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Payoneer’s Green Channel is now available worldwide to connect the market with merchants

Payoneer, the famous digital payment platform, has announced great news for its users. This digital payment platform empowers businesses around the world. Now the Green channel of Payoneer has gone global.

Payoneer’s Green channel is a matching and onboarding program which connects top trusted merchants with the market. This service helps both the sellers and businesses. Green channel helps businesses by bringing high-quality cross-border sellers while helps those sellers to expand their market quickly. Basically, it connects trusted sellers with trusted businesses to build a trusted ecosystem.

Adam Cohen, General Manager of Payoneer, said that “Payoneer’s infrastructure is built to power marketplaces and enterprises to conduct businesses globally and securely as they do locally, that is what Green channel is all about. We have a comprehensive view of any seller’s activity across multiple platforms through which we can identify trusted sellers.”

Now the Green channel has become globally known. It will connect sellers and marketplaces all over the world, including Asia, Latin America, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. The Authority has announced that, so far, 28 marketplaces have become part of the Green Channel program.

Payoneer has a unique system of fraud detection, which they use in Green channel service to provide a secure environment to the sellers. Wayfair, one of the largest international e-commerce destinations for the home, has announced its partnership with Payoneer to find high-quality suppliers. Senior Manager of Wayfair, Michael Zhang, has said that “We look forward to expanding our efforts with Payoneer and we are excited about this’’.

Payoneer believes in going far in business with help from each other. They have mentioned that the launching of the Green channel will fulfill their dreams. Clients have already given positive responses to this new launch. The Payoneer authority has a lot of hope with their new service.

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