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People ordering grocery online spend 32% more compared to in-store: Study

You must have seen the trend of e-commerce shopping picking up in the last few years, and ever since the pandemic arrived, this form of shopping has now become mainstream and it is seen that more people tend to shop online compared to going in physical stores. This is also the reason why a lot of physical stores are being shut down by even the most reputed of companies simply because of the fact that their footfall has decreased and it also makes sense for them to run multiple online stores compared to multiple physical stores.

Now, you must be aware that online shopping includes grocery shopping as well. You can actually order fresh fruits and vegetables online and they get delivered right at your doorsteps from stores such as Amazon Fresh, Walmart and others in the US. However, people feel that online shopping will make them spend lesser compared to when they visit for in-store shopping. However, a new study taken out by the PYMNTS team along with AWS says something else. In the study which was carried out on “nearly 2,700 U.S. consumers in April this year on a census-balanced panel” reveals that you actually spend more on online grocery shopping compared to in-store shopping.

Yes, the data reveals that “consumers spend $88 on their average in-store grocery purchase. Conversely, eGrocery customers spend a significantly higher $116 on average per purchase”. This has been seen on the earnings call of Sprouts Farmer Market whose CEO noted that “Our eCommerce growth continues to outpace our overall growth, signaling that our differentiated products resonate with customers”. “We recently improved our site design and digital experience to improve conversion and sales. Our own site … and our Instacart and DoorDash partnerships continue to support our current customers’ needs while also bringing in new customers.”

Now, the reason behind why people spend more on online grocery compared to in-store shopping could be an interesting one. It could be because they don’t need to carry their grocery in their car as they will get delivered or it could also be because they are finding a better deal when they spend more as is the case with many stores that have a minimum spend limit on their orders.

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