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PerfectRec is an AI recommendations tool that suggests products for users

Did you ever think about a tool which would recommend you products so that you can buy them but they would be based on AI and not humans so that you get genuine recommendations rather than whichever products pays the most commissions. Well, here is a report regarding the same.

As per the report, it is mentioned that “Shopping for complicated products is too difficult and time-consuming for people,” said Golden, who previously co-founded a photo product site called Collage that was acquired in 2021. “Ultimately, I saw lots of people not ending up with the right product for themselves because of these difficulties”. A tech recommendation engine named PerfectRec was launched and the Seattle startup, which launched its tool earlier this year, uses AI and human product expertise to rank on-the-market electronics for users based on a quick customer questionnaire. The search engine helps shoppers cut down on the time it takes to make a purchasing decision, part of a broader goal of becoming the “starting point for shopping online,” Golden said. The market opportunity could be worth “hundreds of billions of dollars,” he said.

Golden says that “PerfectRec scours the internet to find its product experts in “unlikely places.” The startup characterizes these reviewers as the “kind of people who run product-specific websites or forums and spend their free time making product recommendations.” In turn, Perfect Rec pays them as freelancers or part-time employees for their product expertise, contributing to the development of its own metrics and rankings that feed into its product review engine. The startup also has about 10 full-time employees, mostly software engineers and data scientists”.

Golden also mentions that his “startup plans to differentiate in part through its business model. He said publications often earn commissions through affiliate links, which creates a “conflict of interest” because it might incentivize them to promote specific products and sellers, and encourages users to make immediate purchases rather than holding off for a better deal in the future”. PerfectRec is not making money right now but is looking to sell data provided by users to advertisers rather than earning from commissions. It is revealed that PerfectRec currently reaches about 1000 users per day.

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