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Singapore’s mall operator now launches e-commerce and food delivery platform

We have seen that companies are now starting to pivot from commerce to e-commerce as we had been predicting from a long time. However, this process has been fast-forwarded because of the COVID-19 pandemic where people are not willing to go out for shopping even for grocery and daily essentials. For that reason, companies that have been delivering grocery and daily need items are doing quite well right now. They are seeing a surge in the number of orders they were getting before the pandemic and right now.

On the other hand, we are also seeing a new trend where even companies that were against e-commerce are adopting the e-commerce wave and the latest one is Singapore’s mall operator named CapitaLand. As you would believe, mall operators would definitely be opposed to e-commerce because their sales and footfall have reduced greatly due to e-commerce. However, the times are such when they also need to make sales and so adapting to e-commerce is the only way.

According to a statement, this “launch aims to boost sales of retailers operating in its shopping malls and tap digital channels to reach the mall operator’s loyalty programme members”. It is also possible that we will see so many shopping malls closing because shipping from e-commerce is just better right now and we might see the retailers come back once things get better.

The platforms launched by CapitaLand will be an e-commerce and food delivery service and they will be “available from June 1, both platforms will be accessible via mobile apps and web browsers”. This new e-commerce site named eCapitaMall will be having products from retailers who are operating in CapitaMall and they are said to be running 18 of them in Singapore having more than 2000 stores inside them in total.

CapitaLand says that “their “curated digital mall” would provide shoppers with the option of browsing online before purchasing in-store or browsing in-store before buying online”.

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