requirements for getting approved for the Overstock marketplace

Overstock looks for relationships with reputed sellers, retailers, and brands with the given below potentials:

  • You need to be capable of drop-shipping to the customers.
  • You must have a US-based warehouse.
  • You must be selling online.
  • You need to be able to ship non-LTL orders within one business day.
  • Products need to be shipped in plain boxes with no branding.

Advantages of Overstock

Some of the prevalent advantages of Overstock are as follows:

Brand Exposure: It has a multi-million customer base, and it allows you to improve brand awareness.

Partner services and platform: Being a seller on the platform, the partners get powerful email support and online training tools. Overstock handles every payment process and accepts orders from multiple credit cards and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Co-op marketing: It offers paid promotion and advertising tools. This can improve brand awareness and product visibility.

Customer data and analytics: The overstock partners can access real-time consumer data, and compact analytics reports that you can use for marketing optimization and business expansion.

How do You Start Selling on Overstock?

How do You Start Selling on Overstock

Before you start selling at Overstock, you need to sign up with it as a seller. Hence you need to follow some of the easy and simple steps for starting your selling venture with this platform. Hence have a look:

  • First, you need to visit the Partner website of Overstock, and then you need to click on the Get Started button.
  • Then it is going to come up with some questions. You must answer questions about your business capabilities, sales details, product types, etc. Then you can click on the Submit button.
  • Overstock is going to assess all the business details that you have provided. Also, Overstock would like to learn more about how you used to handle your past customers’ complaints, etc. It is probably going to take 1 week to get the response.
  • Once you are accepted as an Overstock seller, you can log in to complete your seller profile, and then you can upload your item details and advertise in the most suitable categories.

What can You Sell on Overstock?

What can You Sell on Overstock

Overstock is a handy and famous platform for all buyers who want to get their daily essentials at the best deal. Hence you can sell a variety of products using Overstock. But before you start selling with Overstock, you need to know what you can sell here. Here are the product categories you can quickly sell using Overstock:

  • Home
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Bed and bath
  • Health and beauty
  • Electronics and media
  • Sports, hobbies, and toys
  • Liquidations

How much is It going to Cost to Sell on Overstock?

If you are considering selling with Overstock, then it is imperative to know how much it will cost you to sell with Overstock. Knowing the cost is essential for letting you a complete estimation of whether you will make a profit.

Various online sellers said that Overstock charges around 10 cents for each listing. Also, it includes a commission fee of 3% of the selling of items with a price up to $25.

However, it is still unclear how much you need to pay for items with more than $25. Also, the site Overstock does not come with such details. Overstock does not usually disclose its fees as long as you do not sign up as an overstock seller.

However, you can contact Overstock directly to determine what fees you will require for selling on Overstock.

As you sign in with Overstock, you can quickly access its fee list. The listing fee for Overstock is less than eBay. The registration and listing fees range between 10 cents to $3.15.

The final value selling on overstock fees is 3% for the items which are sold under $25 or so. If the items are not landing for sale, you can relish the items as many times as you want.

Upgrading your listings on selling Overstock costs $1 for bold and $5 for highlighting the product. You can also feature your listing at the cost of $13.17. The first picture you will upload for your product comes free of cost. Also, you can add up to 6 more at the price of 10 cents for each.

How do You Price Your Items on Overstock?

Pricing your item on Overstock is not at all that much difficult. Instead, it is easy. However, you must consider some factors while pricing your items on Overstock. So how to sell on

Have a look:

Overhead of your business: Whether you work as a drop shipping and selling your creations or reselling items, you need to work backward. You must also figure out the lowest costs you can support while staying in business. Also, you need to consider your shifting fee schedule for your Overstock before setting the pricing.

The market you are dealing with: While selling something, you need a sound knowledge of your market. To meet the overstock marketplace’s demand or sell a product already listed on Overstock, you must research the market correctly.

You need to use the existing pieces of the items to find the starting price point. Then you can shift it quickly as per your requirements. Also, to stay competitive in the market, going with the running deals on holidays is essential when most buyers flock around.

Your buyers: ultimately, you will set the price for your buyers. Thus, you must consider all the crucial factors about your buyers. You need to do more research on the buyers using the various analytic tools to know what kind of buyers come to Overstock and the sales and strategies for them.

How do You Market Your Product Properly with Overstock?

Overstock comes with a variety of listing boosters free of cost to help the sellers have an easy boost in their sales. To make your marketing more accessible and effective on Overstock, you can highlight your items which lets your product stand out as a significant one. Also, various other very effective and efficient marketing tools for sellers include advisers.

You can use the tools to enhance your potential and make your brand grow in a much more lucrative way that suits your business reports. Also, you can use analytics, various photo services, and SKU-building tools.

Things to Know Before Considering Selling with Overstock

Are you new to eCommerce selling? Then hearing about Overstock might sound interesting to you. But is it worth jumping right into it? Well, that’s the main reason why you should know all the essential factors about it. Have a look:

  • Focus on the buyers: Most of your buyers will be US-based. Hence focusing much on the buyers from other countries, it is better to focus on the US-based buyers, as the main base of buyers for Overstock is from the US.
  • You can sell only new items: While platforms like eBay let you sell old items or allow you to resell, Overstock is different from them. Overstock only sells new products. Thus if you are considering selling with Overstock, make sure you are selling only new items.
  • Bidding is restricted: On Overstock, the power of Overstock sellers is not that prominent. Instead, buyers are powerful here. You cannot reject any bidding or opt to close an auction ahead of time.
  • Fees are not transparent: Before you sell on Overstock, you must know that the fee structure is not so transparent here. You may not get detailed information on how much you will lose with your commissions and fees while selling your specific items until you sign up with it.

What Kinds of Payments does Overstock Accept?

When it comes to accepting payments using Overstock, it is very flexible. Overstock will easily accept various payment ranges like credit cards, store cards, or even cryptocurrencies. Here are what Overstock is going to accept for the payments:

  • Visa card
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Paypal
  • Overstock Gift Cards
  • Overstock Store Credit Card
  • Progressive Leasing
  • Bitcoin

Customers are going to get charged as they place an order with Overstock. However, sellers will not receive compensation until you ship the item. As Overstock verifies the order’s completion, they will transfer your profit using the bank transfer.

How do you get paid by international buyers?

Overstock issues all international transactions using the e-commerce system FedEx Cross Border. It comes with an additional fee for the buyers on this platform. This works as a benefit for the sellers as it comes with a few advantages. Have a look at the advantages you are going to get with international selling and paying off items:

  • You don’t have to worry about anything with the international rates for exchange.
  • In such cases of International Payments, Overstock will handle all the payments.
  • Getting the payment is guaranteed, as you will ship the item to the buyer.
  • In case you face any trouble regarding international payments, the Overstock team will help you in various ways to resolve your problem.

Is it Worth Selling on Overstock?

Based on the rapid popularity of the eCommerce platform, it is worth starting to sell on a popular eCommerce platform like Overstock. If you have your business specialized in name-brand, designer home goods, or a variety of new products, then switching to Overstock for selling will be very profit-making.

Starting selling at Overstock is going to help you with reaching up to more than 46 million people or potential customers. Overstock works as a very lucrative platform for boosting your online business. The company helps with many accolades and robust customer service, making it trustworthy as a platform.

However, you should also remember that Overstock’s traffic is less than the other platforms like eBay, Amazon, etc. But you can also increase the chance of selling successfully as the Overstock marketplace is quite impressive.

However, we have a few simple tips to boost your sales in a much more impressive way. Have a look:

Start Selling High-Quality Products

If your item does not have the name or recognition of similar items on Overstock, then you need to accept the most innovative ways of boosting your product’s performance. Or you can switch to any other bargain-focused platforms if unsatisfied with Overstock.

Stay Simple to Control the Budget

Overstock marketplace can upcharge you for bolding, highlighting, or rapidly promoting your products if you are thinking of staying consistent with the growing competition. Though these strategies are beneficial, staying within your budget while opting for promotions is essential. However, if you have a close look at the pricing list of Overstock, then you can see it is not at all as pricey as eBay or other popular platforms. Hence it is not at all going to be a pricey venture, but it is better to stay on the safer side.

Opt for Help from the Overstock Team

Overstock comes with partnership options and access to the initiatives which can link your product for better growth. You can also use the data-driven backend to investigate why your product is not performing well. Hence you can opt to ask for help from Overstock’s robust customer care team.

Selling features

The sellers cannot list different items under one Dutch auction, and you cannot have a private auction listing, and also, they are not allowed to block the bidders for any reason and cannot cancel bids. However, the sellers may add a subtitle to their auction listings and offer items at fixed prices if they want. At the bottom of every listing page, you can check how many items your product has been viewed.

Managing the seller account of overstock

A web-based platform is offered by Overstock for the stakes. As you are the administrator of your account, you can upload and manage your products in line with Overstock’s format needs and information.

Like any professional sales channel, Overstock possesses its standards and requirements of information and content. Therefore, you will have to adjust your content to the right format for uploading your inventory to the seller account on Overstock.

The listing options

It becomes easier to look for auction items, and bidding on them becomes simple. The advanced search functionalities make things easier while looking for specifics. The way your search results are listed and sorted can be changed. The number of search results displayed on the page can also be changed. The listings can be sorted in different ways, including the number of bids, time remaining, and price.

Payment options

Overstock depends on the typical feedback program and allows sellers and buyers to leave ratings and comments about the other members. The buyers and sellers can describe their experiences based on their previous transactions. To deter sniping, every overstock auction is placed on soft closes.

This means if any bidding activity takes place within the auction’s last 10 minutes, the auction will be extended for an extra 10 minutes, and the bidding will close after that. The high price products need the bidders to place the credit card deposits as earnest money on the product they bid for. And after the auction closes, every deposit will be refunded.


So if you are thinking of targeting your US audiences in a much more effective way, then opting for the Overstock marketplace will be the best platform for you. Though it may seem difficult for beginners, it comes with various helpful insights and guides for sellers.

For more extensive business requirements and the associated problems, you can find solutions from any of the Overstock Integration extensions, which will help you have better conversion rate growth and scale your business with Overstock properly.

15 Best Free WordPress E-commerce plugins in 2023

12 Best eCommerce WordPress Plugins
12 Best eCommerce WordPress Plugins

What are the best Free WordPress E-commerce plugins? Seeing that about 19% of existing websites around the world get to run on WordPress, it becomes essential to help users navigate their way around the use of WordPress and help you see how to maximize the engine in the achievement of your set business goals.

WordPress hosts different websites, from personal to freelance, blogging, and professional websites. The flexible and easy-to-use website is suited to meet the different peculiar needs of website owners.

To improve flexibility and scale the customizability of the website, a large market of plugins is available to enhance the functionality of your website.

These plugins differ in the scope of function, usage, price, and applicability. This piece will, therefore, hinge on the several WordPress plugin options that concentrate on aiding the e-commerce functionality of a website. And not just any eCommerce plugin but free plugins that stand out among the rest.

Running an e-commerce business had never been easier. With the right e-commerce solution in place and features like shipping support, checkout, cataloging, and a long list of others catered for, E-commerce on WordPress has become child’s play.

An important note is that not all WordPress e-commerce plugins are right for you; not all the best options will turn out best for your website. The high level of customization with WordPress makes it difficult for one plugin to rank best for all users.

What this means is that you have to consider the particular features of your website, know your exact need and reach out for a free e-commerce WordPress plugin whose performance stands out in the area of your needed part.

It’s also a good idea to know how to find a WordPress developer – in case you need something completely custom or want to customize a particular aspect of your chosen e-commerce plugin. Not every plugin is perfect for everyone, and tailoring them to your needs might improve how they fit within your website.

Below, check out our 15 best free E-commerce WordPress plugins.

Best Free e-commerce WordPress Plugins

Our selection of these seven best free E-commerce WordPress plugins results from thoroughly conducted research.

And our research revealed the following seven free E-commerce plugins as the best:

  1. WooCommerce
  2. Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)
  3. HubSpot
  4. Dokan
  5. BigCommerce for WordPress
  6. WP EasyCart
  7. ECommerce Product Catalog
  8. SendinBlue
  9. Cart66 Cloud
  10. WP e-commerce
  11. WP Simple Pay

  12. MemberPress

  13. WC Marketplace

  14. Ecwid E-commerce Shopping Cart

  15. Selz WordPress E-commerce

While the WooCommerce plugin stood out on all grounds, especially for its excellent integration tools and beautiful potential layouts, our other six selected options stood out from the rest in some particular features.

EDD, for instance, came second for the superiority of its digital goods management tools and  HubSpot for its marketing power.

Please sit back, read through, and from our list, pick the option that suits the peculiarity of your E-commerce website the most.



The WooCommerce plugin is a free WordPress plugin that integrates with both new and existing WordPress installs. The plugin runs on WordPress and doesn’t integrate with anything besides WordPress. It is easy to use, one-click e-commerce installation. The fact that it is an open-source digital platform is another thing that stands out. There is continuous development and an active support community, with developers continuously making all sorts of extensions and themes that integrate with the plugin.

The plugin deals with physical products, digital, and subscription products. And it is one of the few plugins that allow you to scale up quickly as your company grows. Along with several marketing extensions (email marketing and social media,) dozens of the top payment gateways, and excellent product pages with variants, groups, and affiliates, the feature-set defeats all other offerings from free e-commerce plugins.

The WooCommerce plugin comes with five installed payment gateways. Additional free and paid extensions for options like Amazon Payments, Stripe, Authorize.Net, PayPal Pro/Advanced/Express, FirstData, and Braintree are available. You can also improve the number of payment methods accepted because Apple Pay is accepted through WooCommerce.

Another fantastic feature of WooCommerce that I should mention is the shipping and tax calculator tool. The digital company just launched a feature for WooCommerce extension to allow for the quick creation of sponsored Facebook ads.

With the tool, you can keep track of shipping details and reveal multiple shipping methods in the shopping cart. The tax calculator provides custom tax calculations for you and the customer considering geo-location disparity and how it affects tax.

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Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

Easy Digital Downloads
Easy Digital Downloads

EDD is second on the list. It is a suite of several sets of extensions. Like WooCommerce, the plugin strictly integrates with only WordPress and can not be used on other hosting platforms.

Easy Digital Downloads is a bang-up of various primary and advanced extensions. It is best suited for selling digital products, although it is not limited to selling just digital products. The only itch is that the extension required for the sales of physical products is not free. It comes at a price.

The extension library of the plugin also stands it out. The plugin offers extensions for discounts, codes, and virtually everything needed to get e-commerce running smoothly. The plugin is just beyond basic. It offers so much more beyond basic core features. Its interface is handy and user-friendly, making it suitable for beginners. Below is a list of some of its enabling extensions:

  • Secured payment gateways

The plugin integrates with highly secured processing payments. So by default, it generally cuts out security issues tied to income and transactions. EDD integrates with Stripe. Braintree,, PayPal, Bitpay, and a host of others.

  • Advanced Selling features

EDD offers features that set you above the competition. For instance, extensions that enable your customers or visitors to make wishlists, save a cart, or even create a profile. What this does is collect relevant information that will boost your customer service and aid customer experience too.

  • Marketing tools

EDD also offers tools for marketing your products via email marketing and affiliate methods. Extension options like MailChimp and AWeber for newsletter distribution and even more for social media marketing, SEO, and landing pages are available to increase visibility and marketing rewards.

  • Customer management

Customer management becomes an easy cake with EDD. With EDD, each customer has a separate file with information on past purchases, preferences, and other necessary details for decision-making. It becomes easier to make decisions concerning your customers with EDD in place.

  • Shipping and tax calculators

Get your shipping and tax figures right with EDD’s shipping extension. With it, you can understand your shipping processes and determine your charges for shipping costs.



HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing plugin from the HubSpot Digital platform. The tool is a growth catalyst. It maximizes the means of marketing in effecting business growth. Over 500,000+ businesses use HubSpot to attract, engage, and delight their prospects and customers. The WordPress e-commerce plugin improves sales, marketing, and services. It is integrated with over 200 tools, including Shopify, Stripe, Zapier, and sign forms and email marketing software.

The plugin aids engagement tracking as you receive notifications whenever your email is visited or clicks hit your link. Hubspot plugin offers features that make site-building easy and fast. With its drag-and-drop builder feature, you can build and add beautiful forms and popups to your website in no time.

It also aids CRM with its autos segmentation feature that categorizes contacts into lists and sees each interaction they’ve had with your website. The plugin also provides live chat and automated chatbot features for timely responses to your visitors’ questions. Automated emails are not left out when someone fills out a form or sends you a live chat message, allowing you to converse constantly with your potential customers. All emails get automatically logged into your CRM.

The built-in analytics help you improve your overall marketing efforts.



Dokan is one of the best WordPress multivendor plugins found on the WordPress marketplace, and the most exciting part is that it is entirely free.

You can quickly build marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify, and eBay and earn commissions on sales from unlimited vendors and not just limited to a few.

You can also provide unique URLs, branding, and independent stores for different vendors, and there is no limit to that.

Apart from that, this plugin lets vendors create various physical, variable, bookable, downloadable, and even auctionable products.

Vendors can also condition shipping methods and delivery options along with the ability to set shipping rates and track shipments as well.

BigCommerce for WordPress


BigCommerce for WordPress is another one of the best WordPress plugins for e-commerce, and it does even more than that.

The best part about this BigCommerce plugin is that it lets you create online stores based on WordPress with the help of fully hosted eCommerce platforms.

BigCommerce also offers shipment and invoice tracking, keeps track of your online transactions, auto-creates sign-in, and adds items to the cart.

You can also select from more than 65 international payments, and it does not charge anything for this, making it highly convenient for customers and vendors.

WP EasyCart

WP EasyCart
WP EasyCart

WP EasyCart is one of the most versatile e-commerce WordPress plugins, as it lets you install e-commerce stores on an existing WordPress site and build a new one.

And it goes without saying that WP EasyCart is also free to use on WordPress and available on the WordPress store.

You can add subscriptions to your existing WordPress site with WP EasyCart and accept gift cards or donations.

WP EasyCart supports PayPal Express, Square, and Stripe as payment gateways, so you don’t need to worry about the payment part.

eCommerce Product Catalog

eCommerce product catalogue
eCommerce product catalog

ECommerce Product Catalog is an easy-to-use, free plugin for WordPress e-commerce. Although free, the plugin comes in both free and paid versions. It integrates with any theme and works well with most WordPress plugins. It is known for its high customizability and simplicity. The plugin option offers full WordPress e-commerce functionality for creating online shops and stores. It organizes products into multi-level categories, tags, and multiple product catalogs to aid product searches and improve customer experience.

The CSS feature of the plugin makes for high-quality code and beautiful designs. It offers two different product page models- simple and tabular templates. The plugin provides a catalog feature for an unlimited number of products. So the catalog can display over 100,000 products without performing the site’s performance enhancement or speed.

The SEO feature of the plugin gives WordPress site visibility with search engines. The plugin has several extensions for Product Reviews, Product Gallery Advanced extension, Quote Form, Order Form, Shopping Cart, Upload PDF, and many others.



SendinBlue made a list on account of its dashboard layout and Reporting feature.

SendinBlue helps you improve your customer-centric capacity. Its effect is felt more in connecting with your clients.

Truthfully, the SendinBlue e-commerce plugin doesn’t seem like the regular  WordPress e-commerce plugin. It lacks inventory management and other essential features generic to other WordPress e-commerce plugins.

Still, nonetheless, it is instrumental in the running of your store. You’ll soon find out how.

It is your best bet if you aim to build long-lasting relationships with your target audience and improve the rate of returning customers and regular sales.

Its highlight features include improved user experience, real-time reports, and the creation of custom subscription forms. Its segmentation feature is also top-notch. It segments customers according to personas to enhance unique experiences, send automated newsletters, improves presence on the search engine result pages, and many other tools that enhance the customer experience.

The drag-and-drop tool for WordPress comes at no cost until and unless you send more than 300 emails daily, after which it attracts a reasonable price of around $10 per month for 20,000 emails per month.

It offers up to a million transactional emails per month, costing you around $500 every month, so if you have a huge eCommerce store, then that part is also covered by SendInBlue.

Cart66 Cloud

Cart66 Cloud
Cart66 Cloud

If your need for a WordPress e-commerce plugin is to accept donations or publish digital magazines, then Cart66 is your go-to.

The plugin supports the sale of both digital and physical products and comes with over 100 built-in payment gateways. Cart66 is what you will call a composite plugin. It has an in-build of all the necessary features needed to sell online. So, with Cart66, you do not need extra plugins like Automattic and other e-commerce business tools.

The WordPress E-commerce plugin doesn’t cause too much weight to your site, so if the issue of site weight is a concern, Cart66 should help. It keeps the site lightweight and straightforward. It offers excellent customer support features that make launching relatively more accessible than it would be.

Although the plugin is free, it has a paid version; the premium version comes at a $49 price per month.

WP eCommerce

WP eCommerce
WP eCommerce

WP eCommerce was the original eCommerce plugin for WordPress. They have been around for a long time and have unrivaled experience in open-source e-commerce business management. The plugin features tools that configure taxes and shipping details, manage and update product catalogs, monitor sales, and reporting, provide reliable customer support, and integrate with several industry-leading payment gateways. Over 36,186 stores worldwide depend on the plugin for optimized e-commerce business earnings.

Unlike many other WordPress e-commerce platforms, WP eCommerce is not product-limited. It allows for selling just about any product, digital goods, physical goods, or a combination.

The plugin ensures secure payment with accessible gateways such as ProPay and WorldPay. It also offers premium payment gateways such as Stripe,, and others.

Talking about its tax management feature, it is bliss. WP e-commerce has one of the most advanced eCommerce platform tax management systems.

The plugin offers multiple tax classes, exclusions, and tax bands. Its reporting system is another highlight feature. You can print packing slips and invoices and update your order statuses. The management of your entire inventory online becomes seamless with WP eCommerce.

The easy-to-setup plugin runs an automated marketing feature. Its integration with Google Base, Google Analytics, Share This, and other extensions make marketing quite simple.

WP eCommerce is famous for its excellent customer support service. On this feature, it even beats our overall best: Woocommerce. The plugin has an extensive and rich store of information in the form of articles and how-to videos to help users get started and seamlessly run their site. Asides from the free support, the plugin offers 30-day paid access to premium support at a $49 cost and $499 for annual access to premium support.

Considering the dashboard interface, and even the pricing plan, you will conclude that WP E-commerce is a very similar product to Woocommerce; for some people, both plugins are direct substitutes.

For instance, the only difference with the pricing plan of both plugins is WPecommerce’s Gold cart extension- its Premium version. Given their striking similarities, for most people, it becomes challenging to choose between both WordPress plugins.

Although this shouldn’t be a problem, the choice of plugins for your website should generally depend on the need that the plugin is to meet.

WP Simple Pay

WP Simple Pay

WP Simple Pay is one of your WordPress’s most renowned payment plugins. It allows you to accept recurring and single-time payments on the WordPress website easily. In addition, you do not need to set up any complicated shopping cart system.

It is the perfect tool that you can use to sell single items, collect payments for your services, or accept donations. It comes with in-built support facilitating payments through credit cards. In addition, ACH debit payments, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and others are supported.

The drag-and-drop builder allows you to create payment forms with ease. You can select from fields such as coupon code, custom amount entry, total amount label, subscription plan selection, and other custom fields.

Several display types are available to display the payment forms on your website. A lot of things are there that facilitate the easy use of WordPress. Even technical and non-technical users may make use of this theme.



With MemberPress, you can sell subscription-based digital services and products on your eCommerce website. Apart from being one of the best eCommerce plugins for WordPress, it is also considered one of the most potent memberships WordPress plugins.

Drastically, the economy based on subscriptions is becoming the eCommerce sector’s norm. And this is one of the best ways to make recurring income from the digital store online.

Here, MemberPress comes to use. This featured WordPress plugin lets you start charging users to access your digital goods.

Also, this plugin lets you integrate your site with WooCommerce, enabling you to enhance your online store’s function. With the MemberPress plugin, you can easily manage your members by revoking and granting access to digital goods. This allows you to have more control over your inventory.

It supports a lot of payment gateways and integrates with some of the most famous email marketing services. Also, it allows you to establish social communities and forums with all the necessary extensions on the online store.

WC Marketplace

WC Marketplace

WC Marketplace is one of the best WordPress plugins that allow business owners to make and customize purpose-oriented online stores easily.

By making use of this powerful plugin, both digital and physical products can be sold. Also, with this plugin, you can make a membership website based on your need. The plugin can also be customized if you are comfortable with CSS and HTML coding.

Additionally, WC Marketplace allows you to manage your catalogs and orders on your website by using powerful built-in tools. Besides, it is integrated with several payment gateways, has readymade marketing tools, and built-in shopping tools are integrated with the most renowned couriers and facilitates secure checkout with SSL.

Ecwid E-commerce Shopping Cart

Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Ecwid E-commerce Shopping Cart plugin makes everything easy to set up a professional-looking digital online store easily and quickly. There is no need to learn any programming language for creating or customizing your eCommerce store.

This plugin is user-friendly and even empowers non-technical individuals to sell products quickly. $0 international payment options are there. The real-time shipping integration makes this plugin popular across the world.

Besides, it is integrated with popular carriers to calculate shipping taxes automatically. Moreover, e-commerce websites can be added to eCommerce to sell your services and products to targeted Facebook users.

Selz WordPress E-commerce

Selz WordPress Ecommerce

Selz WordPress E-commerce is a powerful eCommerce plugin and a secure shopping cart with the potential to run 1000s of online stores quickly.

Although it was initially introduced as a premium plug-in, it can be used for free. It is crafted and modified by a professional community of volunteers possessing expertise in making top-notch eCommerce solutions across the globe.

Use this plugin to build your order processing labels by clicking some buttons. Also, the orders can be moved automatically or manually.

This WordPress plugin is intuitive and straightforward, secure and safe, easy to customize, facilitates a powerful support system, and offers complete flexibility and many more things under one roof.

The needed functionality on your WordPress site should inform your decision on the plugin. Although Woocommerce and WP e-commerce are similar in interface and pricing, their functionality differs significantly. So, that should be an excellent point to note.

A noticeable difference between both plugins is the product review feature. On Woocommerce, the product review feature is complimentary, while WP eCommerce requires that you pay for an add-on to enable the feature. Another difference in functionality is the advanced shipping feature on WP eCommerce. For WP E-commerce, the shipping feature is developed and accessible, while it comes as a paid add-on on WooCommerce.

As I mentioned, not all ‘best’ plugins will turn out best for you. For instance, some of these plugins work better if you sell digital downloads. (Like in the case of WooCommerce and EDD.  WooCommerce is a better option for companies that sell both physical and digital products, while if the company deals strictly with Digital products, EDD stands as a better option.) And for some others, the highlight of their service is their easy setup.

So basically, know your need, then go on to sieve through available options and find the one that suits the particular need of your website.

All listed WordPress e-commerce plugins integrate with the existing WordPress site. So just in case your site is not new, and you are only looking to convert an existing website into an E-commerce website, then you have no worries; each of these plugins will suffice.

That there is one of the benefits of using WordPress with these Best Free WordPress E-commerce plugins. There is room for expansion and transformation of website features and functions. With WordPress being an open-source community, there is always a tool for every need, from third-party themes to plugins that expand the functionality of your site.

Shein, the new player, non-immune to economic strife

economic strife

According to reports, Shein is considering a funding round. It will cut off the market valuation by 1/3. However, it looks like this new player is not immune to the economic strife.

It had a deal to raise $3 billion. It will lower the fast-fashion, online market capital of retailers. It will take it to $64 billion.

However, Shein denied some of the information and did not even specify all the information.

The talks arose when the market valuations of every tech stock were plummeting. The top 10 technology stocks lost a combination of $4.6 trillion in market capitalization. Delays in consumer spending have impacted the market earlier. Also, the challenges of China, supply chain problems, and job cuts contributed to the delay as well. One of the worst things was the constant stream of bad news that affected the market confidence.

Shein is trying its best to fight economic strife. Also, in this new year, the market capitalization of Apple has dropped below $2 trillion. It was the first firm to reach a $3 trillion landmark a few months ago. The tech stacks and connected economy were down 35.7% for this year.

However, according to research, Shein will close the latest fundraising round in the coming few months. The firm is also planning to launch an IPO (initial public offering) in the USA.

Shein also has plans for expanding into payments, according to the report. Also, the rival brand H&M is struggling. The sales figure of the brand was very low. It did not match the expectations of the analysts.

Also, 2 weeks ago, H&M said that it would eliminate 1500 jobs. It was part of an efficiency and cost program. However, the top fashion sector player Zara informed that its sales were rising.

Growth was taking place very fast. Shein will ship its options to a marketplace-style platform. It will allow the retailers to sell the products of Shein. Besides, the brand will continue to offer its own offerings.

Freightos’ freight-as-a-service platform is successful with big supplier


For a supplier model to succeed, both supply and demand must increase. The most recent transaction and bookings update from Freightos shows the development in digitizing B2B connections and easing global trade. In general, freight as a service unites service providers. It enables for a data progression of what Freightos terms “billions of price. 

According to the data, there were a total of 221,000 deals in the fourth quarter of last year. A rise of more than 127% from the same time the year before. The number of purchasers rose by 37% to 15,600 within the same time frame. According to a January press release from Freightos, the platform’s gross booking value increased. It increased overall for the whole of 2022 by 102% over the previous year, reaching $610.8 million.

It’s important that the platform’s supply side is increasing as well because it shows a growing understanding. In comparison to the same quarter in 2021, carriers reportedly sold primarily on WebCargo. Freightos reported a 25% rise in the number of carriers selling on the platform. That is a positive process, and it relies on the consumerization of a supplier field. 

It has previously relied heavily on paper, marked by opaque pricing and low transparency in fees. And even a lack of awareness about the possible locations of items in the supply chain. The company, which cited data from Global Market Insights, asserted that by 2026. The market for international trade is worth more than $22.5 trillion. The third-party logistics and supply chain management industry as a whole will have generated about $1 trillion in revenue once more.

Recent studies have focused on a different area of the global supplier chain. It found that through 2023, container spot prices, Freightos Baltic Daily Index, are down 93% from their pandemic levels. As capacity transforms into excess capacity and pricing rationalizes. More precise supply and demand matching (as well as pricing adjustment) becomes essential. The global freight industry probably unexpected in the upcoming months. However, the online revolution will certainly happen.

Adoption of digital payment is highly increasing

digital payment

The digital payment system has already arrived. The debate about backtracking on an initial proposal for ditching fines for the merchants is over. The merchants were not accepting card payments under Є 60 following massive backlash. People have proposed to lower the merchant fees for electronic transactions at the last minute.

According to the budget amendment, Rome will work for brokering a deal between sellers and banks. They are going to reduce electronic transaction fees by up to Є30 for businesses. This is applicable for businesses having annual revenues up to Є400,00.

The payment processors need to agree to bring the costs down for the merchants. Or else the government is going to impose “solidarity contribution”. The levy will stay equivalent to 50% of the proceeds from fees on the payments of Є30.

The change of the government follows the criticism from the central bank of the nation. The cash policy of the government has threatened the efforts to tackle tax evasion. Also, this will lead to a shadow economy. This statement came from Fabrizio Balassone. He is the head of the Structural Economic Analysis Directorate of the Banca d’Italia.

A provision in the 2023 budget has increased the ceiling for cash payments. The EC (European Commission) has put up an opinion on a budget for Italy. It was supportive of the economic direction of the government. However, it raised concerns about the higher threshold for every cash transaction. The scrapped plane will allow the merchants to not accept electronic payments below Є60.

The Italians are embracing the digital payment system. The latest approach is in line with the EU orthodoxy. The recent amendment will have very little effect on how the end users want to pay.

Also, Italians prefer digital wallets while doing online transactions. They are considering digital platforms than making in-store payments.

NRF 2023 Retail’s Big Show is all set to offer in-store experiences


The NRF, or National Retail Federation, is very focused on offering in-store experiences. However, it is not that eCommerce will not feature. But the show of this year is focusing on physical retail’s digital transformation. Customer experience is a very big buzzword for the show.

In 2021, the show took place online. But in 2022, the dynamics changed, and it went to in-person attendance. According to Matt Shay, the president and CEO of NRF, the show attracted 20,000 people. And this year, the team is expecting about 35,000 people. This elevates physical experiences. The official theme of this year is ‘Break Through’.

Payment orchestration plays a crucial role. However, all the technology related to payments will not solve all problems. More solutions are what we need.

The top payment priority of retailers is to address credit card swipe fees. These fees are uncontrollable because of insufficient competition. It is essential to pass the Credit Card Competition Act to fix the problems. The policymakers are trying to control inflation, and thus it is very important for this year. Prices are going up, and with this, the percentage of the sweep fees is going up. It acts as the multiplier of inflation.

The debit cards need to recalculate their capital on the debit card swipe. We need to do it at a proportional and reasonable level. The current capital is incorrect and giving the banks a heavy windfall.

NRF is talking about in-store experiences. This will drive sales. The experiences of the customers have changed. And the customers want to go back to the stores. People want to experience the product in a different way.

Digital transformation is the heart of everything. However, there is a spotlight on in-store attendance. It does not matter if it is a restaurant or an online store; customer needs physical experiences. The future holds a lot of things for retailers.

Digitization is speeding up approvals to a great extent


One thing that anyone cannot ignore is that digitization is catalyzing innovation. It is doing this in trade finance by facilitating quicker decision-making processes. Also, it streamlines the processes.

Lengthy underwriting processes and risk assessment bogged down the trade finance earlier. But those days are gone, and the banks have started to deploy the digital toolkit. It enhances the lending processes. Now it is possible to approve financial loans and pay them back on the same day.

This created the latest lending products like BNPL (Buy Now, pay later) product. This facilitates multinational corporations. With this solution, the companies can offer a customer-style BNPL to their business clients. The API-backed auto credit assessment technology of Allianz Trade contributed a lot. The database consists of information from over 80 million businesses.

The APIs can alert lenders and sellers to client risks in real-time. All they need to do is plug decision engines straightaway into the dynamic databases. This will protect them against powerful defaults.

The Platform Model Connects the insurers, lenders, and firms. Marketplaces and platforms for trade are digitizing trade finance. It contributes to trade credit insurance. It allows the financiers to request quotes from multiple underwriters.

Digitization is at its peak. The banks and brokers can not obtain quotes from the structured credit insurance market. It further helps insurance purchasers secure the coverage of risks at a low budget.

Indeed, some banks are building their trade finance platforms. But, end-to-end lending platforms and marketplace-style solutions are getting into the market.

Several companies out there are helping businesses to connect to finance sources. They are integrating with multiple back-office systems of several financial institutions.

A lot of things are going out there in the digital space. More companies are trying to put their best efforts into coming up with something innovative. All these are happening only to fulfill the demands of the people.

AliExpress Appeal: Process and Handling in 2023

AliExpress Appeal process and handling
AliExpress Appeal process and handling

AliExpress is, without a doubt, the perfect solution for buyers, dropshipping, and a lot of other e-commerce purposes. It is one of the largest e-commerce platforms with millions of users visiting it day in and day out.  

It can help a dropshipping entrepreneur’s business thrive with its huge catalog of products that they can sell at a profit. Almost every moving part of AliExpress and dropping works flawlessly until there’s an issue. Here, the Aliexpress Appeal process comes into the picture.

We are talking about how you might get your account frozen or get orders canceled due to several reasons. This usually happens when a retailer finds a large number of customers checking out and buying your products and could be suspicious. It is also one of the mechanisms that AliExpress run for buyers due to several reasons. AliExpress deems it necessary to close all orders and freeze the account upon suspicion. But hey, it isn’t that complicated to get the account unfrozen thanks to the AliExpress Appeal Process.

It is not rocket science, however, doing right will allow faster recovery of the account otherwise your business could take a hit. Here’s everything you need to know about how to deal with AliExpress Appeal Process and more.

Why does it happen?

Your account froze or all orders were closed on AliExpress. Why did it happen in the first place? You need to understand that with the rise of the internet, criminals don’t have to wander off at your property to break in and steal. They can break into your bank account and steal all the money without even leaving a trace. Even if traced, the recovery of the money is probably insufficient since they might have already transacted money to offshore accounts and whatnot.

If your business of AliExpress is booming, you’ll see a large number of customers checking out your products and buying, etc. However, there are instances when larger quantities could be suspicious and if the systems at AliExpress detect any suspicious activities, it freezes the accounts and closes all your orders to prevent you from getting robbed digitally. Also, this measure is taken to avoid any malicious person from obtaining your data, and so on. 

How Does AliExpress Appeal Process Work?

Note that you should opt-in for AliExpress Appeal Process quickly once the platform freezes your account to avoid delays. There’s no rocket science here but here’s a well-organized and information procedure that you can follow to avoid any issues in-between.

First of all, you need to go through the AliExpress Appeal Process. You need to keep some of the documents handy such as listed below.

  • A photo of your credit card with all numbers covered except the last four digits.
  • A photo of your identity card or driver’s license or passport with all sensitive information covered.
  • A copy of a bank statement for the last 3 months again with all sensitive information covered.

You need to upload all these scanned documents onto the AliExpress Appeal Process for verification purposes. You can check the status of the appeal made which will be ‘pending review’ currently. Next up, it is recommended to use the Live Chat feature on AliExpress to talk to the representatives informing them that you are a “dropshipping entrepreneur” or its “urgent” that will speed up the process for sure. 

Note that you might end up getting your account deactivated due to XYZ reasons. If that is so, you can submit all the documents in an attempt to reactivate your account and hopefully, it will work. 

AliExpress Appeal for Account Reactivation

Things get difficult when your account gets deactivated. But do not worry; you can reactivate it easily. To reactivate your account, you need to go through the following steps:

  • To reactivate your account, you will have to get in touch with the customer support team of AliExpress.
  • The reactivating process will need you to provide customer support with the email address that is linked with your account.
  • Also, you will need to input the account’s password and also have to crack a security question.
  • To prove that it is genuinely you who is attempting the account reactivation, you will be asked to input your login ID or username.

If you follow this process, you can easily reactivate your account swiftly.

How Long does it take for Appeal to conclude?

According to AliExpress, it takes between 2 and 5 days on an average to review an appeal and provide the required resolution to it.

The thing is, it varies from customers to customers with some getting their resolution in 24 hours while some would have to wait for almost a week to get their appeal resolved.

Using Live Chat can speed up the process. On the other hand, if you leave it to AliExpress, it would take an average of 2 to 5 days for the appeal to be resolved at large.

Some users have also reported that they don’t hear back from AliExpress even after a month into their appeal process. So this is a scenario you should be aware of.

In that case, make sure to reach out to AliExpress regularly via live chat or other modes and keep asking about your appeal process.

Is AliExpress Appeal Safe?

When it comes to using AliExpress for the first time, the first thing that can pop up in one’s mind is either it is safe or not. Also, the concerns are valid when they are asked for verification or if their orders are closed.

Note that if you are directly verifying your documents on AliExpress through their chat system then it is completely safe to do so. Also, you should confirm the emails that they are sending their emails from.

Usually, the chat representative at AliExpress will be able to tell you the exact email address from where they are sending their official communication. This is also a way to make sure that the email you are sending your personal documents to is an official one.

As AliExpress requires you to provide your personal information, including your ID photos, Credit Card scans, bank documents, etc., safety-related queries come in the first place. Also, you might be wondering if providing such documents is either secure or not, as there are potential fears of mistaken identity.

However, to your peace of mind, AliExpress is a legitimate business, and it takes all the necessary measures to ensure the proper buyer protection. They clearly state in their terms and conditions and in the privacy policy that all the customer information is safe.

AliExpress never goes to resale or reuse any of the information that you put there as a customer. Thus you can easily trust AliExpress for its complete security measures to take care of your personal documents with proper privacy.

How to Deal with AliExpress Appeal Process?

The procedure to deal with the appeal process is straightforward. Here’s how you can do it about.

Step 01: Log in to your AliExpress account.

Step 02: Proceed to “My Orders” where all the orders will be listed. Check out the ‘warning sign’ just under the red-colored horizontal navigation tab. If there’s an appeal, click on “View Appeal”.

Step 03: A list of all the appeals will appear where you can check out which are pending. Those that are pending will have a red-colored button “Want to Appeal” so click on it.

Step 04: Next up, you need to enter all the details and upload all the documents as per the form available on the screen.

Step 05: Finally, hit the “Submit” button and now you can wait until the review is done.

Don’t worry if the review process takes a long time between 1-2 weeks because we have noticed and heard from a lot of AliExpress sellers that this is the time it takes for them to review your appeal.

It is also worth mentioning that you might get some errors in this process while lodging an appeal but that does not mean you stop trying.

AliExpress “System is Busy” Error

When processing the documents in any appeal, users may get the “System is Busy” error which is triggered due to several reasons. Some users have reported this error when uploading video evidence while some have reported it while uploading photo evidence exceeding the 3MB size limit.

To avoid it, fill out the form, upload the documents, and submit them. If you have any video evidence or photo evidence exceeding the size limit, go to the created ‘dispute’ and upload the evidence there. Note that you can still talk to Live Chat support to get the ball rolling. 

Handling Closed Orders

You can get the closed orders in the correct positions again. Several people have reinstated their accounts successfully, and they were allowed to continue with their processing orders.

All you need to do is get your account verified. In addition, you may need to provide contact information, driving license, credit card, proof of business, and passport.

After you have scanned your documents, you need to cross out the private information using a photo editor. For instance, cross out each of the numbers on your credit card, except the last 4 digits. Make sure that the images are perfectly compressed and fit the required size.

To speed up the process, you may opt to live chat with a representative of AliExpress. For this, you will have to visit the “Contact Us” page, then tap on “Payments”, and then you will have to select the question relevant to your situation, and then you will need to hit the “Chat Now” option. After that, the representative will help you out through the live chat.

Stay respectful to the customer support, or they may not help you. Appreciate AliExpress’ service. Try to fulfill everything that the representative tells you on solving the problem. After you have successfully submitted the document, ask the customer service person if anyway the block can be removed. After they have removed the block from your account, appreciate their efforts by contacting them. With the live chat option, your problem can be solved within 24 hours.

You can also get verified by Alipay because it prevents the problem from reoccurring. In addition, through live chat, account verification can be done faster.

Paying through AliExpress Pocket makes sure that your orders are never closed, and also it allows you to get faster refunds and payment management.

How To Avoid Getting Your Account/Orders Closed?

Well, there’s no sure shot method that drop shippers can use to fix the frequent issues with the AliExpress Appeal Process. But hey, there are a few ways to minimize how often a drop shipper gets his/her account or order closed. 

Tip 1: Avoid VPNs/Proxies

Yep, that’s something dropshippers and users should avoid. VPNs and Proxies mask the user’s location and IP address, among other details.

This is also done for security purposes because AliExpress does not want the customer to leave the platform with its customers in the dark so they want to know the exact location of their sellers.

If someone is using a VPN and changing their location, AliExpress will also not be aware about the seller’s exact location and it comes with a risk of scam.

Tip 2: Do not change your IP Address

You access AliExpress from, say a computer with an IP address “”. Whenever someone tries to access their account from different devices with varying IP addresses, it could raise suspicion and that is one of the reasons why AliExpress might freeze the account or cancel orders.

It is one of the reasons and there’s a simple way to prevent this issue and the following “how to deal with AliExpress Appeal process” that you might search on the web. The answer is simple; use a single IP address at all times to avoid this issue in the first place.

Tip 3: Do not change account details often

The easiest way to avoid getting an account or order closed is to avoid changing the account details often. Users can often change their account details ranging from name to address and other details. This can cause the account to freeze or orders to close in an attempt to prevent fraud on AliExpress. 

Tip 4: Keep a tab on declined transactions

Users can utilize credit cards to process payments. Although all the payments can get through, one might end up being declined from the credit card issuing bank. This could act as a reason triggering orders to close or accounts to freeze. Thus, resolving issues with declined transactions and taking all steps to avoid it is the best way to get rid of such an issue in the first place. 

Note that even after abiding by the aforementioned tips, it is possible that your account might go under review and closed thereafter. It is a huge probability and if this happens, there’s no need to worry since you can always appeal and get your account back online. 

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Tip 5: Keep someone on work to fulfill your orders in your absence

Issues can arise if you are staying in one country and go for a vacation in other countries. Your credit card is going to be for your home country. Thus processing orders in one country and shipping them to another country is going to be charged as fraudulent of AliExpress. If you are planning a vacation, make sure you’re making someone stay at your place to manage orders when you are not present.

Tip 6: Avoid leaving negative reviews

Some stores also experience their order getting blocked when they leave negative reviews on their stores. An issue can arise due to a complaint. In case you have open cases against any supplier, then your account might get blocked. Thus take immediate action on it.

How to Prevent the Processing of a Closed Order?

If you are new to AliExpress, then it can be a valid concern to have regarding how you prevent the orders from happening. Well, the best way to combat this kind of concern is to pay using the AliExpress Pocket. This one works as a wallet for your AliExpress Account, where you can preload your money.

It lets you preload your money to the AliExpress Pocket with a specific amount of balance. You can use that amount of money for multiple of your orders. All you need to make sure is the money is enough in amount to use for various orders.

This works as a great solution for the problem, as firstly, it is no longer going to act as a concern for your credit card company. Also, AliExpress is going to know that you’re paying the amount that you have added already. Thus they are not at all going to have to reason to cancel or close your orders. At the same time, it is a very effective way to avoid any kind of problem due to billing or shipping.

Another effective way to prevent order processing is to choose the option of ” other payment methods’ ‘ while reviewing the order. Those orders are going to wait for the payment in the orders tab area.

Making bulk payments is also a very reasonable option. The orders are going to get blocked if the sum reaches $10000 for a day. It is also the best option to look for if your bank account is having restrictions for the number of orders that need to be processed for a day.

Reasons why your AliExpress order might be closed?

There are a few reasons why your AliExpress orders might be closed. 

Reason 1: CreditAliPay

Talking specifically about orders getting closed, it could be due to pending verification from AliPay or if there are any discrepancies regarding your identity. Providing all the required documents and notifying them that you are a drop shipper can speed up the appeal process as well.

Reason 2: Verify Credit Card

Sooner or later, AliExpress tends to pull off life support by closing orders to verify credit cards if payments are made using it frequently. In such cases, verifying the credit card by submitting the required documents – Photos of credit card, bank statement, and ID – can resolve the matter in a couple of days depending upon the nature of the case. 

For this, a drop shipper has to go through the ‘My Orders’ page and proceed to ‘My Appeal’ where they can submit their appeal with the said documents. Next up, it’s just about waiting until the review is done and AliExpress updates the status of the appeal. Same with any other type of issue, talking to the Live Chat support can speed up the process.

Reason 3: Account Closed due to Customer’s Name

Yep, that’s a thing. Here, the problem is that AliExpress might flag certain (customer) names and any order shipped through with flagged names could cause the order to close abruptly. There’s no easy way to fix this issue although editing the flagged names before shipping might help let the order go through well. 

Reason 4: Order cancellation

The order cancellation by the seller or the customer is another main reason why your order might get closed on AliExpress.

If AliExpress finds that a majority of your customers are cancelling your orders after placing them then they could deem your account as suspicious or your product quality as not up to the mark for their platform which could also result in account suspension.

Reason 5: Shipping failure

In case of any kind of failure in the shipping of the product happens, then this problem can occur. This can take place if the product is out of stock or it is unable to process.

If you are unable to ship the products and AliExpress finds the seller guilty of it then it has all the rights to suspend your account.

Reason 6: Fraudulent suspicion

Due to any kind of fraudulent suspicion, AliExpress can opt for closing the orders. This is often possible if the profit reaches the level of $10000 a day.

If your account is earning close to $100 per day or getting orders of that price range and suddenly someone places a bulk order then also your account can get flagged.

Make sure to let AliExpress know that your account is going to get a bulk order so that the systems can be updated for the same.

Reason 7: Involvement of too many locations

In case there is the involvement of too many locations, then it can cause confusion in the platform. For example, if the credit card is from one country and the order is getting processed from another one which the shipment is meant for some other location, then it is going to close the order.

Basically, what this means is that if you are using a VPN to change your location then make sure to turn it off while you are placing an order on AliExpress.

If the system finds that your location is different from the last time you placed an order then it will flag your account and if it happens more often then your account has a high risk of getting suspended.

How to deal with customers when your AliExpress orders are closed?

As AliExpress closes your orders, you need to be concerned about dealing with your customers. As soon as the issue gets resolved, it is better to email every customer whose orders will be delayed. Also, let them know the issue.

Also, send them an apology that their orders will be delayed due to the exact reason you are facing and they should also understand and have a clarity of what is going on.

It is better to offer them a special discount code that they can use for their next purchases. Thus ensure that the items are shipped with ePacket. Also, it is better to be transparent with your customers.

To apologize to your customers, you can offer a 10% of refund to all your customers for the delay. You can provide them with a unique coupon code. Try to keep the tone of the email empathetic and apologetic. You can offer them a sorry gift to maintain your service loyalty.


AliExpress works on an efficient system wherein buyers, vendors, sellers, drop shippers and all others can report if they have any complaints or disputes that the e-commerce platform prioritizes to resolve.

The best way to stay clear of any disputes is to respectfully talk to other parties and get your problems resolved.

This will ensure a smooth ride ahead. Hope this article does come handy towards the AliExpress Appeal Process providing ways to resolve any red flags on the accounts/orders at any circumstances.

Survival of small businesses may hinge on features of digital payment

digital payment

The holiday shopping season is super important to every retailer. And thus, it has become a survival matter for several people. 1 out of 4 businesses believes that the present holiday sales are going to determine their future. Several SMBs are investing in new tools. It includes digital payment solutions as well. Many consumers already believe that small merchants can offer at least 1 advantage over others.

The owners of small businesses are optimistic about their consumers. They are trying to maintain peace with them. Several SMBs are including 3rd-party payment solutions. And several others are trying to obtain sales through social media. They are considering the competitive and economic environment of retail. The SMBs must adapt to this.

A lot of research is going on about how merchants can drive growth with new payment techs. Things are moving around the digital payment and B2B space. The preferences of consumers are always changing. This digital payment option is a staple of the journey of the consumer. Retailers are turning to technology to meet all such demands.

Several retailers are looking for innovative post-purchase operations like shipping or fulfillment. Several retailers are investing in technology to manage inventory. They are also trying to forecast sales. A lot of stores are bringing technology to their checkout experiences and are removing friction.

Every retailer is chasing flawless payment experiences. This fueled the recent season of holiday shopping. More people are making use of digital wallets. Also, the utility of one-click payments has increased along with BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later).

Small businesses are trying to offer curated and constant experiences over every channel. Retailers need to make sure that nothing must hinder the purchasing experience. They need to offer more payment options to the customers. This will maintain a win-win for everyone.

Every time the SMBs have demonstrated their loyalty to the SMBs. And these retailers need to understand their customers and offer seamless services.

Self-service portal from Lockstep for its network of accounting

self-service portal

Lockstep has come up with a self-service portal to its connected accounting network. The latest portal enables the vendors and customers of the company in the statement reconciliation. Also, it helps in downloading documents and seeing transaction history. Besides, it contributes to exporting account data.

The app functions with Lockstep inbox for automating AR and AP workflows online. It helps the accounting team to close their books more quicker. The self-service portal is Lockstep Suite’s next evolution, according to Matt Shanahan. He is the Vice President and Co-founder of Strategy at Lockstep.

This portal will enhance the experiences of the vendors and the customers. They can reduce the touchpoint numbers and close the books faster.

The accounting sector possesses top-level objectives to promote financial visibility across the entity. In this effort, accounts receivable play the role of a natural element. However, in most cases, these functions are silos.

Focusing on connectivity can solve the problem and help organizations in several ways. The entities can elevate their cash flow transparency. It will fill the gap that separates it from the Accounts Payable departments’ business customers.

Automating the routing accounts receivable processes can be very critical. It will address the traditional chores inside the order-to-cash procedure.

The new portal will remove the requirement for companies to exchange PDFs and spreadsheets. Instead, they can access documents and data in real time. They can do it anytime with a single click of a button.

For existing and new customers, the portal is available at zero cost. It is part of the Lockstep suite. Within months, the company will introduce electronic payment potentials to the portal.

It allows the accounting teams to remove the bottlenecks from the period-end procedures. They can close the books quicker, according to the company.

People are expecting new technologies from Lockstep. It is working on its efforts to make the processes of the accounting department easy.

Online retailers may lose potential sales for checking out friction

online retailers

About 45% of shoppers said that checkout friction is frustrating. This is why they are quitting a purchase in the middle of the process. This may lead to a significant amount of loss of revenue for online retailers. Also, it is going to impact eCommerce websites. But it will impact the most on the small businesses having tight margins.

Online retailers or merchants are improving their capabilities to match consumer demands. All they want to do is offer a seamless experience. Also, they are trying to increase their potential for storing payment data. The truth is that the consumers are expecting all of this.

About 80% of customers save their credentials online via different merchant apps or websites. They want to achieve a fast and streamlined checkout experience.

Businesses might hesitate to overhaul the checkout process for offering stored payment potentials. This is often because of budget crunch or constraints. But 3rd-party solutions are available, like biometrics and authorization optimization. These tools may streamline the merchant adoption process. It will reduce the loss of revenue at the time of checkout.

Online merchants can consider a credentials and payments vault. It stores and encrypts payment information via a secure app. Several merchants can use this app.

A lot of users are open to using a vault. Also, a lot of customers are there who want to switch to merchants. They wanted to get in touch with the credential vault. Shoppers and merchants can adopt it, and it is one of the simplest solutions. This will offer an all-rounder solution to both parties.

Consumers are becoming choosy. And they know where they want to invest their money. They are becoming less tolerant of the pain points while shopping online. The merchants must minimize the checkout friction. They may update their systems through 3rd-parties or manage them on their own. Whatever they do, it is essential to match the expectation of the customers.

18 Best Marketplaces for Handmade Goods

18 Best Marketplaces for Handmade Goods

Handmade goods are the most valued products in the marketplace. However, it is pretty tricky to sell your handmade goods in any market places unless you are knocking on the marketplaces for handmade goods. This is why you need to pick a marketplace that gives you a better reach to people looking for it.

Finding the potential customer community who wants to buy handmade goods can be tricky unless you switch to the right platform. However, merchants, especially those selling handmade items, do not need to worry much as there are specialized marketplaces for selling those particular products.

Suppose you want to unleash the better opportunities for your merchant-ship with the most target audiences, then switch to the apt marketplaces that help in better ways. Here are the 18 best handmade marketplaces that you need to know if you are planning to sell your handmade goods on an efficient platform:

1. Etsy

Etsy; One of the Best Marketplaces for Handmade Goods

Etsy is the most reckoned marketplace for handmade goods for craftspeople and artists to start a successful merchant-ship. This platform boasts the selling of all handmade crafts online. Etsy lets you sell vintage goods, handmade crafts, and other craft-related supplies, reaching out to many customers.

Etsy gives you the flexibility to sell quickly with a free account. You only need to pay a small number of fees for listing at $0.2 per listing (from December 2022) and a particular percentage of 5% for each of the sales you are getting on this platform. Moreover, the platform allows you to sell products from all categories. The community is quite active and efficient on Etsy.

2. Folksy

Folksy; online craft marketplace

Folksy is another very efficient platform for selling all your handmade goods online. This craft marketplace strives to connect you directly with the customers. Thus, reaching out to your target audience and potential buyers is pretty helpful.

The Folksy offers you four general categories for selling your goods. It comes with the categories of jewelry and clothing, along with art supplies. Thus the platform comes with a variety of item types and designer-specific stores. The directory is exceptionally clean and simple to use. Also, it lets you sell at a meager percentage of payment which is quite good and efficient for kick-starting your merchandise for handmade products.

3. Cratejoy


Cratejoy is an efficient platform for the subscription of products and one of the most popular marketplaces for handmade goods. Cratejoy offers a better platform for your conductive for recurring purchase-related products. For leveraging your merchandise in selling handmade goods, the best thing you can do is reach out to customers who are willing to buy. And Cratejoy does this for you.

It comes with a marketplace along with custom stores. Using customer management tools, you can easily customize your subscribers’ experience along with advanced shipping options and renewal options. It allows you to build a highly responsive custom website suitable for integrating multiple apps. The online handmade marketplace comes with very reasonable pricing, with 11.25 % for each transaction.

4. Spoonflower

Spoonflower; online craft marketplace

Spoonflower is a renowned marketplace connecting merchants with consumers to buy designer, handmade creative products. The marketplace is more than just a selling handmade items platform. It comes with various digital printing technology, eco-friendly scalable, and sustainable production of handmade products.

The online artisan marketplace knows how to value your efforts. Thus it lets you sell handmade items and works like wallpapers, fabrics, home goods, and other products. Therefore, it exposes you to a large number of customers who are looking for your creation. You need to agree with the retail price for the products set by Spoonflower. You can earn 10-15 percent from the sale.

5. World Wide Arts Resources

World Wide Arts Resources and present the World Wide Art Resources, which works as an efficient platform for both emerging and established artists to sell and promote their handmade artisans. The venue boasts a significant selling opportunity for your handmade products so that you can stay on the verge of success along with your merchandise steps.

This one of the most popular marketplaces for handmade goods lets you start your own free and premium website along with It comes with various tools to go for the promotion of your portfolio on the site. Besides that, the platform and let you go for the weekly international distribution of your art information related to the subscriber base. The pricing is quite fair for the users. For the free account, you can sell up to 20 pieces of handmade goods. The premium account comes with the $55 pricing range per year. The sales commissions are coming with the tires.

6. Storenvy


Storenvy is an efficient platform for all small businesses and indie brands to sell products here. The platform works with efficiency in opening up opportunities for small merchants with indie brands. Storenvy lets the merchants sell through the custom stores in the respective online artisan marketplace.

The market stands different from any other marketplace as it works as a social network area for shopping. The members of the community can vote for their favorite products. The more votes your products get, the more your business will get with the exposure in the feed, search results, and category pages. The free online market for crafts lets you list up to 1000 products, while there is also a premium plan for selling. With the premium plan, you can sell with plans starting from $9.99 per month. It also charges a 15% commission on sales that you make via the platform.

7. Zibbet


Zibbet is one of the ideal marketplaces for handmade goods for all aspiring merchants who want to sell their creative handcrafted goods. The marketplace allows the various makers, artists, and entrepreneurs who wish to unleash barriers of merchandising with their innovative creations. It also allows you to sell on other channels that are easier to manage.

Every time you make a sale using the Zibbet marketplace, the inventory numbers come with auto-updating in real-time, along with all your connecting selling channels. Selling on Zibbet is an efficient option as it does not cost you a good amount of fee. The price starts at $6 per month, per sales channel.

8. ArtFire


Artfire works as an online market for crafts and handmade goods sellers. On this handmade-sale dedicated platform, you can quickly sell any items for craft supplies, vintage design items, fine art materials, maker-made media, and art items.

The ArtFire includes plans that include easy access to the online craft marketplace for selling in a customizable shop. Therefore, the platform enables you with a live customer service chat and another marketing tool to switch to a robust customer experience building. The forum started as a large jewelry supply company for eBay.

Now it is a noteworthy marketplace for merchants who care about growing their businesses. ArtFire pricing starts with a $4.95 per month fee plus a $0.23 listing fee per item that you put on the site. You also have to pay a 12.75% fee for the final selling price of the item, only payable if the item sells.

9. Handmade at Amazon

Handmade at Amazon

Amazon superbly allows all the merchants out there. This is why they come with their Handmade store, which is efficient enough to sell at a big market. You can quickly sell all your handmade products in the Handmade amazon store. Moreover, Amazon comes with a heap of instructions that tell you what and how to add to your account as it gets approved.

Moreover, the platform makes it easier for your products to find a better place in the market, along with the Artisan profile with a custom URL. This is to make it easier for your customers to find your shop.

You can quickly ship your orders with the Fulfillment option offered by Amazon to ease the entire selling process. You need to pay a fair amount to sell your products on Handmade. Create and list your products on this platform for free. You will need to pay 15% per transaction made.

10. Shopify


Are you a crafty entrepreneur? Then Shopify has something great to offer you as one of the most significant marketplaces for handmade goods. Shopify world is one of the most popular marketplaces for creating an online store and getting a custom domain and website design for selling your handmade items. The platform is very easy for us without any nice design knowledge to create a website.

The website goes perfectly for mobile and desktop optimization. There are more than 100 store themes that you can pick to kick start your handmade item selling. At the same time, Shopify provides resources to support the artisans to sell the products at a fair price. It costs you 2.9 %, along with 30 cents for online transactions.

You need to pay 2% of the final sales for a third-party payment system. Shopify offers you a shipping label and shipping costs to let you make a good savings.

The basic plan starts at $29 per month. The regular Shopify account is $79 each month. For an advanced version, you need to pay $299. Also, there is Shopify Lite for $9 per month.

11. Volusion


The Volusion marketplace is quite impressive if you plan to start selling your handmade products here. This one of the most efficient marketplaces for handmade goods is quite similar to Shopify, which lets you sell various products. Volusion enables you to use its resources to create a custom domain website. Moreover, the website is excellently responsive so that you can better reach your customers with this platform from any device.

Volusion comes with various resources to ease your listing of products. Thus other activities like payment processing and order processing also quickly happen. Besides that, the platform gives you 24×7 access to eCommerce experts and your subscription plan. The pricing is also much more compact for having accounts on Volusion.

The plus account needs to pay $35 to list 1000 products. The mini version comes with $15 per month for listing 100 products. Moreover, you can switch to the pro account with the $75 for listing 10000 products. Also, there are options for an unlimited listing of your b for $135 per month.

12. iCraftGifts


For the marketplaces for handmade goods seekers, the iCraftGifts is the best place to switch to. The platform allows sellers to sell only crafts, art, and fashion items. Also, the platform lets you create custom products for the customers. It is pretty easy to set up a store here and start selling.

The platform gives you seamless access to various marketing-related services, massage brands, community blogs, and craft and art events. iCraftGifts claims no fees for listing or transactions. However, it comes with the restriction of reviewing all the submitted products to ensure it meets all the values and criteria of the site.

You can quickly sign up with this site for $5 per month for one year with 50 products. The $10 plan with the professional account lets you list up to 100 products. For the Elite account, you need to pay $15 per month. The all-time registration fee comes with the $25 pricing.



eCrater brings all the sellers and purchasers to one place. Besides being a website store builder, it also serves as an online marketplace. Not only does it allows you to register it for free, but also, customizable online stores can be created. You can easily access the community forum, where you can get in touch with the buyers, meet with fellow sellers, and learn about their experiences.

You get 100% of the sales you bring in, and only a 2.9% fee is charged by eCrater in case the platform brings you deals through its central marketplace. If you are a purchaser looking for handmade items, the charter is the right place because you can search through millions of products in distinct categories.

14. RebelsMarket


If your products are unique and robust, and you are finding for an excellent place to sell those creative handmade products, do not look further. RebelsMarket is one of the best online marketplaces to sell handcrafted items. It has sellers all around the globe. When your application to open a store is approved, there are no setup or listing fees, and you have no contract to maintain your store temporarily.

RebelsMarket specializes in rebellious, edgy, and unique styles. And it will hardly take 5 minutes to set up an online store. Also, it makes things easier in terms of accepting payment. You will need to pay a $39 one-time fee after signing up. And RebelsMarket charges a 15% fee to the sellers on every sale.

15. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is one of the most extensively curated marketplaces for vintage items, jewelry, antiques, arts, and more. Ruby Lane allows every seller to access Google Analytics data, enables them to use Skype for interacting with the customers, and permits the sellers to use 3rd party marketing tools. The best thing about Ruby Lane is its secret shopper program. If the experience of the participant fails to meet the marketplace standards, Ruby lane itself gets in touch with the seller with recommendations and feedback.

Ruby Lane never comes up with any listing fees, but it charges a maintenance fee that depends on the number of items listed for sale. Also, it has a service charge of 6.7%.

16. Zazzle


If you are dealing with handmade items like mugs, t-shirts, and others, then Zazzle is for you. It is one of the most popular print-on-demand marketplaces for products. It allows designers to make products with independent manufacturers and use imageries by partner companies such as Hallmark and Disney. Zazzle’s powerful features make it a rock-solid online marketplace for the sellers and buyers of handmade products.

You can make your store on this platform to sell your items or sell through other members lying on the forum. Zazzle is free to use because there ate no annual, monthly, weekly, or daily fees. You need to pay for the base products when the customers purchase from you. Zazzle deducts the base price, and you receive the remaining profit.

17. Aftcra


Aftcra somehow functions like Etsy and is exclusive to those people who manufacture and want to sell their handmade items. Aftcra is a strict marketplace, and your product needs to fit the requirements of what Aftcra considers a handmade item. But as soon as you are approved, you can start selling on Aftcrs almost immediately.

The platform allows the artisans to expand their reach and will enable them to get connected to people across the globe.

Aftcra does not charge any fees for setting up an online store, and there is nothing you need to pay to list your handmade products for sale. However, this platform charges a 7% transaction fee on every sale you make; the remaining money is what you earn.

18. Society6


If you are an artist looking for a platform to sell your work, consider Society6. It gives you the perfect opportunity to do so. You need to become a verified platform member to get paid for your sales. You can quickly post your artwork on this platform and generate a handsome profit. Also, you can create your t-shirts and laptop skins and make them available for sale on Society6.

Society6 allows artists and sellers to establish an online marketplace for showcasing and selling their artworks. You need to pay a 10% fee to Society6 on all your sales, and the remaining 90% belongs to you. Both experienced and newbie can sell their item to people across the globe.


Selling at the right marketplace gives you a better reach towards your target audience, which is essential to create your own identity in the vast handmade marketplace. Switch to the marketplaces mentioned above for handmade products to start with your creative entrepreneurship. The platforms efficiently address the right people, give you better results with your selling, and give your creative ideas a wing to reach out to their desired branches. Pick the right marketplaces for handmade goods to fulfill your dream.

25 Marketplaces to Sell Digital Downloads in 2023

22 Marketplaces to Sell Digital Downloads in 2022

There is no limit to the best marketplaces for selling digital downloads.

A large variety of eCommerce platforms are available for the merchants and the creators of digitally downloadable products.

Starting with an online business is easier with the right tools to sell your products as per your wish.

Opting for selling digital downloads in the right marketplace lets you invite more cash flow in your business.

Here are trending 23 marketplaces to sell digital downloads in 2023 that you can use:

1. Sellfy

SellfySellfy is a quite simple and easy marketplace that offers a much more effective solution for selling digital products on your website. The e-commerce platform has a very innovative and intelligent solution for promoting the products as it opts for a social media program to enhance sales.

The platform comes with more than 60000 unique and creative creators selling their products successfully on the platform. Besides that, the platform gives them many better opportunities for earning money with better revenues.

The users sell the most popular items here such as eBooks, comic books, music content, and videos. But the most popular item here is the design items, which are found in more than 150000 of the unique items available for selling.

Here is what you are going to unleash with Sellfy:

  • Allows your customer to opt for fair pricing of the products offered by you.
  • Lets you add seasonal discounts, offers, and coupon codes to strengthen your strategy for selling.
  • You can use the upselling for the additional discounted products before the purchase is made by your customers.
  • The built-in email marketing tool allows for growing sales more effectively.

2. EasyDigitalDownloads

Easy Digital DownloadsWordPress comes with their popular selling platform EasyDigitalDownloads, which allows the creators to sell digital downloads.

Apart from being one of the most popular sites for blogging, WordPress opened its eCommerce platform for digital products to help the creators grow more organic.

The well-organized eCommerce selling platform lets you easily sell your digital downloads through WordPress blogging.

The full-fledged eCommerce solution for digital products allows merchants to have a straightforward and light plugin.

It comes with a straightforward feature that is easy and simple to use.

Here is what you are going to get with the platform:

  • Easy to create discount codes on your product to encourage customers to opt for more purchases. You can also apply the flat or the percentage rate for the discounts with the necessary settings.
  • EasyDigitalDownloads allows you full access to the shopping cart system so that your customers can purchase multiple ranges of downloads.
  • The files come with restrictions and authorizations for the customers. Also, there is no need for configurations. You can easily set the limit for file downloads.
  • It lets your customers create an account page for a personalized shopping experience.
  • EasyDigitalDownloads allow you to view your business’s stats, custom reports, and much more essential data.

3. Shopify

ShopifyShopify is a well-known platform that offers a very supportive solution for eCommerce and social eCommerce.

It also features a straightforward shopping option along with single click-to-buy buttons for easy selling of digital products on a larger platform.

To make the partnership experience with Shopify much easier, it provides a free trial and sees the results to see if you will perform well.

There is a complete customization option, along with effective measurements for the directory of paid and free plugins so that you can take the total leverage of the platform.

Here is what you get while opting to use Shopify as a platform for the selling your digital products:

  • A well-organized online store with a responsive and customizable design without any high-end skills.
  • You can have complete control over your selling of digital products along with the multiple customized layouts, themes, and colors.
  • Along with its business with more than 1000000 businesses worldwide, it allows you to have very well-controlled marketing and payments for secure shipping and checkout
  • You can start selling with Shopify anywhere with a low pricing rate of $29/month.
  • There is no need for programming skills or design experience to use Shopify.
  • Its Abandoned Cart Reminders allow you to identify the customers having products added to their carts, and you can send them emails to remind them about it.

4. E-junkie

E-junkieE-junkie is quite popular for being one of the significant platforms for selling digital marketing products quite easily.

You can easily start selling here with the flat monthly fee for the platform service. It is quite popular for the creative world like books, digital items, themes, graphic works, etc.

The platform manages everything with much ease. As soon as the user finishes a purchase from the platform, it verifies the validity and instantly lets the user download the file.

It also comes with an affiliate platform to help you with earning more in a very strategic way. Here is what you are going to get with the E-junkie:

  • Instant download of the files and the codes after the successful payment for a very secure digital delivery.
  • For increasing the sales and inventory, there are affiliate programs with sign-up links.
  • Stamp or trademark of the buyer’s name email and the transaction ID on the PDF downloads for the ebooks’ copyright protection.
  • Customizable shopping cart to allow your customers to have multiple purchases.

5. FastSpring

FastSpringFastSpring can be a very innovative solution for you if you are looking for a better platform that allows you to have many impressive online sales. The platform is quite powerful with its elevating capabilities of your sales.

The solution manages the selling part with much ease as it includes global subscriptions, payments, brands, checkouts, and the 3rd party integrations.

You can use this platform with WordPress, Facebook with your name to create an impact. Moreover, it comes with a demo session to help the newsies gain the first-hand experience before entering the marketplace.

Here’s how you can get the opportunities with the Fastspring, as it lets you to:

  • Increase the revenue with a powerful design for your software company. It offers branded and localized checkouts with the customized language, currency, pricing, and payment method.
  • Boost efficiency with instant access to the latest innovations in shopping and eCommerce.
  • Eliminates the risk through proper up-to-date security and privacy.
  • It supports branded checkout. In short, it increases conversions and reduces cart abandonment.
  • FastSpring is secured with top-class privacy protection and fraud detection.

6. FetchApp

FetchAppIt is a very well-organized and to-the-point digital download management platform compared to any other one available in the marketplace listing. The FetchApp makes it easy to sell and manage digital products within the range of files, documents, artwork, and graphic formats.

It is quite easy to sell your products on this platform through the low-cost pricing rate. The most important part about this marketplace is it lets you sell for free for the 5 MB of storage space. And as the storage grows, the price increases as per $5 or $10 for the necessary increase.

Here is what FetchApp offers to you:

  • Easy selling and digital delivery of all the downloadable goods.
  • Seamless integration for popular products with the widely used payment methods- Shopify, PayPal, WooCommerce.
  • Allows the user to automate the delivery for the customers without needing to install or download anything.
  • Hosts the files with proper security with the necessary measurements.

7. PayLoadz

PayLoadzAs a popular shopping platform for over a decade, more than 200000  sellers sell their innovative items quite successfully. PayLoadz helps with the launch of your own sales page within a short time.

You can easily sell any photograph, logo, concept, ebook, video game, or downloadable digital product. PayLoadz easily converts to increase sales. It comes with the following features for the users:

  • Increase of the sales with the high-end strategic services in the very first-month of availing the service.
  • You can easily track the downloads using a complex algorithm to provide the proper security to your products.
  • Multiple payment systems with credit cards, debit cards ACHtansfers, checks for easy sales-driving, and conversion.
  • Support more than 190 countries and over 20 currencies for international service.
  • Supports the eBay auctions for the digital goods, along with the affiliate system for the proper management of the product promotions.

8. CMSmart

CMSmartCMSmart is an ideal option to start if you are an aspiring seller to sell items with management systems like Virtuemart and Magneto. It comes with the tailors and caters to serve the specific kind of audience properly. CMSmart is much easier to create and complete the sales for digital products.

It enables you to use the platform by ensuring that your customers are going to find your products quite easily. Moreover, their search engine marketing technique offers a very high ranking along with the use of the keywords to get the targeted audience.

Here is how CMSmart helps you:

  • Better quality leading performance to grow your sales with ease.
  • Provides the entire solution for the niches and the industries.
  • Comes with multiple extensions that you can use as add-ons.
  • Flexible payment system to scale up your business in the right way.
  • Private customization for all your projects to add more weight to your online appearance.

9. Selz

SelzSelz is a very effective marketing solution for your digital good. It works as a very well-known selling platform that offers a very good integration of the website designs and choices.

Along with Selz, you can easily create a very attractive store along with the “ Buy” button on your site and the social profile with the better management of your customers.

The pricing module in Selz starts for free. It gives you the option for the enlisting of the product, which is going to come with the 5% of the success fee charge for each item. The professional plan comes with only $27 fees for each month.

With Selz, you can easily:

  • Sell your products everywhere by creating a website with an easy-to-use store builder. You can also sell from any of your existing websites, marketplaces, and social media.
  • You can easily promote your business effectively within your budget. The Built-in-tools help in creating, managing, and optimizing the advertising campaigns on the social media platform.
  • You can sell all your eBooks, courses, software, videos, apps, templates, and many other digital products with better sales performance.
  • It comes with every feature that you require to manage, scale, and be with your business. In short, it is a simple yet powerful platform for selling products.

10. Simple Goods

Simple GoodsJust like its name, it is very easy to use as an effective marketplace for digital goods. There are one-click buttons that you can use to purchase the widgets created for your product. The platform is much easier to use as it comes with very straightforward features without any unnecessary ones to focus on what you need easily.

You can easily use this marketplace for:

  • Working with any websites to sell your digital products.
  • Built-in file delivery and payment structure to have an easy growth of your sales with a better growth rate.
  • There is no need for codes to organize your marketplace and start selling.
  • After every sale, email receipts along with secure download links are automatically sent.
  • Just from one screen, you can resend receipts and reset download counts.

 11. Sellwire

SellwireIf you are looking for a simple selling platform to make your journey smooth as a beginner, this platform can be ideal for you.

It comes with better options for file management, better tracking of orders, and multiple promotional offers.

Sellwire comes with insightful reports to give you a better idea of how your products are performing in the marketplace. Payment systems like Stripe and PayPal go compatible with it so that you can have an extra added security on your payments.

Here are the features that Sellwire offers to its users:

  • The platform is very easy to use to opt for the simple marketing of all your digital goods with a better sales percentage.
  • Smart reporting and order tracking gives you a better insight into your selling process.
  • Payment methods are very easy to master with proper security and straight bank transfer.
  • Orders can be tracked at ease.
  • You can flexibly promote your digital downloads.

12. Envato Market

Envato MarketEnvato Market is a huge platform for selling all the digital goods to get a better revenue rate than any other marketplace. Envato’s database comes with more than 5000000 innovative products to allow the customers to build their idea within a few minutes.

Here’s what you get from the Envato Market:

  • Most of the popular themes create a very attractive digital appearance to impress your customers.
  • Clear documentation and theme support for easing out the selling experience and enhancing the user’s interaction with the business.
  • Ensured better quality of the creators and the items to earn better money by selling with interesting impact.
  • It offers a popular affiliate program.
  • If the products are up to the latest standards, sales are guaranteed.

13. BigCommerce


BigCommerce is a complete eCommerce platform that can be used to sell physical and digital products. It is one of those all-rounder platforms that constitute most of the things that you will need for starting to sell your digital downloads.

Websites can be designed with top-notch designs. Also, it has integration features. In short, 3rd party apps can be put to use for adding more features to your website.

Some of the features are as follows:

  • BigCommerce is optimized for mobile and phone, and tablet users do not need to worry.
  • BigCommerce functions smoothly even with the biggest CMS.
  • It facilitates Digital wallets, SEO, cross-channel commerce, discounts, and coupons.
  • It is designed to scale, and you will seamlessly find a new audience and convert the users.

14. Podia


Podia is the right platform to sell your digital downloads, and it proves to be a full-service solution. A website can be created for selling your digital downloads. It allows you to upload countless videos and files, and you can also set up multiple payment plans, perform upsells, and offer quizzes as well. In addition, it offers you immediate payouts so that you do not need to wait to receive your money.

Other jaw-dropping features are stated below:

  • There are no transaction fees.
  • The users are allowed to make memberships, and you can also customize the yearly billing, free trials, monthly billing, membership levels, and others.
  • Pre-selling can also be performed to see if there is any kind of interest in the course topic.
  • You get support for affiliate marketing and emails as well.
  • A live chat widget can be added to engage the customers.

15. SendOwl


When it comes to selling digital downloads, SendOwl is one of the best platforms available out there. All the credit goes to the simplicity of the platform. Social links can also be created for selling online by making use of social media websites such as Facebook.

With knowledge of API, you can develop your eCommerce solution at ease. It facilitates an excellent purchase and checkout process, and items can be added by the customers easily and continue shopping when they are free. In addition, it facilitates single-click upsells, affiliate marketing, promo codes, and email marketing.

Other features of SendOwl are stated below:

  • SendOwl is armed with flexible payment options.
  • Built-in analytics is there so that you can track the progress of your online store.
  • The platform has support for multi-currency transactions and multi-language.
  • Drip content, subscriptions, and memberships can be taken as well.
  • For your customers, you can easily create license keys and codes.

16. Squarespace


Squarespace is generally a tool for building a website and can help you sell your digital downloads easily. The drag-and-drop functionality makes the platform famous. It allows people without coding experience to bring in top-quality designs that work fine on mobile and desktop devices.

With this simple platform, you need to select one from the available template and then customize it to insert your unique branding. It comes with every kind of portfolio.

Other features of Squarespace are as follows:

  • Squarespace offers you with 3rd party extensions.
  • You can allow your customers to set appointments with this platform.
  • Squarespace can handle subscripts and several other digital items.
  • It also has in-built discount codes, payment tools, and tax compliance tools.

17. Payhip


Payhip helps the users to sell their digital downloads at ease. This platform can be used to sell software, eBooks, and other online learning materials and resources. Apart from selling files, you can sell subscriptions as well.

Indeed. it is highly secure, and also, it is customer-convenient. Digital downloads can be sold from your social media pages, blog, or eCommerce store.

Other notable features are as follows:

  • The customers purchasing digital downloads can immediately download them.
  • You can make mailing lists and even give away coupons to your users.
  • An affiliate system is there for you to incentivize your customers to promote your digital downloads.
  • With Payhip, digital stamps can be put on the PDF documents so that the customers cannot share your file illegally.
  • Also, an option is there that you can use to limit your digital products’ downloads.

18. DPD (Digital Product Delivery)

DPD (Digital Product Delivery)

If you want to sell digital downloads, DPD is one of the best solutions. DPD allows you to sell an array of products. You just need to upload every file on DPD. Then you need to copy-paste the cart buttons of DPD.

When your customers purchase your items, every payment gets processed by the payment partners of DPS, allowing you to keep every sale. As the platform hosts your every file, you do not need to think about product delivery and products.

The popular features of DPD are given below:

  • A range of payment methods is offered by DPD.
  • 3rd-party integrations such as Google Analytics, MailChimp, and others are available.
  • Right from a single account, different online stores can be managed.
  • It offers product updates, digital stamping, and key codes for your digital items.

19. Gumroad


Gumroad is nothing different from the other platforms to sell your digital downloads. But what sets it apart from others is that it targets all the online creators. In short, it is a kind of a platform where it becomes easier for other creators to find you.

When you opt for Gumroad, you easily get a platform to sell your digital downloads or other digital products. In addition, CSS can be put to use for personalizing it.

Some of the other features are as follows:

  • It comes with an in-built analytics tool that allows you to track your sales and views.
  • You can generate license keys and offer codes by using Gumroad.
  • You can set the currency you wish to sell your products to, which increases conversions.
  • With Gumroad, you can allow users to rent your product.

20. Thinkific


It is one of the best places to create and sell your digital downloads. The website can be designed easily because it is armed with the drag-and-drop feature. So, there is no way you have to worry about ruining your CSS and HTML code.

However, you can also edit by making use of the code in case you are comfortable with dealing with these things. Then, you just need to customize every page the way you want.

Some of the other renowned features that set Thinkific apart from the crowd are given below:

  • You get the option to make use of your own domain name.
  • Tons of marketing tools are available for you to get helped throughout the process.
  • Apart from making hidden and private courses, you can have different instructors.
  • Also, prerequisite lessons can be added, and you can create memberships.
  • The drag-and-drop element helps you to develop online courses easily.

21. Creative Market

Creative Market

It is one of the best places for digital artists to showcase their digital downloads and sell them to more than 8 million people. Products can be created at any time, and they can be updated anytime.

You can also sell your products on your own website by keeping Creative Market on your site. It facilitates secure and fast delivery. It is an ideal place for the newbies and as well as for the experienced to sell their products.

Some of the popular features of the Creative market are as follows:

  • Tons of ready-to-use assets are there that can be used to enhance the website’s appearance.
  • You do not need fancy software skills to make use of this platform.
  • It offers free assets, discounts, and deals.
  • About 90,000 templates are available, and you will get the one you need from them.

22. ClickBank


If you have been there in the field of internet marketing, you must have come across the name “ClickBank”.

It is one of the most popular platforms to sell your digital downloads. The best thing about this platform is that you can easily reach out to a massive customer base who are looking for something new to learn.

In addition, the promotional tools of ClickBank can earn you huge revenue.

Some of the other features of ClickBank are given below:

  • The platform comes with powerful eCommerce tools that make it easier for you to scale your business online.
  • It is transparent, allows you to make reliable payments, and also facilitates top-notch offers.
  • It supports account management and product management and offers you sales tools as well.
  • ClickBank comes with in-built APIs to facilitate customer convenience.

23. Etsy

Etsy is a marketplace that we all know but we only know about it for selling handmade arts and craft products.

However, did you know that you can sell digital downloads on Etsy as well. Yes, this is correct.

People have been making tons of cash selling their digital products such as e-books, digital posters as well as other things on Etsy from a long time now.

Etsy now has more than 93 million active buyers which means that the market of people is also huge.

Etsy is similar to Gumroad in many ways because of the fact that it also lets you buy and download digital products.

24. Folksy


Folksy is a marketplace based out of the UK and is one of the best places to sell handmade and unique items.

However, it is also one of the best places to sell digital downloads as well.

On Folksy, you can digitally list and sell your wedding invitation templates and gift cards.

While we think Gumroad and Etsy are better for selling digitally downloadable products, Folksy is a solid option if you are based out of the UK due to regional constraints such as taxes.

25. Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica
Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is another marketplace in our list that lets you sell digital downloads.

As its name suggests, you can sell almost any creative item on this platform.

You can sell fonts, graphics, art, craft drawings, and other things digitally on Creative Fabrica.


Your ideas for selling digital goods may not land appropriately if you are not using the right marketplace that suits your type and needs.

Choosing the best marketplace thus adds a swift motion to your sales with better opportunities within a concise period.

The above-mentioned marketplaces are pretty popular to start an awe-inspiring journey with your digital products in the coming financial year.