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Targeted Marketing Keeps Cost of Acquisition Low

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Targeted Marketing Keeps Cost of Acquisition Low

In this episode of Digital Icons, Stephen Honight, the ecommerce and marketing lead lead at Pukka Herbs discusses how targeted marketing can help brands keep their cost of acquisition as low as possible. Stephen Honight also explains how ecommerce has boosted online sales, as many prospective customers check out products online before purchasing offline. With wellness, being one of the biggest sectors in e-commerce, Stephen Honight as a player in this sector, explains how personalization has fueled this growth. Honight also touches on voice commerce, and the potential which it has for ecommerce.

Stephen Honight

Ecommarce and Performance marketing lead-Pukka Harbs

About Stephen Honight

With a background in engineering and finance, Steve has spent the last decade in the eCommerce space; as a channel manager for established firms; a category lead for fast scaling eCommerce sites and through his own agency, building, running and selling eCommerce and Amazon stores. His speciality is the Amazon Marketplace – ensuring listings are merchandised ready for search and then executing programmatic display and pay per click adverts, driving geometric growth in sales and awareness for consumer products within the online space.

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