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Temu becomes the most downloaded app in US surpassing Amazon and Walmart: Report

If you think that the craze of Super Bowl is dying in the US, then you need to think again, as the latest report suggests that the hype for Super Bowl and the ads played at halftime is actually increasing. Talking about the report published by CNN, Amazon and Walmart have been dethroned from the top of the charts as the most downloaded app in the US. This is because of a new app named Temu, pronounced Tee-Moo, which is making all the headlines right now.

This all started when Temu decided to put its ad on the Super Bowl halftime show, where Rihanna also performed, and performed very well. Temu is a Boston-based e-commerce retailer that has the same owner as Chinese social commerce giant Pinduoduo, which means it has its roots in China. Temu’s ad grabbed attention because of the headline “shop like a billionaire” which got everyone curious as to what it offers and how much is it priced. Here is the ad if you want to have a look at it:

A Temu spokesperson said, “Through the largest stage possible, we want to share with our consumers that they can shop with a sense of freedom because of the price we offer,”. The idea behind this was to grab as much attention as possible and it looks like the marketing team at Temu managed to do just that.

While looking at the prices offered by Temu, and reported by CNN as well, an eyebrow trimmer costs just 90 cents on the platform whereas a pair of wireless earphones can cost you $8.50. This is exactly what they meant when they said “shop like a billionaire” meaning that you don’t have to worry about pricing of these products. The major reason why Temu could be able to offer these prices is because of its China roots.

Interestingly, the surge in app downloads for Temu was not only after the Super Bowl ad. In fact, “Temu soared to the top of both US app store charts in November, where the app still holds the top position now,” so the Super Bowl ad was a great exposure for them but it was already popular before that.

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