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Reinventing the experience of physical store with digital blueprint

A few days back, digital and eCommerce showcased the in-store experience of people. But digital blueprint has changed it.

It is challenging for physical retailers to cope with the latest tech in the pandemic.

The physical spaces of Molly Murphy remained underutilized. It was because of the covid 19 pandemic. She said that the people invested in technology have the upper hand. Such people can form connections between their online experience and physical store.

In 2022, the transformation will be at its peak. Gensler used a strategy named “The experience index”. It rates and ranks the facts that bring shoppers out of their house. And they visit a store.

According to the survey, you need to look at the intention of the shopper before making designs.

Murphy said that they are thinking about customers and how they walk through a store. This will help them to design for customer experience.

What we need is a digital blueprint having physical connections. Connected ecosystems and platforms will bridge brick-and-mortar and e-commerce companies. These companies must become smart and need smart partners to get the most results.

According to Murphy, retails are not only spending on content, software, and hardware. But they are investing in the operations as well.

Gensler is following a digital-1st approach for designing new retail spaces. The team is creating plans for stores having an overlay of digital print. It will help them to understand the touchpoints for supporting the brand.

Gensler is currently working on a unique design and traffic overflow. In short, it will help them to remap the happenings in-store.

The pandemic is resulting in a design renaissance in retail which was already coming out. But now it is coming at a slow pace.

Several projects target a more digital-1st lifestyle audience. Online channels are responsible for connecting the people in the stores. According to Murphy, technology can be of great help in the future for retail stores.


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