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Pax2pay Accounts Payable Solution Software for Travel Space

Pax2pay is a digital payments company. It recently launched its Accounts Payable Solution focusing on optimizing Travel Industry. Founded in 2019, the company is a solution-oriented organization and has gained trust in the financial market.

The travel industry is a fast-moving industry where delays lead to disasters. Small businesses (SMBs) are facing tremendous losses due to human errors and delayed payments. The lack of transparency in large-scale manual systems is a known yet unattended fact in the travel industry.

According to the PYMNTS report, SMBs are willing to invest 1% of their margins in negating the unautomated losses.

Paivo Eerola, CEO of Pax2pay, is filling the gap by launching software-based Accounts Payable Solution. According to him, “The efficiency of the solution means that users will save huge amounts of time and resource on processing and reconciling payments that can now be diverted into business-progressing activities.”

The users will be able to pay invoices via card and bank transfer. Pax2pay advanced Accounts Payable Solution allows its user to process millions of invoices simultaneously and instantly, thus making the process easier and more effective.

The company claims that it is a game-changing technology. It has the potential to save precious operational time and promote growth and revenue. This digital payment technology is designed to keep the travel business in mind. It is well-suited for small as well as large-scale businesses.

In a press release (24th November), Pax2pay said, Travel is an industry with microscopic margins. The Industry continuously faces thumps like covid-19, political influence, global health crises, and many more. Travel is an integral part of human society, and its providers must not suffer any more than they already are.

Pax2pay’s debuts account payable solution saves a business money and resources. It also brings new possibilities to traditional businesses. By tapping into the vulnerabilities of SMBs Pax2pay solution will save many travel businesses that disappear due to sudden calamities and inefficient systems.


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