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Trader Joe’s will never embrace online shopping due to this reason

If you thought that while everyone is going online, your favorite Trader Joe’s will also come online then you will be wrong. Because in a recent interview with CNBC, Trader Joe’s revealed that they are not planning to start an e-commerce store or let people order their products online because of a very simple reason and that is money. Basically, there is money involved in starting an online business such as logistics and warehouse management. Trader Joe’s says that they don’t want to spend money on building a delivery network since it is a brand that wants to keep its prices low by watching its bottom line. They also explain that the experience of shopping at Trader Joe’s is completely different compared to other brick-and-mortar stores that have gone online.

“We love being a real place for a whole bunch of reasons and not just because it’s where we started.” “It’s because we’re good at it, and it’s because we know how to go about it. And it’s because doing it allows us to keep doing it really well, without any of the distractions. All of the costs that ultimately might get passed onto those shopping with us.” “That experience would not be the same if you were trying to order something from a website that just showed you the products you already know about,” She added that customers “tend to have blinders on” while shopping online because they are looking for a specific product. In contrast, in-person shopping makes you think about buying a few other items along with the one that you were looking for.

She added that “When you walk into a Trader Joe’s, you’re confronted with products you may not have ever seen before,”. “That’s part of the Trader Joe’s experience.” She said “There’s also a bunch of efficiencies that come with being an [brick and mortar] grocery store.” “Anything other than that, we’re neither set up to do, we’re not really interested in, we won’t be good at, and it would only just add cost.” This is also the reason why people say they end up spending a lot at Trader Joe’s.

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