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Russia-Ukraine War, US economy suffers

The shopping habit of teens is making the US economy suffer. They are spending on Nike and lululemon irrespective of what the grounds hold.

Most teenagers are unsure of their interests. The idea of goods and virtual reality experience stands ambiguous to them. Nike, PacSun, and Forever 21 all are in the metaverse.

The number of teenagers getting familiar with NFTs is also responsible for dipping the US economy. All of them connected and preoccupied themselves with Ukraine.

As per the biannual survey, there are implications for the business. It discusses the shift from Covid-19 to the Russia-Ukraine war.

Teens in the US spend $2,367 every year on food, meals to other important items. Piper Sandler, in his survey, estimated the budget at $66 billion. 9% comes from the spending level in 2021. And 4% from the Piper Sandler’s fall survey. The annual spending by teens is about $3,023 in the spring of 2006.

7,100 teens from February 16 to March 22 were part of the survey. The average age is 16.2, and the average household income sits at $69,298. Almost 39% of the teen employed part-time. And 38% make up the fall and 33% last spring.

Generation Z consumers look for environmental bodes. They focus on Rent the Runway and resale businesses. ThredUp and TheRealReal are the focus point.

Nike serves as the most favored brand among teens. It has taken the favorite spot for 11 years. The margin shows the rise in the footwear brand. It is far ahead with Converse, Adidas, Vans, New Balance, and Crocs.

American Eagle continues to be the second favorite apparel. All of this holds account for the US economy.

Shein, a Chinese e-commerce fashion, gained a lot of valuation. It is now at $100 billion. It is one of my favorite places to buy clothes. Amazon also takes up 53% share. And, it is 52% up since last fall. Athletic brands are taking place with an increase of 44% for teens in their favorite clothing.


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