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Top Open Source E-Commerce Platforms (2019)

Open source ecommerce platforms are gaining popularity in the business world. This is as a result of more and more ecommerce store owners switching to these platforms. Using free and open source platforms help you to save cost and also have increased control over online presence of your business. This is why most of the popular carts around are free and open source platforms. What is more? All you need to utilize these platforms are basic tech skills and ample time to ensure everything is in order. We have carefully compiled a list of the top open source ecommerce for 2019. Everything you need to know about them are discussed as well.

Open Source ecommerce software are not always free.  Many of these companies have something called “Commercial Open Source” software.  In these versions, you pay for the license but you also get the source code with it.  Once you get the source code, your programmers can suitably modify the system.  One word of caution, however,  once you make changes in the software, it will no longer be upgradeable to the latest version

List of Open Source eCommerce Platforms

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