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Mozilla’s first LLM, Fakespot Chat, lets online shoppers research products via AI chatbot

We have a new product from Mozilla, the same company that has built the popular browser Firefox. This AI-powered LLM tool is a way for shoppers to research products and is named Fakespot Chat.”Fakespot has been using AI, including generative AI technologies, to make the online shopping process more trustworthy, not less. For instance, it launched a generative AI feature called Pros and Cons last year, that could replace the need for reading reviews by writing up its own summaries of a product’s positives and negatives. The feature was trained on billions of data points, with the model itself using five different models under its hood”, the company said.

Mozilla adds that “Fakespot Chat launched into testing, allowing shoppers to ask an AI chatbot about a product they’re considering, similar to how you could ask a salesperson for help if you were shopping in a physical store in the real world. The technology uses AI and machine learning to sort through the product reviews, sorting real from fake, to answer the user’s questions. The information from your chat session is saved to improve the experience for others but users don’t have to create an account or divulge personal information for the experience to work”.

The feature is available via the Fakespot Analyzer or it can be used on an Amazon.com product from Fakespot’s browser extension. For the former, you’d copy and paste the URL of the product into the analyzer to ask your questions, but if using the browser add-on, the analysis starts automatically. When the analysis is complete, Fakespot Chat appears on the right-hand side of the analysis page alongside other features, like Pros and Cons, as well as Fakespot’s Review Grades and Highlights. You can then interrogate the AI agent about the product as you weigh your purchase decisions. Founder and Director of Fakespot at Mozilla revealed that “Ultimately, our goal with Fakespot Chat is to reduce your product research time and lead you to better purchasing decisions”. He also adds that Fakespot won’t always get it right so they are constantly asking for user feedback on their tool.

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