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USPS, FedEx continue delivery services despite COVID-19

It is seen that most of the companies have now ordered their employees to either stay at home and work from there or take leaves which might be paid or unpaid depending on the company. Also, the fact is that it is better for people to stay in isolation rather than going out and dangering the lives of others since the Coronavirus is a virus that gets spread very easily. However, it is seen that companies such as delivery services, e-commerce firms and others don’t have that privilege since they have to get their items delivered.

Also, it is important that they stay functional because people are currently relying on them to get the job done. Since everyone is afraid to go out, they are ordering everything at home. Now, there is good news for the people in the US since two of the biggest delivery services have revealed their plans. Both FedEx and USPS have said that they will remain operational right now despite Coronavirus pandemic which has forced most of the country into lockdown.

USPS even says that it is not experiencing “operational impacts” right now due to COVID-19 but we are not sure how long that will remain so. However, the USPS has stopped delivering to China and Hong Kong with their reason being “due to widespread airline cancellations and restrictions into this area.”

As far as FedEx is concerned, they are also delivering packages normally and have said that they are sanitizing delivery equipment regularly. In its statement, the company says that “We are operating to and within impacted areas as local conditions and restrictions allow. We are adhering to all regulations and guidelines from government authorities related to containment of the virus,” Adding that “These work and travel restrictions may affect shipments to and from impacted areas, as well as shipments moving within those areas. We have adjusted delivery commitments for certain impacted areas.”

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