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TikTok already has 500k merchants on its US e-commerce store in 12 months

TikTok, the wildly popular video-sharing app, has reported a significant surge in its e-commerce activity, with more than 500,000 merchants actively selling to US users on its platform by the end of 2023. This figure represents a remarkable doubling in just three months, underscoring the rapid expansion of TikTok’s e-commerce efforts.

Globally, TikTok’s e-commerce platform boasted over 15 million sellers in December, with an impressive addition of more than 6 million in the latter half of the year. These staggering numbers were revealed in TikTok’s inaugural TikTok Shop Safety Report, highlighting the platform’s exponential growth in the realm of online shopping and its concerted efforts to ensure user safety.

TikTok also disclosed that it had taken decisive action against sellers who failed to comply with its policy requirements. The company blocked a staggering 2 million sellers from the app for non-compliance and removed an additional 1 million for violating its guidelines, signaling TikTok’s approach to safeguarding its user base.

E-commerce represents a pivotal revenue source for TikTok, as well as a means to enhance user engagement and retention on its platform. The company’s expansion into the e-commerce space has been strategic, with its Shop feature initially launching in Southeast Asia before expanding to key markets like the UK and, notably, the US in the previous year.

Users can seamlessly browse and purchase products featured in both posted and live-streamed videos directly from their TikTok feed or through the dedicated Shop marketplace tab. Mary Hubbard, head of governance and experience for TikTok Shop Americas, emphasized the platform’s commitment to delivering a personalized and engaging shopping experience tailored to each user’s preferences.

TikTok has not been immune to scrutiny, particularly regarding its parent company, ByteDance, and concerns over user data security. The US Congress recently passed legislation mandating ByteDance to divest its stake in TikTok by January or face a ban in the country, citing national security concerns. TikTok has vehemently denied allegations of data compromise and reiterated its commitment to user privacy.

TikTok has significantly invested in platform safety, allocating over $400 million to enhance security measures. The company has bolstered its governance team to more than 7,500 employees tasked with monitoring and enforcing policies to combat fraud, counterfeit products, and intellectual property infringement.

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