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Partnership simplifies marketplace payments

Balance and Mirakl to enable payments. It will be on B2B marketplaces, Uber Freight Team, and Procurant. The aim is to streamline logistics for the fresh produce suppliers. Tempo France and Orokii have opened a remittance corridor. Also, Jiko has raised 40 million dollars. It will transform the liquid money storage future. All this makes flawless marketplace payments essential.

Balance and Mirakl have collaborated. Balance is a B2B payments platform. And Mirakl is an enterprise marketplace SaaS platform. These two companies will use Balance solutions to enable flawless payments for B2Bs.

Balance’s mission is to digitize B2B trade. It will bring business marketplace payments online. And the company’s partnership with Mirakl will help even more.

Uber Freight US and Procurant have collaborated as well. It allows source and book shipping with competitive benefits for fresh produce suppliers. Procurant’s cloud-based software and the logistics solutions of Uber Freight come together.

Oroki and Temp France have come together as well. They opened a remittance corridor. They did this between the US, 27 European Union nations, Ukraine, and the Philippines. They will offer money remittances based on blockchain technology. This will lower customer transaction costs, lowering the delivery time. This will also promote financial inclusion, facilitating marketplace payments.

Jiko, a financial network, has announced its Jiko Money Storage launch. It enables companies of every size to store money in spendable T-bills. The company also has plans for transforming the liquid money storage future.

Inflation has increased over the last few years. Some financial experts needed to slow their digitization initiatives down. Many companies are focusing on bringing business payments better into this 21st century.

About 2/3rd of people have received and spent at least 1 instant payment in the last year. It is a 7%-point year-over-year increase. There is no chance for growth to go back all over the sectors. In short, the era of instant payments is yet to come.


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