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Shopify’s new app ‘Shop’ launched which acts as your ‘personal shopping assistant’

Shopify is one of the best-performing companies in the industry right now and that is because you can create stores on the platform in order to sell things which is the need of the hour as everyone is going to buy online for the near future. This is also the reason why companies such as Shopify will have to get their act together and come up with things that their users demand during this time. It will go a long way in securing the reputation for Shopify and make them a superpower against the likes of major e-commerce players.

Due to this reason, we are seeing movements in the industry and Shopify has now launched a new app. This new app from Shopify is named as ‘Shop’ which is described as “ your personal shopping assistant.” Basically, Shop is an app which does not sell you anything but instead, it compiles a list of all the items that you have purchased in one app along with the purchase history, tracking information and more. This means you can track when all of your orders will come in a single app.

The working of this app is very simple as Shop collects all the information that is sent to you via the e-mail or text. However, it is very hard to find links from those messages but Shop will extract all the right information and show it to you in a very intuitive manner that you would not even realize how easy it is.

Not only that, but Shop also behaves like your shopping assistant by recommending you things based on the brands that you have already done shopping from. It is hoped that Shop will eliminate the need for you to go to individual shopping sites in order to track the progress of your order since you can open the app to find the information you need.


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