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The War is getting Bigger! Walmart announces free next day delivery without any membership fees!

Amazon is getting head-on e-commerce competition from Walmart. The game is going to go stiffer and stiffer in the coming days. It is good news for the end consumer as this means more innovation from both of these companies.

In the series of changes that Walmart (WMT) is bringing in its platform, Walmart has now launched next day delivery service. In comparison with Amazon prime, this service does not require any prime membership. So it can be very compelling, and we suspect that many users may jump the ship to Walmart!


The shoppers on will have access to more than 220000 commonly sell products and get them delivered in one day.

The next day delivery service is initially launched in Phoenix and Las Vegas. It will further be expanded to South California. Walmart estimates that by the year end, they will cover 75% of US geography. The service will include 40 out of the top 50 most selling locations.

Customers are getting more choices, and more market disruptions are coming!

Alf Alferez
Alf Alferez
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