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Mozilla acquires Fakespot, a startup that detects fake e-commerce reviews

It is a well-known fact that e-commerce platforms have taken over from the traditional platforms when it comes to shopping because of the fact that you get deep discounts on those online stores as well as the shipping is done right at your doorstep so you don’t have to move an inch. Talking about shopping online, you must also be one of those who would judge the product based on the reviews and ratings that it has gathered over the time it has been listed. This is definitely a good practice because we do need to know how a product is based on the reviews posted by consumers who have already used them.

But the fact that these reviews can also be fake is a different story altogether. Many incidents have come to the surface in recent times where the reviews that have been posted online have turned out to be fake or sponsored by the company that makes those products. This means that those reviews can’t be trusted as they are definitely positive in nature and generally rate the products 5 stars. Now, there is a startup named Fakespot that detects these fake reviews on online platforms and flags them so that you don’t fall for these fake reviews and ratings and make your own decision.

Talking about this startup, it should be noted that Mozilla, the parent company of Firefox browser, has just announced its acquisition and it is known as Fakespot. Operating since 2016, Fakespot has already helped tons of customers spot fake reviews online and not judge a product based on its fake reviews.

During the announcement, Mozilla announced that “Fakespot will continue to work across all major web browsers and mobile devices, and the Mozilla team will be investing in continuing to enhance the Fakespot experience for its many, dedicated users,” meaning that it will work on Chrome and other browsers as well. For how long, we don’t know but that is a discussion for some other day. During the announcement, the company also said that “There will also be future Fakespot integrations that are unique to Firefox. The addition of Fakespot’s capabilities will make Firefox customers the best equipped to cut through deceptive reviews and shop with the confidence of knowing what they’re buying is high-quality and authentic.”

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