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Smart Shopify data platform, powered by Triple Whale, raises $25 Million

Shopify is one of the biggest names in the e-commerce industry because it provides a fully managed platform for e-commerce owners to launch their stores without the hassle of setting up their websites or managing the servers.

We also know that many e-commerce startups have been launched around Shopify due to the lack of tools from Shopify itself. One of them is the smart Shopify data platform powered by Triple Whale.

Triple Whale’s tool helps Shopify owners have all their analytics information, such as the time spent by users on the site, their CTR, and other metrics, in one place so that they can improve their conversions.

It is now known that the data collected by Triple Whale is also helping them build surrounding tools based on AI. Triple Whale has just raised a $25M investment round led by NFX and Elephant, known to have contributed separately in their previous rounds.

Triple Whale claims that they have a 1400% year-over-year growth with more than 5000 brands using their service, which is why they have received such a massive round of investments.

Also, the company has helped these brands generate $14 billion in sales just last year, which is an excellent opportunity for investors to find an exit. Orbach and Blank are the co-founders of Triple Whale, and the best part is that they were earlier the founders of an e-commerce store powered by Shopify.

This is how they got the idea of creating tools used by Shopify users for their businesses. Triple Whale was founded by simply converting their processes into a simple tool now used by hundreds of businesses worldwide.

Triple Whale was also built on the back of Apple’s crackdown on third-party data with the release of iOS 14 and its new privacy features, which restricted data from Facebook and other platforms and became unreliable over time.

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