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Interview with Omri Katz, Founder and CEO of Dialogue, an AI-powered eCommerce personalization platform

Team eCommerce Next interviewed Mr. Omri Katz, CEO at Dialogue to get more insights on eCommerce stores and the role of AI to boost engagement and conversions. Following is our interview with him:

1. Tell Us How and Why You Started Dialogue. What Problem Are You Solving?

I started Dialogue because I identified a huge gap in the market in terms of eCommerce personalization and customer experience. Unlike the physical world in which you have clerks and physical customer assistance at the store, to truly take the online shopping experience to the next level, online stores need to adapt and invest more into enhancing their customer journey and overall interaction.

Consider eBay and Amazon for instance, they developed an extremely robust in-house technology that allows stores to optimize the customer experience and overall engagement. This technology is not accessible to the average to mid-sized eCommerce stores, because you need a complete team to operate and manage it and funds to build or deploy it. But often enough, such technology can really make the difference in their bottom line.

What’s exactly what Dialogue solves. We have developed a technology that works in an automated way which personalizes and improves the customer journey across all touchpoints in online stores. We’ve made it affordable so that small to mid-sized businesses can leverage it.

2. How Can AI Boost Conversions and Engagement for eCommerce stores?

We’re able to leverage advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze user’s actions in real time and understand hidden patterns to accurately predict their intent and preferences. Dialogue utilizes a lot of data and website interactions in real-time which yield conclusions that are immediately translated into personalized messages, product recommendations and more.

This leads to more successful and relevant customer journey and overall experience at the store, which often lead to higher engagement, completed check outs and reduction of bounce rates.

3. Generating Selling Text Is Pretty Impressive. How Does Your Platform Achieve That?

We use machine learning and natural language processing to analyze users patterns based on their actions. Then we are able to adjust the message to each customer in an automated way to resonate with the customers’ intent.

4. What’s Dialogue’s Edge Against Competitors?

While other personalization platforms do exist, they mostly require a hands-on staff to operate, A/B testing and continuously optimize and on top of that they are also very expensive. Dialogue works fully automatic and does not require any interaction from the merchant side, and is affordable by comparison. Our Machine Learning algorithm keeps improving and perfecting the results, eliminating from the algorithm less successfully customer journeys and interaction while focusing on ones that succeeded, and tries to enhance them further.

5. What Kind of Typical Results Does Dialogue Show?

Dialogue typically boosts several different parameters in a notable way. starting with Conversion Optimization, due to on-point recommendations, Dialogue has shown up to 35% uplift in conversion. Other metrics like session time has improved by up to 56%, ARPU (average revenue per user) by up to 28% and notable reduction in overall bounce rate with corresponding increase in overall engagement.

Here are two recent studies we have more well-known merchants:



6. How Long Does It Taking for Dialogue To Work and The Results to Come?

Our integration could take anywhere from a few hours to day depending on the CMS and website size, amount of SKUs and etc. But typically it is very fast and initial results can come in a matter of days. Our algorithm needs time to improve the results and map out more journeys for even enhanced performance.

7. How Does Your Pricing Structure Work?

Our pricing depends on three different factors. One, the overall size of the eCommerce store and monthly sessions. Two, number of Dialogue’s products and features the merchant wants to deploy and finally, amount of various items (SKUs).

About Omri Katz

Omri is an internet entrepreneur with over 9+ years experience in product and business development roles in the tech eco-system. Founded 3 startups. Bachelor of Law from IDC and bachelor of Business from IDC.

About Dialogue

Dialogue is an eCommerce personalization platform that helps online stores.

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