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Retailers shift from personalization to individualization

The market is witnessing new revolutions now. Market strategies are not the same as they used to be before the pandemic. The pandemic-induced strategies are more engaging and convenient for consumers. Even retailers are adopting new retail innovations.

Retail innovations are not limited to enriching in-store experiences for shoppers today. Today merchants focus more on the online shopping experience. Their focus is to make the experience of online shopping frictionless for users.

Today technological advancements have made eCommerce a very fastly growing industry. Even for retailers, an advanced technological eCommerce site is very important. In the longer run, the world undoubtedly will incline towards online shopping stores.

Today, retailers are focusing on innovative digital tools that can give users a satisfying experience. Earlier online shopping store was an option for most retailers and businesses. But as the market is advancing, online stores have become a necessity now.

Surveys today show that most of the retailers in the U.S and U.K. are considering the option of adopting a digital-first shopping tool. These tools will include mobile apps, in-store digital coupons, and barcode and QR code scanners.

In this scenario, the concept of moving from personalization to individualization comes in. Personalization helps in understanding a customer’s preferences. At the same place, individualization is a more advanced step to understanding the behavior of the customers.

Retailers are now taking a step further in understanding these new innovative approaches. Retailers move on to understand a customer’s events like birthdays, anniversaries, or childbirth. This understanding helps them to understand the market.

Moreover, they know when to give discounts and launch new collections. Celebrating a customer’s achievements and events is a way to further advance the process of shopping.

Although a lot of efforts are in place to enrich the experience of the customers, they still fall short. They need to find a way to satisfy both online and offline customers.

Hence there is a lot of work still left. Retailers need to focus on the online as well as offline shopping experience of customers.


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