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Rakuten Takeout launched to help restaurants take online orders during COVID-19

Rakuten is one of the emerging e-commerce platforms in the world which also operates in America and it is one of the steadiest growing platforms around the world. However, it has not been able to get into the big leagues with the likes of Amazon and others.

That might be about to change because the company is planning to do something big in order to help restaurant owners that are suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is revealed that Rakuten is launching a new platform called Rakuten Takeout.

The most interesting part about this announcement is the fact that Rakuten’s Takeout platform will be free for the restaurants. This platform will help in supporting local restaurants that are struggling to maintain their business and reach diners.

Adding to this, we also believe that people will hesitate in taking food from outside because of the hygiene issues. Therefore, we believe that this will continue to trouble the industry until a vaccine for this virus is found. Until then, some of the worst-hit will be food business as well as the travel business.

So in order to help restaurants, Rakuten’s platform can go a long way. The company also says that members who use Rakuten Takeout to place takeout orders from their favourite local restaurants will also get a 20% cashback and we believe that Rakuten will be giving this cashback from their side. As per the announcement, Rakuten Takeout is for those restaurants that need a quick, simple way to streamline takeout order processing and increased demand.

The platform enables restaurants to easily build a custom website where Rakuten members can place orders and pay online. It is also said that restaurant partners will benefit from access to Rakuten’s 13-million-member base for increasing organic awareness and expanding customer reach as per Rakuten Americas’ statement.

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