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Pakistani Logistics Startup Trax raises $3.7 Million in its seed round

You must have seen that logistics sector everywhere around the world is booming because of the fact that the e-commerce sector is growing and both of these sectors go hand-in-hand. Same is the case in the US from last few decades and now we see the same in emerging markets like India and other Asian countries like UAE and Pakistan. Talking about Pakistan, the country has one of its leading logistics players named as Trax that delivers most of the parcels that are ordered by its population. The company was founded in 2017 and at that time, the funding culture in the country was non-existent at best.

However, things are changing in the Pakistani VC industry as well and startups are getting funded. So, Trax has also just raised a seed round of $3.7 Million and with this funding, the startup wants to grow in the country even more. Trax reports about a million deliveries each month and they employ more than 2000 people in Pakistan. Most of these deliveries are in the e-commerce sector right now but the company now wants to expand in other categories of e-commerce such as fintech to increase its financial inclusion.

It is worth noting that logistics is seen as the next billion dollar industry everywhere around the world and those who took an early lead in this industry as doing really well right now. The startups that even did traditional commerce deliveries are also now doing e-commerce deliveries as the sheer volume of deliveries is such that even dozens of players can’t handle the total capacity and cover all the regions and servicable pin codes.

Having said that, it is worth noting how Trax will go about its business after it has finished its first round of funding as we already know that with funding comes responsibilities and the company has some investors on top of them that want to make their dollars count and they will do whatever they can to not let their money go down the drain. There is a common saying that you don’t want to raise investors’ money unless you really need to as it is a lot of added pressure.

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