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Shopify will give $1000 to its employees for their work-from-home setups

It is seen that the Coronavirus outbreak is now affecting companies in the US too. This includes one of the up-and-coming e-commerce platforms out there which is Shopify. Now, it is known that these companies have an in-house team which comes to the office and works from their desks every day. However, this is not possible due to COVID-19 since human interaction should be avoided as much as possible. Therefore, companies are now starting to tell their employees to work-from-home. But it is not a given that each and every employee will have a home office from where they can work.

Therefore, Shopify has shown quite a lot of understanding in the fact that they will give $1000 to each of their employees so they can get the items needed for their work-from-home office. This is also a reminder of the company’s understanding that this break will not be a brief one and it might take a month or even more than that. So it is essential that their employees have an office-like set up at their home to work from.

Now, these products for the office setup might include a new PC or Laptop, an office chair and desk or even something else that is needed by them. An insider at Shopify mentioned that they are allowed to take home any office equipment, including monitors so that they can work from home better. However, this does not mean that they will not get $1000 because each and every employee has been given the allowance regardless of their needs.

Shopify’s employees, who are more than 5000 in 11 different countries, have all been told to work from home starting March 16. Shopify says that they have taken this decision to “play a part in reducing the spread of the virus.”

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