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Social media commerce has now become a race with platforms like Snapchat and Twitter on the roll

Despite every other industry observing a slump due to the ongoing global pandemic, social media platforms like Snapchat and Twitter are reporting the strongest growth in years, narrowing losses, major advances in terms of active user counts and goals. This is motivating them to do more with their social media platforms in the world of commerce.

Highlighting the milestones of Snapchat, the platform has a family of 293 million strong users and it also continues to set its eye on social commerce while evolving from a mere social media site into a super-app that can offer multiple features of purpose to its users. Before the pandemic happened, Snap had introduced e-commerce developer tools and AR products to open a broader range of digital commerce options for its customers. Following this, it merged with Screenshop, enabling Snapchat users to upload screenshots of outfits that they like and get in-app recommendations for similar kinds of purchases. Furthermore, it has recently joined hands with Verishop to launch a social commerce experience within the app. Through this collaboration, consumers will be able to shop a rotating selection of fashion and beauty brands including Bebe, Fifth & Nine, Kosas, and Blume, while also utilizing Snapchat’s augmented reality (AR) feature to virtually sample products and accessories prior to purchase. Verishop Mini will integrate directly with Snapchat’s chat feature, making it easy for users to share their finds with friends and family.

On the other hand, throwing some light on Twitter, the platforms have witnessed massive growth in terms of audience from last year. Advertisers, in many ways, paused and had to decide how they wanted to show up. They have products that they want to introduce and intend on connecting with their customers, and Twitter is becoming a better place to do it. In addition, Twitter recently had also announced the launch of Super Follows that is designed to “enable people to directly support creators through tipping and allow people to pay for access to exclusive live audio experiences with Ticketed Spaces and other exclusive content available via monthly subscription through Super Follows.”

Hence, an unspoken new race has begun in social media and it seems that sites like Snapchat and Twitter are continuously pushing themselves to do and offer more to their consumers than just hang out!

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Sanna Sharma
Sanna Sharma
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