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Shopify releases a meeting cost calculator to show the value of time

We know that Shopify is a huge name in the e-commerce industry and there is a very good reason for that as well. Shopify has made its mark in the e-commerce industry because of the improvements it has done for its sellers who are choosing their platform over the others which are even available for free. Now, you must be aware that Shopify is a Canada-based firm which means that they do value their time as it comes at a cost as well. Due to that reason, Shopify has internally released a new calculator for Google Meets and Docs which shows you the value of each meeting and how much money they can save if the meeting is not done.

It is usually said that meetings in any company can mostly be avoided unless it is something very important because the same things can be said over an email or even video conferencing. For this reason, Shopify’s meeting cost calculator has been released and this is “part of ongoing efforts to encourage emptier calendars. The tool functions as a Chrome extension built into Google Calendar, showing Shopify’s 11,000-plus global employees the estimated cost of their meetings by using data based on average compensation, number of attendees and length.”

Shopify says that an “average 30-minute meeting with three employees at the company costs between $700-$1600” and also estimates that it will see a 15% reduction in overall costs if it gets rid of three meetings per person every week. The company also wrote to its employees that “[W]e have seen meeting creep seep back in and we needed to take immediate action,” and added that “Time is money, and it should be spent on helping our merchants succeed or having fun – meetings frequently do neither.” Shopify wrote that “The Meeting Cost Calculator is here to challenge the status quo, nudging us to reconsider meeting necessity and explore more creative collaboration methods,” and while a lot of companies will still feel that meetings are good for them, others will definitely agree with Shopify that meetings are time-consuming as well as cost them a lot for no added benefits so they should get rid of them for good.

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Alf Alferez
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