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Shopify Sidekick launched to help ecommerce merchants become more efficient

You must be aware that Shopify has become the go-to place for e-commerce merchants who want to launch their online store but don’t want to get into the hassle of hosting it on their own and don’t have the resources to hire of team of developers as well. That is where Shopify is so efficient as it can be set up in just a few hours and by someone who doesn’t even have technical knowledge. Talking about Shopify, it is also launching an AI-tool to help its e-commerce merchants even more and its tool is like ChatGPT but for e-commerce.

This tool, launched by Shopify as part of its Summer Edition 2023 feature update, is named Shopify Sidekick. The company reveals that Sidekick “can understand and interpret questions or prompts related to business decision-making”. Already, the company gives merchants access to Magic which can “provide answers to merchants’ customers tailored to their conversation histories and store policies, and generate blog post, product description and marketing email content”. Shopify’s head of AI says “There’s still so much untapped potential for AI and entrepreneurs, and we’re deeply committed to making the power of AI accessible to businesses of all sizes.” and adds that “We believe it’s our responsibility to keep the businesses we power on the cutting edge of technology,”

The company also revealed that “Sidekick can understand questions along the lines of, “How do I set up a discount for a holiday sale?” and “Help me segment my customers so I can better engage them in my marketing,” while performing tasks like summarizing information across sales documents and performing basic product research. Moreover, Sidekick can be instructed to accomplish specific to-do items such as creating reports showing a merchant’s best-selling products or walking a merchant through an email campaign orchestration tutorial”. Shopify’s head of AI mentioned that “Features [like Sidekick] are constantly evolving to tailor to and act on the needs of our merchants.” and added that “We believe that there isn’t any corner of the internet that will benefit more from AI than the pursuit of people building and growing their own businesses,”

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