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Pivotree takes over supply chain firm Bridge Solutions

Pivotree, the frictionless commerce provider, says that two large-scale retailers have to start to reap the benefits of its second step. It is taking over the supply chain firm Bridge Solution Group.

“We are seeing immediate synergies from this acquisition, as our existing customers need supply chain solutions that we are now able to rapidly deliver at scale,” Bill Di Nardo, CEO of Pivotree, said in a news release on Thursday (Oct. 7). “It is a testament to our ability to provide true end-to-end experiences for customers, starting at the front end with transaction-related technologies all the way to the back-end supply chain and delivery technologies.”

This Toronto- based company, Pivotree, says that they offer expertise in eCommerce, cybersecurity cloud, MDM, and supply chain. The company has a client base with more than 170 B2C and B2B companies and Supply chain firm.

The Pivotree had acquired this supply chain firm of Fort Lee, New Jersey, for $6 million in the previous month.

Pivotree, the company which has acquired a Supply chain firm, says that its service delivery team will opt to spend the next few months helping to migrate the critical platforms of the retailers from the legacy OMS environment.

Also, it will help in the installation and integration of their back-end systems into the application with its partnership. It would leverage cloud capabilities.

This process will more likely offer them better reliability for their systems. Also, it will enable advanced performance and tracking with its Supply chain firm acquisition. In addition, it will offer better cost savings across their customer journeys.

Frictionless commerce is a must-have for online retailers. Pivotreen noted that it would also support its retail clients with easy monitoring, testing, and reporting to offer an on-target analysis for the operation.

This is taking place at a time when the retailers are offering plenty of holiday shopping deals much earlier. Due to inventory shortages, such shortages are creating supply chain issues. Hence, this Supply chain firm acquisition of the company during this time will come up with better results.

Target is all set to come up with its three-day Target Deal Days. It will offer discounts online for the first time ever. Their discounts will be available at all the retail locations.

Amazon is the e-commerce giant, who is responsible for 50% of all eCommerce purchases. They have announced a BlackFriday Worthy deal on its site. Amazon will offer its deals with its app from where its customers can purchase items. Amazon came up with this announcement week earlier than last year’s Prime Day, which took place in the middle of October. It is suggestive of the fact that the growth of efficiency and speed of a Supply chain firm is necessary to meet these surging needs.


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