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To help e-commerce brands build faster websites, Shogun raises $10M

There is a lot of talk about how e-commerce stores are dominating the retail stores in recent times. Now, there is a saying that nothing is easy and this applies to the online markets too. While the retail industry might have different challenges of their own, the e-commerce stores have their own set of problems too. One of the biggest challenges for an e-commerce store is to make a website which people want to come to. Also, people should be able to easily navigate through the entire site and be attracted to buying or returning to buy products.

For that reason, one of the contributing factors is site speed and loading time. There have been various reports which reveal that a site which loads faster has a better user experience ratio than one that is slow. This is why we see that sites from companies such as Amazon load faster and they have released lite versions for people who have slower internet. However, a majority of websites in e-commerce who don’t have the big budget for heavy servers have the problem of sites not loading fast enough.

This can hurt their sales and in turn, become a factor for the company’s downfall. Thankfully, we now have a startup which aims to solve this problem called Shogun. What this startup does is it helps e-commerce to build sites that are faster to load for improving user experience.

Shogun’s CEO even says that Amazon is “dropping the ball” and adds that experience of shopping on Amazon is pretty bad which is why he adds that “this vast wave of direct-to-consumer brands is nibbling around edges of Amazon and beating them on buying experience,”

The startup’s first product, Page Builder, offers a drag-and-drop interface to make it easier for e-commerce brands to build their storefronts on Shopify, BigCommerce, Salesforce and Magento.


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